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WoW RBG Boost

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Elevate Your PvP Experience with RBG Rating Boost from Simple Carry

Looking to dominate the battlegrounds in World of Warcraft? Opt for Simple Carry's RBG boost to seamlessly elevate your RBG rating. Our PRO team is poised to guide you through the most intense PvP challenges, whether you're diving into the fray with our Self-Play or opting for the Piloted boost.

The Rated Battlegrounds in WoW aren't merely battles; they're a testament to coordination, strategic gameplay, and leadership. Organizing a ten-player team and guiding them to victory demands skills and prowess. By achieving higher RBG ratings, immerse yourself in a cascade of achievements, earn up to 14 distinct titles, and adorn yourself with high item-level gear. With Simple Carry's Hero-level teams, setting your sights on the prestigious Grand Marshal or High Warlord titles is not just a dream. It's a journey we embark on together.

Want an even more exhilarating PvP experience? Customize your order to battle alongside Rank 1 players—each flaunting the Hero of the Horde or Hero of the Alliance achievement. This represents the crème de la crème of PvP, with each member securing their place in the top 0.5% of the ladder.

At Simple Carry, we value your time. There's no need to be tethered to your screen endlessly. We offer the flexibility to break your WoW RBG boost into manageable sessions, all scheduled as per your convenience.

Experience victory in World of Warcraft's fierce arenas with our WoW 3v3 Boost service, and earn prestigious rewards faster with WoW Conquest Point Boost and WoW Honor Boost. Dive into the competitive world of PvP by exploring our World of Warcraft Dragonflight page, where you can discover these offerings and elevate your arena performance to new heights.

What You Will Get

  • Selected rating you need to receive in Season 4;
  • Get PvP gear, Honor levels, and Conquest points during WoW Dragonflight RBG boost;
  • Unlocking Great Vault weekly reward progress;
  • General/High Warlord or Marshal/Grand Marshal achievements on 2400 rating.


  • Suitable PvP Gear (Honor PvP gear or higher in all slots)
  • Level 70 Character

Additional Options

  • Rank 1 Team Inclusion: Surround yourself with PvP maestros from the ladder's top 0.5%.

How It Works

  1. Prioritization based on order placement and execution speed.
  2. Direct communication via live chat or email for any queries.
  3. Expert boosters to manage your character.
  4. Step-by-step battleground completion targeting your desired rating.
  5. Notification upon RBG boost finalization.
  6. Relish the fruits of our collaboration! And, we’d be thrilled to hear your feedback on Trustpilot.

WoW RBG Rating Boost

Rated Battlegrounds offer players a chance to immerse themselves in intense faction clashes beyond the confines of traditional Arenas and Solo-Shuffles. If you're a fan of grand-scale PvP battles and aim to boost your rating while accruing Conquest points for gear enhancements up to 450 ilvl, the WoW RBG boost is your ideal choice.

With the WoW RBG carry, you can achieve any desired rank with ease:

  • Combatant I: 1000–1199
  • Combatant II: 1200-1399
  • Challenger I: 1400-1599
  • Challenger II: 1600–1799
  • Rival I: 1800–1949
  • Rival II: 1950–2099
  • Duelist: 2100–2399

WoW RBG Rewards

Absolutely, RBG battles aren't just captivating PvP showdowns; they're also prime opportunities to outfit your character with formidable Conquest equipment. Beyond these benefits, escalating your rating through RBG victories unlocks a treasure trove of prestigious rewards, from coveted PvP mounts to an array of distinctive titles. To unlock these accolades with ease, consider availing the WoW RBG rating boost service from Simple Carry.



In Service of the Alliance/ In Service of the Horde

Win a rated battleground.

Achievement points

Veteran of the Alliance/ Veteran of the Horde

Win 75 rated battlegrounds

Veteran of the Alliance title plus Vicious War Steed/ Veteran of the Horde title plus Vicious War Wolf

Veteran of the Alliance II/ Veteran of the Horde II

Win 150 rated battlegrounds.

Vicious War Steed/ Vicious War Wolf

Warbound Veteran of the AllianceWarbringer of the Horde

Win 300 rated battlegrounds

Warbound title plus Vicious War Steed/ Warbringer title plus Vicious War Wolf

Private/ Scout

Earn a battleground rating of 1100.

Private title/ Scout title

Corporal/ Grunt

Earn a battleground rating of 1200.

Corporal title/ Grunt title

Sergeant (both factions)

Earn a rated battleground rating of 1300.

Achievement points

Master Sergeant/ Senior Sergeant

Earn a battleground rating of 1400.

Master Sergeant Titile/ Senior Sergeant

Sergeant Major/ First Sergeant

Earn a battleground rating of 1500.

Sergeant Major title/ First Sergeant title

Knight/ Stone Guard

Earn a battleground rating of 1600.

Knight title/ Stone Guard title

Knight-Lieutenant/ Blood Guard

Earn a battleground rating of 1700.

Knight-Lieutenant title/ Blood Guard title

Knight-Captain/ Legionnaire

Earn a battleground rating of 1800.

Knight-Captain title/ Legionnaire title

Knight-Champion/ Centurion

Earn a battleground rating of 1900.

Knight-Champion title/ Centurion title

Lieutenant Commander/ Champion

Earn a battleground rating of 2000.

Lieutenant Commander title/ Champion title

Commander/ Lieutenant General

Earn a battleground rating of 2100.

Commander title/ Lieutenant General title

Marshal/ General

Earn a battleground rating of 2200.

Marshal title/ General title

Field Marshal/ Warlord

Earn a battleground rating of 2300.

Field Marshal title/ Warlord title

Grand Marshal/ High Warlord

Earn a battleground rating of 2400.

Grand Marshal/ High Warlord

Hero of the Alliance/ Hero of the Horde

End a PvP season in the top 0.5 of the rated battleground ladder.

Hero of the Alliance title/ Hero of the Horde title 

Rated Battleground Boost FAQ



You have the unique opportunity to order a Rank 1 Team for Dragonflight RBG boosting, ensuring you play alongside the crème de la crème of PvP players. This guarantees that no reward will slip past you.

WoW RBG Boost Explained: What exactly is RBG in World of Warcraft?

RBGs, or Rated Battlegrounds, are competitive 10v10 PvP engagements. Tactics, team configurations, and success dynamics in RBGs greatly differ from other modes. The catch for many players is the absence of an automated matchmaking system – you must handpick all nine teammates.

Instead of grappling with the tedious process of assembling a team, why not opt for a carry service?

Our RBG boost service is delivered by PvP maestros. Selecting the self-play mode for your RBG carry can be quite an experience, allowing you to witness the expertise of these seasoned players firsthand.

What's the procedure to kick off a Rated Battleground?

To dive into RBG, ensure your character is at least level 50 and scout for a premade team to join the fray. It can sometimes be a daunting task to locate a seasoned team. However, the seamless solution is to purchase the WoW RBG boost from Simple Carry and immerse yourself in the gameplay alongside PvP virtuosos.

What's the rating gain per RBG victory?

The rating acquired post an RBG victory is contingent on both your performance and your adversaries' MMR (Match Making Rating). A win against higher-rated opponents translates to a more substantial rating spike.