Guide: Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Scion build

Unleashing the Power of Scion: Crafting a Formidable Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build

Scion, a distinctive class, stands at the heart of the talent tree, offering unparalleled versatility and the opportunity to blend different class abilities. This unique feature enables us to embark on the creation of diverse and formidable builds, incorporating the best elements from other classes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a synergistic fusion of the Templar and Ranger, resulting in the birth of a true killing machine.

By drawing upon the strengths of the Templar and the Ranger, we harness a potent combination of martial prowess and precision, pushing the boundaries of our character's capabilities. The Templar's devout dedication to faith and combat expertise complements the nimble finesse and archery prowess of the Ranger. The end result is a character that wields an extraordinary array of skills, capable of adapting to various combat scenarios with unrivaled efficiency.

Central to our Scion build is the utilization of the Hollow Palm technique, a unique combat style that eschews conventional weapons in favor of channeling raw power through one's bare hands. By embracing the emptiness within, we tap into an immense wellspring of energy, allowing our strikes to deliver devastating blows that rival even the deadliest of weapons. With each successful hit, our character's prowess grows, unlocking additional bonuses and escalating our offensive capabilities to new heights.

Furthermore, our Scion build incorporates the formidable Infernal Blow skill, a fiery technique that engulfs our enemies in explosive flames upon each successful strike. This devastating ability not only inflicts substantial physical damage but also sets our foes ablaze, causing further damage over time and leaving them in a weakened and vulnerable state.

Within our guide, we delve into the intricacies of Hollow Palm Leveling, offering invaluable insights and strategies to ensure a smooth and efficient progression through the early stages of the game. We provide detailed recommendations on skill point allocation, gearing choices, and essential passive abilities to prioritize, ensuring that your character develops into an unstoppable force from the very beginning.

So, join us on this thrilling journey as we uncover the true potential of the Scion class, merging the mighty Templar and the agile Ranger into a single, awe-inspiring entity. Discover the art of Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow, and witness firsthand the devastating power that can be harnessed when these two forces converge. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure that will leave your enemies quaking in fear at the sight of your unstoppable might.

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Advantages of the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Versatility: As a Scion, you have the unique ability to draw from multiple class trees, allowing you to incorporate the best aspects of different classes into your build. This versatility grants you a wide range of skills and playstyles to adapt to various situations.

  2. Powerful Offensive Capabilities: By harnessing the Hollow Palm technique, you can deliver devastating blows with your bare hands, rivaling the damage output of conventional weapons. The Infernal Blow skill further amplifies your offensive potential, engulfing enemies in explosive flames and inflicting substantial physical and fire damage.

  3. Synergistic Blend: Combining the strengths of the Templar and Ranger classes creates a synergistic fusion, enhancing your character's combat prowess. The Templar's proficiency in close-quarters combat and the Ranger's agility and ranged abilities complement each other, providing a well-rounded skill set.

  4. Leveling Efficiency: The Hollow Palm Leveling strategy offers a smooth progression through the early stages of the game. By following recommended skill point allocation, gearing choices, and prioritizing essential passives, you can optimize your character's development from the start, ensuring a solid foundation for future growth.

Disadvantages of the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Complexity: The Scion class, with its ability to draw from multiple class trees, can be more complex to build and optimize compared to other classes. Balancing different skill gems, passive abilities, and gear choices requires careful consideration and planning.

  2. Limited Defensive Options: While the build excels in offensive capabilities, it may lack robust defensive options. This means you need to be mindful of positioning, evasion, and other defensive mechanics to mitigate incoming damage effectively.

  3. Gear Dependency: To fully maximize the potential of the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build, specific gear choices and attributes become essential. Acquiring the necessary gear may require significant time and investment, especially at higher levels.

  4. Resource Management: Depending on the specific skill gems and abilities used in the build, resource management, such as mana or energy shield, may present challenges. Ensuring a balance between offensive output and sustainable resource usage is crucial for prolonged engagements.

By understanding both the advantages and disadvantages of the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build, you can make informed decisions and tailor your playstyle to overcome challenges while capitalizing on the build's strengths.

