Dragonflight Mistweaver Monk Healing Guide

Mistweaver Monk Overview

As a melee-based healer, Mistweaver Monks can do damage to our opponents while also healing allies from a central place. From here, we can take advantage of our great mobility to respond to encounter mechanics in a way that is suitable, either by using skills that directly effect our movement or spells that can be cast while moving, allowing us to keep healing while changing positions.

Mistweavers prefer to use staves or one-handed weapons and an off-hand item, and wear leather armor. Our primary healing cooldowns are used in response to damage, despite the fact that we can perform spells to prevent it. Furthermore, we have healing cooldowns that can be changed through talents to better match the damage patterns of a specific encounter, providing us a lot of versatility in how we prepare for any encounter.


Mistweaver Monk Talent Builds

For a more raid oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.

You can import the Raid talent build with the following loadout code: B4QAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA0SkCSkQRRSEhk0olIFBAAAAAAAAAAAAk0SUQikEBIJJNhcABAQA

For a more Mythic+ oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.

You can import the Mythic+ talent build with the following loadout code: B4QAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUSkSRSyBQRLSkWEJNIlUEAAAAAAAAAAAAAkUikIJRCSSSSDCAAE


Mistweaver Monk Stats

As a Mistweaver, our primary stat is Intellect. Most of our spells use Spell power as their coefficients, and Intellect has a direct relationship with Spell power, meaning for every point of Intellect, your Spell power goes up by the same amount. Hidden in the  Mistweaver Monk core passive is an effect that converts our Spell power into Attack power (with a little bit extra for a small buff to our Attack power), for the purposes of abilities like  Crackling Jade Lightning and  Rising Sun Kick.

  • Intellect > Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike > Versatility
  • Critical Strike - This is a percent chance that abilities will critically strike, increasing the potency of them by at least twice their expected amount. There are a few effects (like the Dwarven racial ability  Might of the Mountain) that further increase the potency of your critical strikes.
  • Haste - Things speed up. Spell cast times are faster, the global cooldown becomes shorter, Haste-flagged cooldowns (like  Rising Sun Kick and  Blackout Kick) are quicker to cooldown, and the time between our healing events from  Renewing Mist,  Enveloping Mist, and  Essence Font are quicker.
    • Because of their static durations, when there is time between when one of these effects are expected to fall off and the time it has been since its previous tick, a partial tick, relative to how close it was to its next full tick, heals your ally as it fades. That is to say, if your  Renewing Mist got 75% of the way to another tick, but the duration caused it to fade, your target is healed by  Renewing Mist for 75% of the amount of the other "full" ticks healed for.
  • Mastery - Each specialization has a different mastery, unique to themselves. For Mistweavers, our Mastery is  Mastery: Gust of Mists. When we heal an ally with a targeted spell, they receive another healing event, its Spell power is based on our Mastery rating. Because it's another healing event, its affected by Versatility, and it can critically strike, making it so that those two stats can increase the throughput of its healing even when you have low Mastery rating, which is what has, historically, contributed to it being wanted desirable in most forms of content.
  • Versatility - An extremely simple stat, this is a flat increase to all damage and healing done, while also passively reducing incoming damage taken, at a rate double that of the throughput increase (e.g., a 10% increase to damage and healing results in a 5% reduction in damage).

Best Mistweaver Monk Consumables

Best Mistweaver Monk Enchants

Below is a list of enchants best suited for Mistweaver Monks in Dragonflight

Slot Best Enchant Alternate Version
Weapon  Sophic Devotion  Wafting Devotion
Cloak  Writ of Leech  Writ of Avoidance
Chest  Waking Stats  Reserve of Intellect
Bracers  Devotion of Leech  Devotion of Avoidance
Legs  Temporal Spellthread  Vibrant Spellthread
Boots  Plainsrunner's Breeze  Watcher's Loam
Ring  Devotion of Haste  Writ of Haste


Mistweaver Monk Phials

While there are many phials to play around with in Dragonflight, there are a few notable ones for healers to keep an eye out for.

In Raids, you'll likely default to  Phial of Elemental Chaos, while Dungeons will have the damage contribution from  Phial of Glacial Fury be the clear winner.

Mistweaver Monk Combat Potions

In the same vein as phials, there's a myriad of potions available to be used in combat, with there being specific categories they fall under. The ones pertinent to healers are listed below.

Mistweaver Monk Weapon Buff

As it stands now,  Howling Rune is the only temporary weapon buff that Mistweavers will want to use in Dragonflight

Best Mistweaver Monk Food

Best Mistweaver Monk Gems in Dragonflight

You'll want to socket a  Fierce Illimited Diamond at all times, with any other sockets you have on your gear filled with gems that give Haste in any amount. With  Elemental Lariat equipped, you'll want Air elemental gems, typically  Crafty Alexstraszite, to guarantee the  Elemental Lariat - Empowered Air version of the buff it gives.


