Mythic+ Guide for Dragonflight Season 3

Mythic+ Guide for Dragonflight Season 3 | Simple Carry


Explore the Enhancements to Mythic+ in Dragonflight's Season 3: Unveiling Eight Dungeons, Seasonal Rewards, and Item Level Progression.

For comprehensive insights into Mythic+ during Dragonflight Season 3, delve into our Season 3 Mythic+ Loot Guide. This guide offers an extensive breakdown of Mythic+ loot, encompassing its origins, distinctive items, and additional details.

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Mythic+ Dungeon Pool for Dragonflight Season 3

Mythic+ Guide for Dragonflight Season 3 | Simple Carry

Dragonflight Season 3 introduces a refreshed dungeon pool, distinguishing itself from previous seasons. This season brings forth two new dungeons from the 'Dawn of the Infinites' series, along with six dungeons from previous expansions. The two Dragonflight dungeons constitute the two halves of the formidable 'Dawn of the Infinites' Mega-Dungeon. In total, the Mythic+ pool for Dragonflight Season 3 comprises two dungeons from 'Battle for Azeroth,' two from 'Legion,' one from 'Warlords of Draenor,' and one from 'Cataclysm.'

Below is a list of the dungeons available in Mythic+ difficulty for Dragonflight Season 3:

  1. Dawn of the Infinites: Galakrond's Fall (Dragonflight)
  2. Dawn of the Infinites: Murozond's Rise (Dragonflight)
  3. Waycrest Manor (Battle for Azeroth)
  4. Atal'Dazar (Battle for Azeroth)
  5. Darkheart Thicket (Legion)
  6. Black Rook Hold (Legion)
  7. Everbloom (Warlords of Draenor)
  8. Throne of the Tides (Cataclysm)

Dungeon Timers

Dungeon Timer +2 +3
DOTI: Galakrond's Fall 34:00 27:12 20:24
DOTI: Murazond's Rise 35:00 28:00 21:00
Atal'Dazar 30:00 24:00 18:00
Waycrest Manor 36:40 29:20 22:00
Blackrook Hold 36:00 28:48 23:24
Darkheart Thicket 30:00 24:00 18:00
Everbloom 33:00 26:24 19:48
Throne of the Tides 34:00 27:12 20:24


Mythic+ Item Level Loot Table in Dragonflight Season 3

With the advent of Dragonflight Season 3, players can anticipate elevated item level rewards in Mythic+ dungeons, including those obtainable through the Great Vault. The End of Dungeon reward progression remains unaltered, with the exception of the Hero track, which now offers an additional item level upgrade. To qualify for Hero track rewards, players must still achieve a Mythic+ level of 17 or higher.

Difficulty End of Dungeon Gear Track
2 441 Veteran 1/8
3 444 Veteran 2/8
4 444 Veteran 2/8
5 447 Veteran 3/8
6 447 Veteran 3/8
7 450 Veteran 4/8
8 450 Veteran 4/8
9 454 Champion 1/8
10 454 Champion 1/8
11 457 Champion 2/8
12 457 Champion 2/8
13 460 Champion 3/8
14 460 Champion 3/8
15 463 Champion 4/8
16 463 Champion 4/8
17 467 Hero 1/6
18 467 Hero 1/6
19 470 Hero 2/6
20 470 Hero 2/6


The Great Vault reward track has changed. Players will need to complete +18s to get Myth track rewards (up from +16s) and need to use more Aspect crests to hit max item level.

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Difficulty Great Vault Gear Track
2 454 Champion 1/8
3 457 Champion 2/8
4 460 Champion 3/8
5 460 Champion 3/8
6 463 Champion 4/8
7 463 Champion 4/8
8 467 Hero 1/6
9 467 Hero 1/6
10 470 Hero 2/6
11 470 Hero 2/6
12 473 Hero 3/6
13 473 Hero 3/6
14 473 Hero 3/6
15 476 Hero 4/6
16 476 Hero 4/6
17 476 Hero 4/6
18 480 Myth 1/4
19 480 Myth 1/4
20 483 Myth 2/4


Affix Rotation

Dragonflight Season Three will have a brand new affix rotation. This will be updated once the season begins.


Mythic+ Seasonal Rewards in Dragonflight Season 3

Mythic+ Guide for Dragonflight Season 3 | Simple Carry

The seasonal rewards in Dragonflight Season 3 adhere to a familiar structure, mirroring the reward system of previous Mythic+ Seasons. These rewards encompass achievements, titles, and mounts. Notably, Dragonflight Season 3 introduces two unique achievements for reaching significant Mythic+ Ratings: 2000 Mythic+ Rating and 2500 Mythic+ Rating.

In addition to this, there are separate achievements for completing a Mythic Keystone level 20 or higher within the time limit for each dungeon in Dragonflight Season Three, awarding portals to the entrance of these dungeons:

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