Skill Tree and Mechanics of the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

The skill tree plays a crucial role in shaping your character's abilities and strengths. As a Scion, you have a unique starting point in the center of the tree, allowing you to access various passive skills from different class trees. Here are some key aspects of the skill tree and mechanics to consider for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Hollow Palm Technique: At the core of the build is the Hollow Palm technique, which enables you to unleash devastating bare-handed strikes. This technique synergizes with passive skills that enhance unarmed damage, attack speed, and accuracy. Look for nodes that amplify physical damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed to maximize the effectiveness of your Hollow Palm strikes.

  2. Templar and Ranger Class Nodes: As a Scion, you can take advantage of passive abilities from both the Templar and Ranger class trees. Focus on key nodes that align with your build's goals. From the Templar side, look for elemental damage, weapon damage, and life regeneration nodes to bolster your offensive capabilities and survivability. From the Ranger side, prioritize nodes that enhance attack speed, projectile damage, and evasion to complement your Hollow Palm strikes.

  3. Infernal Blow Mechanics: Infernal Blow is a skill gem that triggers an explosion upon striking an enemy, inflicting both physical and fire damage. The explosion also applies a debuff that deals fire damage over time. Invest in passive skills that increase melee or area damage, fire damage, elemental damage, and physical damage to enhance the potency of your Infernal Blow explosions.

  4. Life and Defense Nodes: Ensuring your character's survivability is crucial. Allocate passive points into life nodes to increase your maximum life pool. Look for defensive nodes that provide increased armor, evasion, or energy shield based on your preferred defensive approach. Consider also taking nodes that offer resistances to elemental damage, reducing the amount of damage you take from various sources.

  5. Ascendancy Choices: The Scion class offers various Ascendancy options that further specialize and strengthen your build. Consider Ascendancy classes like Hierophant, which grants bonuses to elemental damage, mana, and additional skills. Alternatively, Deadeye can provide enhanced projectile damage, accuracy, and movement speed. Select the Ascendancy class that complements your preferred playstyle and augments the strengths of your build.

  6. Gem Links: Gem links are vital for optimizing your skills' performance. For Hollow Palm, link it with support gems such as Melee Physical Damage, Fist of War, Brutality, and Ruthless to increase damage output. For Infernal Blow, link it with support gems like Elemental Damage with Attacks, Melee Splash, Multistrike, and Combustion to maximize its area of effect and fire damage.

Remember, the skill tree is a dynamic aspect of your character's development. Adapt it to your playstyle and preferences while considering the specific gear and support gems you intend to use. Experimentation and fine-tuning are key to creating a powerful and enjoyable Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow build.

Gems for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Hollow Palm:

    • Infernal Blow (Main Skill): This gem unleashes explosive melee strikes that deal both physical and fire damage. It also applies a debuff that inflicts fire damage over time on enemies.
    • Melee Physical Damage: Increases the physical damage of your melee attacks, enhancing the power of your Hollow Palm strikes.
    • Fist of War: Adds a powerful melee slam that deals increased damage and creates shockwaves, further amplifying the impact of your attacks.
    • Brutality: Converts all physical damage to pure physical damage, increasing your overall damage output at the cost of removing any elemental damage.
  2. Auras:

    • Pride: An aura skill that boosts your physical damage and imparts an intimidating effect on nearby enemies, reducing their physical damage resistance.
    • Flesh and Stone: This aura skill has two stances. In Blood Stance, it increases your melee physical damage and blinds nearby enemies. In Sand Stance, it reduces enemy accuracy and increases your evasion.
    • Dread Banner: An aura that grants increased accuracy, impales enemies, and increases the impale effect. Impaling enemies causes them to take increased damage from subsequent hits.
  3. Support Gems:

    • Multistrike: Repeats your melee attack multiple times with each use, increasing your overall attack speed and damage output.
    • Elemental Damage with Attacks: Enhances your melee attacks by adding additional elemental damage based on your weapon's attributes.
    • Melee Splash: Causes your melee attacks to deal damage in a cone-shaped area, allowing you to hit multiple enemies simultaneously.
    • Combustion: Applies a debuff to enemies, reducing their fire resistance and causing them to take increased fire damage.
  4. Utility Gems:

    • Cast When Damage Taken: Links with defensive skills, automatically casting them when your character takes a certain amount of damage, providing additional protection in critical moments.
    • Immortal Call: Grants a brief period of immunity to physical damage when activated, helping you withstand bursts of damage.
    • Blood Rage: A self-cast buff that increases your attack speed, life leech, and grants additional frenzy charges, boosting your offensive capabilities.