Mistweaver Monk Rotation and Priority

Raid Healing

When it comes to healing up your raid, there are a few variables that will change which spell you want to cast, and that's dependent on how many  Renewing Mists are active in your group at any one time. The priority listed below is when there is immediate healing needed to be done, that does not requires the use of a cooldown. Consider this your moment to moment healing priority.

  1. Make sure you're standing in the ground effect caused by  Faeline Stomp.
  2. Cast  Vivify if you have 12 or more  Renewing Mists active in your group at once.
  3. Cast  Rising Sun Kick while the raid has the HoT effect from  Essence Font active.
  4. Cast  Renewing Mist on targets without the effect already when it's at 2 charges to keep its cooldown rolling.
  5. Cast  Vivify.
  6. Cast  Faeline Stomp for healing.
  7. Cast  Chi Burst so that it goes through as many players as possible (without hitting enemies you're not already in combat with).
  8. Cast  Renewing Mist on targets near full health to try and force a high-duration duplication through  Dancing Mists.

Raid Downtime, Low Damage, Maintenance Healing

The following priority is more centered around casting low-throughput, highly efficient spells to sustain (or even regenerate) your mana for future points in the fight. This build still assumes that you're running the  Rising Mist Capstone build.

  1. Cast  Renewing Mist on targets without the effect already when it's at 2 charges to keep its cooldown rolling.
  2. Stand in the effect from your  Faeline Stomp to reset its cooldown for future use, or to gain the benefit from the talents under it.
  3. Cast  Faeline Stomp to keep the buff from  Ancient Teachings active on yourself.
  4. Cast  Rising Sun Kick to extend all of your active Heal over Time effects, to heal players through  Rising Mist and  Ancient Teachings, and to place another  Renewing Mist via  Rapid Diffusion.
  5. Alternate  Tiger Palm and  Blackout Kick casts for  Ancient Teachings healing while it's active, as well as for possible resets on  Rising Sun Kick.
  6. Cast  Renewing Mist on targets near full health to try and force a high-duration duplication through  Dancing Mists.

Dungeon Healing

Due to the nature of how different Mistweaver's raid healing priority is from its dungeon healing priority, they've been split into different sections. The following assumes that you're using the Mythic+ Build from the Talent Builds section of the guide.
  1. Keep  Renewing Mist on cooldown so that you can heal the group quickly with  Vivify.
  2. Cast  Faeline Stomp, trying to line up the effect so that it heals as many players as possible with a bolt from  Essence Font. This helps you keep mana costs down because  Essence Font is almost twice the cost of  Faeline Stomp.
  3. Cast  Essence Font when damage starts to get a bit more intense, but cancel it when all players (or just those who are injured) have the Heal over Time effect active, as it increases the single target healing they take from  Mastery: Gust of Mists. The overall healing of  Essence Font is too slow when you're the sole healer available to heal up the damage the group is experiencing.
  4. Use  Thunder Focus Tea on  Renewing Mist or  Essence Font to increase your Haste via  Secret Infusion.
  5. When a single target is taking focused damage, and will continue to do so, you can channel  Soothing Mist into them and cast  Enveloping Mist if it's particularly heavy, so long as it won't overheal.
  6. Cast  Faeline Stomp to keep the buff from  Ancient Teachings active on yourself.
  7. Cast  Essence Font when  Faeline Stomp is on cooldown to keep the buff from  Ancient Teachings active on yourself.
  8. Use  Thunder Focus Tea on whatever is most appropriate for your given situation.  Renewing Mist is a good default pick, while  Enveloping Mist grants you some burst healing. If you're concerned about mana,  Vivify will help. If you're dealing damage, then of course you'd pick  Rising Sun Kick.
  9. Cast  Rising Sun Kick to extend your Heal over Time effects, to heal players through  Rising Mist and  Ancient Teachings, and to place another  Renewing Mist via  Rapid Diffusion.
  10. If no healing needs to be done to your group, deal damage to your enemies!

Mistweaver Monk Damage Priority

Sometimes there's little to no healing to be done and you've already done all the maintenance you need to do before damage starts up again. Instead of just sitting around, doing nothing, you can deal damage!

  1. Continually channel  Spinning Crane Kick when there's 5 or more enemies.
  2. Continually channel  Spinning Crane Kick when there's 3 or more enemies.
  3. Cast  Rising Sun Kick on cooldown.
  4. Channel  Spinning Crane Kick when  Rising Sun Kick is on cooldown and there are 2 targets.

Using  Spirit of the Crane for Mana

Turning your damaging abilities into mana has been a staple of Mistweaver since Mists of Pandaria and the version of  Mana Tea it had. The following assumes you're talented into both  Teachings of the Monastery and  Spirit of the Crane. Do note that the extra  Blackout Kick hits granted by  Ancient Concordance do not return mana.

  1. Cast  Tiger Palm up to three times.
  2. Cast  Blackout Kick to regenerate mana.


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