Remember to adjust your gem setup based on your specific playstyle, available support gems, and gear choices. Experimentation and finding the right combination of gems that synergize with your Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow build will greatly enhance your effectiveness on the battlefield.

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Attacking Strategies for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Hollow Palm Strikes: As the core mechanic of the build, your primary form of attack will be through Hollow Palm strikes. Utilize the increased attack speed and accuracy provided by your passive skills and gear to unleash a flurry of devastating blows on your enemies. Pay attention to positioning and timing to maximize the effectiveness of your strikes.

  2. Infernal Blow Explosions: With each successful strike using Infernal Blow, enemies will explode, dealing area damage and setting nearby foes on fire. Focus on targeting groups of enemies to trigger these explosions, causing chain reactions that quickly clear packs of foes. Take advantage of the fire damage over time effect to further weaken and eliminate enemies.

  3. Combo with Support Gems: Linking your main skills with appropriate support gems will significantly enhance their damage output and area coverage. Use support gems like Melee Splash to hit multiple enemies at once, Multistrike for rapid and repeated attacks, and Elemental Damage with Attacks to add elemental damage to your strikes.

  4. Maintain Frenzy Charges: Frenzy charges increase your attack speed, damage, and critical strike chance. Acquire these charges through skills like Blood Rage or specific passive nodes. Keep an eye on your charges and strive to maintain them to maximize your offensive potential.

  5. Flasks and Buffs: Utilize offensive flasks such as Lion's Roar or Atziri's Promise to temporarily boost your damage output during challenging encounters. Additionally, activate auras like Pride to further increase your physical damage, or Flesh and Stone for added defensive benefits.

  6. Mobility and Positioning: Being agile and strategic in your positioning is vital. Use your Ranger-like qualities to your advantage, swiftly evading enemy attacks and finding optimal angles for your strikes. Maintain distance when needed, taking advantage of your ranged options if available, and close in for devastating melee attacks when the time is right.

  7. Adapt to Enemy Resistances: Be mindful of enemy resistances and adjust your damage accordingly. If facing enemies with high fire resistance, prioritize physical damage and take advantage of elemental weaknesses when possible. Consider support gems like Combustion to reduce enemy fire resistance, enhancing the effectiveness of your attacks.

  8. Combo Attacks: Combine your Hollow Palm strikes with other skills or abilities in your arsenal. For example, using movement skills like Leap Slam or Vaal Ancestral Warchief can supplement your melee attacks, adding additional damage or crowd control to your repertoire.

Remember to continually assess the battlefield, adjust your tactics as needed, and make use of your diverse skill set to adapt to different combat scenarios. Practice timing, positioning, and resource management to fully unleash the devastating potential of the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build.

Auras for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

Auras are powerful skills that reserve a portion of your mana and provide ongoing effects to bolster your character's offensive and defensive capabilities. Here are some recommended auras for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Pride: This aura greatly enhances your physical damage output. It reserves a portion of your mana and grants a substantial bonus to your melee physical damage. Additionally, it applies an intimidating effect to nearby enemies, reducing their physical damage resistance.

  2. Flesh and Stone: This aura has two stances, Blood Stance and Sand Stance, each offering unique benefits. Blood Stance increases your melee physical damage and blinds enemies within its radius. Blinding enemies reduces their chance to hit, improving your survivability. Sand Stance reduces enemy accuracy and increases your evasion rating, providing additional defense against incoming attacks.

  3. Dread Banner: This aura provides increased accuracy rating, impales enemies, and increases the effect of impale. Impale is a stacking debuff that causes subsequent hits to deal increased damage. Impaling enemies is especially effective when using powerful melee strikes with Hollow Palm, amplifying your damage output.

  4. Herald of Ash: While not strictly an aura, this buff skill reserves a portion of your mana and grants a percentage of your physical damage as extra fire damage. When you defeat enemies, it also causes them to explode, dealing area damage based on their maximum life. This synergizes well with the explosive nature of the Infernal Blow skill, further enhancing your damage potential.

Select the auras that best align with your build's focus and playstyle. Experiment with different combinations to find the right balance between offense and defense. Remember to consider your available mana pool and ensure you have enough unreserved mana to sustain your skills and other utility abilities.

Auras for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build can greatly influence your gameplay. To enhance your journey further, consider exploring the benefits of Path of Exile Challenges Boost to tackle challenges and progress effectively.

Utility Skills for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

In addition to your main attacking skills and auras, incorporating utility skills into your build can greatly enhance your survivability and versatility. Here are some recommended utility skills for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT): This support gem links with defensive skills, automatically casting them when your character takes a certain amount of damage. Some useful defensive skills to link with CWDT include:

    • Immortal Call: When triggered, this skill grants a short duration of physical damage immunity, providing a valuable buffer against burst damage.
    • Steelskin: This skill creates a protective shield that absorbs a portion of incoming damage, improving your overall damage mitigation.
    • Molten Shell: This skill temporarily grants a powerful armor boost, absorbing damage and reflecting a portion of it back to attackers.
  2. Blood Rage: This self-cast skill grants increased attack speed, life leech, and generates frenzy charges over time. Blood Rage synergizes well with the Scion's ability to maintain and benefit from frenzy charges, enhancing your offensive capabilities and life sustain.

  3. Vaal Ancestral Warchief: The Vaal version of Ancestral Warchief summons a totem that provides a powerful damage boost. It attacks enemies in a large area and can be utilized strategically during intense encounters to amplify your damage output.

  4. Flame Dash or Leap Slam: Mobility skills are crucial for quickly repositioning yourself and evading dangerous situations. Flame Dash allows you to teleport a short distance, while Leap Slam propels you forward, damaging and knocking back enemies in your path. Choose the skill that aligns with your preferred mobility style.

  5. Enduring Cry: This skill generates endurance charges when activated, providing increased physical damage reduction and elemental resistances. It can be particularly useful during tough boss fights or against enemies dealing substantial physical damage.

  6. Ancestral Protector or Ancestral Protector: These totem skills summon an ally that assists you in combat. Ancestral Protector attacks enemies near you, boosting your damage output, while Ancestral Protector taunts enemies and draws their attention away from you, acting as a decoy and improving your survivability.

  7. Immortal Call + Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) Setup: Linking Immortal Call with a low-level Cast When Damage Taken setup can provide additional damage mitigation and survivability. When your character takes enough damage, Immortal Call will trigger, granting a brief window of physical damage immunity.

Remember to choose utility skills that complement your playstyle and address any weaknesses in your build. Experiment with different combinations and adjust them based on the challenges you encounter throughout the game. Utility Skills for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build contribute significantly to your effectiveness in combat. To conquer formidable foes with greater ease, delve into the advantages of Path of Exile Bosses Boost for targeted assistance in facing challenging encounters.

Gear Recommendations for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Weapons:

    • Hollow Palm Technique: As a Hollow Palm build, you rely on your bare hands for combat. Look for gloves with high physical damage, increased attack speed, and critical strike chance. Consider using unique gloves like "Meginord's Vise" for added physical damage and life bonuses.
  2. Body Armor:

    • Rare Body Armor: Look for a body armor with high life, physical damage reduction, and elemental resistances. Additionally, prioritize increased maximum life or energy shield to bolster survivability. Unique options like "Kaom's Heart" can provide a significant boost to your life pool.
  3. Helmet:

    • Rare Helmet: Seek a helmet with life, elemental resistances, and increased physical damage. Consider enchantments that enhance your chosen skills, such as increased Infernal Blow area of effect or reduced Hollow Palm technique mana cost.
  4. Boots:

    • Rare Boots: Prioritize boots with movement speed, life, and resistances to ensure mobility and survivability. Additional attributes like increased attack speed or added physical damage can also be beneficial.
  5. Gloves:

    • Rare Gloves: Look for gloves with life, attack speed, physical damage, and resistances. Gloves with additional critical strike chance or critical strike multiplier can further boost your damage potential.
  6. Belt:

    • Rare Belt: Seek a belt with increased maximum life, physical damage bonuses, and resistances. Additionally, belts with attributes like increased attack speed or elemental damage can be valuable.
  7. Rings and Amulet:

    • Rare Rings and Amulet: Look for rings and an amulet that provide increased physical damage, life, resistances, and critical strike chance/multiplier. Attributes such as increased attack speed, elemental damage, or accuracy can further enhance your overall damage output.
  8. Jewels:

    • Abyssal Jewels: Abyssal jewels can provide significant bonuses to your build. Look for ones with increased life, physical damage, critical strike chance/multiplier, and resistances. Additionally, seek out jewels with abyssal socket modifiers that enhance your chosen skills or grant additional bonuses.
  9. Flasks:

    • Life Flask: Have a life flask with instant recovery to quickly replenish your health during intense fights.
    • Quicksilver Flask: Provides increased movement speed, allowing you to navigate the battlefield more swiftly.
    • Basalt Flask or Granite Flask: Boosts your physical damage reduction, reducing incoming damage.
    • Atziri's Promise: Grants additional chaos damage and life leech, improving your overall sustain and damage output.

Remember to prioritize gear with life, resistances, and physical damage bonuses to ensure survivability and optimize your damage potential. As you progress, seek out powerful unique items that synergize with your build and enhance its strengths. Adapt your gear choices based on your specific needs and playstyle, and don't forget to upgrade your gear as you progress through the game's content.

Leveling Tips for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Early Levels (1-12):

    • Focus on acquiring skills that complement your melee playstyle, such as Ground Slam or Sunder, until you gain access to Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow.
    • Allocate passive skill points to increase your life, physical damage, and weapon damage.
    • Prioritize gear with increased physical damage, life, and resistances to improve survivability.
  2. Hollow Palm Unlocked (12+):

    • Once Hollow Palm is available, switch to using the Hollow Palm technique for your melee attacks.
    • Allocate passive skill points that enhance unarmed damage, attack speed, and accuracy.
    • Look for gloves with physical damage bonuses and attack speed to maximize the effectiveness of Hollow Palm strikes.
    • Link Infernal Blow with support gems like Melee Physical Damage and Melee Splash to increase its damage and area coverage.
  3. Skill Gem and Passive Tree Progression:

    • Continue to allocate passive skill points that enhance physical damage, critical strike chance/multiplier, and life.
    • As you level up, unlock and use support gems that synergize with your main skills. Experiment with different combinations to find the ones that maximize your damage output.
    • Consider taking passive nodes that enhance attack speed, elemental damage, or critical strikes to further amplify your offensive potential.
  4. Flask Management:

    • Maintain a well-rounded set of flasks to sustain your health and mana during encounters. Focus on life flasks, mana flasks, and utility flasks that increase damage or provide defensive bonuses.
    • As you progress, upgrade your flasks to higher-tier versions that offer improved benefits.
  5. Farming and Progression:

    • Consider farming areas or completing quests that offer valuable rewards suitable for your build, such as increased physical damage, life, or resistances.
    • Participate in side content, such as Incursions, Delve, or Syndicate encounters, to obtain additional experience, gear, and resources.
  6. Ascendancy and Pantheon Choices:

    • Aim to complete the necessary trials and ascend to the desired Ascendancy class for your build as soon as possible. Ascendancy classes provide powerful bonuses that further enhance your character's capabilities.
    • Choose a Pantheon that suits your playstyle and provides defensive benefits. For example, Lunaris can grant additional evasion and movement speed, while Brine King can prevent stun lock.
  7. Trading and Gear Upgrades:

    • Keep an eye on the in-game trading system or external websites to acquire gear upgrades that enhance your damage, survivability, or other desired attributes.
    • Prioritize gear with life, resistances, and physical damage bonuses. Upgrade your equipment periodically to ensure your character remains effective as you progress through the game.

Remember to adapt your playstyle and skill choices based on your preferences and the available gear and support gems. Leveling is an opportunity to experiment and find what works best for your Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build, so don't be afraid to try out different strategies and adjust as you go.

Pantheon Choices for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

The Pantheon system in Path of Exile provides additional passive bonuses and defensive benefits based on the gods you choose to worship. Here are some recommended Pantheon choices for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

Major Pantheon:

  1. Soul of Lunaris: This Major Pantheon choice provides excellent defensive bonuses for evasion-based builds like the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build. It grants a chance to avoid projectiles, increased movement speed when recently hit, and additional physical damage reduction for each nearby enemy.

  2. Soul of Solaris: If you prefer a more balanced defensive approach, Soul of Solaris is a solid choice. It provides damage reduction against repeated hits, additional physical damage reduction if you have not been hit recently, and increased area of effect for area skills, which can benefit your Infernal Blow explosions.

Minor Pantheon:

  1. Soul of Garukhan: This Minor Pantheon choice offers increased movement speed and evasion, as well as reduced movement speed when hit recently. It can enhance your mobility and survivability during combat.

  2. Soul of Shakari: If you encounter encounters with significant chaos damage, Soul of Shakari is a good option. It provides poison immunity, reduced chaos damage taken, and additional chaos resistance.

Remember, you can upgrade your Pantheon powers by capturing and upgrading certain boss souls in the game. This allows you to unlock additional passive bonuses and further customize your defensive capabilities. Adapt your Pantheon choices based on your playstyle and the challenges you face in your journey.When selecting your Pantheon bonuses for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build, you're shaping your character's resilience and potential. For a comprehensive approach to overcoming trials, explore the benefits of Path of Exile Labyrinth Boost to navigate through labyrinthine challenges with expertise.

Ascendancy Classes for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

As a Scion, you have the flexibility to choose from various Ascendancy classes, each offering unique bonuses and playstyle enhancements. Here are some recommended Ascendancy classes for the Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build:

  1. Ascendant (Elementalist + Slayer):

    • This combination offers a balance of elemental damage and survivability. The Elementalist subclass provides increased elemental damage, elemental ailment immunity, and elemental penetration, enhancing the fire damage from Infernal Blow. The Slayer subclass offers overleech, increased area of effect, and culling strike, ensuring sustained survivability and improved area coverage.
  2. Ascendant (Berserker + Champion):

    • This combination focuses on maximizing damage output and survivability. The Berserker subclass provides increased damage, attack speed, and life leech, boosting your offensive capabilities and sustain. The Champion subclass offers additional physical damage, increased fortify effect, and impale bonuses, enhancing your overall damage and providing added defensive benefits.
  3. Ascendant (Hierophant + Deadeye):

    • This combination combines elemental damage and ranged bonuses. The Hierophant subclass grants additional elemental damage, increased maximum mana, and additional skills, supporting your elemental damage-focused playstyle. The Deadeye subclass provides increased projectile damage, accuracy, and additional arrows, enhancing your ranged capabilities and ensuring your attacks hit their mark.
  4. Ascendant (Gladiator + Raider):

    • This combination emphasizes both offense and defense. The Gladiator subclass offers increased block chance, bleed infliction, and enhanced melee damage, providing solid defensive capabilities and improving your damage potential. The Raider subclass provides increased attack speed, movement speed, and frenzy charge generation, further boosting your mobility and attack speed.

Consider the playstyle and focus of your build when selecting your Ascendancy class. Assess the specific bonuses and benefits provided by each subclass, and choose the combination that best aligns with your desired playstyle and enhances the strengths of your Scion Hollow Palm and Infernal Blow Build.


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