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Nerub'ar Palace Mythic Boost

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Master the Nerub'ar Palace Mythic Raid and Secure Ultimate PvE Gear

Dive into the heart of Azeroth's latest challenge with the Nerub'ar Palace Mythic raid, a defining feature of the "The War Within" expansion in World of Warcraft. Elevate your gaming experience by securing top-tier Mythic gear, exclusive rewards, and the coveted Cutting Edge achievement. Join forces with our elite players through our comprehensive Nerub'ar Palace Mythic boost service, ensuring your place among the champions of Azeroth.

Unleash the Power of Mythic Raiding

Prepare to conquer the Nerub'ar Palace on Mythic difficulty as soon as "The War Within" expansion becomes available. Our service guarantees you immediate access to the most challenging content, equipping your character with unparalleled PvE gear and a host of prestigious rewards.

What You'll Get

  • Nerub'ar Palace full raid run and or the chosen number of bosses on Mythic difficulty;
  • Kills of several raid bosses, including the initial encounters or full the Nerub'ar Palace Mythic loot run;
  • 626-639 item level gear;
  • Chance to get Reins of the Sureki Skyrazor mount;
  • Chance to get tier set items;
  • Chance to get Reins of the Ascendant Skyrazor mount;
  • Cutting Edge: Queen Ansurek achievement and 'Queenslayer' title if last boss is selected;
  • The prestigious Cutting Edge achievement for overcoming the ultimate challenge in Mythic mode, the achievement will not be available in next season of TWW;
  • Additional achievements for defeating the specific bosses during Nerub-ar Palace carry.

Guaranteed Group Loot

Benefit from the group loot system reinstated by Blizzard. The number of guaranteed items varies based on the number of bosses defeated:

  • 8/8 Bosses: 5 guaranteed items
  • 7/8 Bosses: 4 guaranteed items
  • 6/8 Bosses: 3-4 guaranteed items
  • 5/8 Bosses: 3 guaranteed items
  • 4/8 Bosses: 2 guaranteed items
  • 3/8 Bosses: 1 guaranteed item
  • 2/8 Bosses: 0 guaranteed items

Loot Options

Choose from different loot acquisition methods tailored to your needs:

  • Group Loot: Roll for items with other raid group members. Expect to receive 1-2 items on average, depending on your luck.
  • Full Priority: Claim all suitable loot, including armor, tier set tokens, non-set gear, trinkets, legendary quest items, and weapons, as the sole customer in the raid group. Typically, 2-3 gear pieces drop per boss.

If you do not receive the guaranteed number of items during the run, we will complete the raid for you the following week to fulfill your order.

Boost Methods

Choose from three secure methods to complete your boost:

  • Self-Play: Take control and join the raid group yourself.
  • Piloted: Let our expert booster take the reins and play your character directly on your account.


To participate in the Nerub'ar Palace Mythic boost, you need:

  • A level 80 character.
  • The War Within expansion and an active WoW subscription.

How It Works

  1. Contact: We will reach out via live chat or email to answer any questions about the Nerub'ar Palace Mythic run.
  2. Boost Method: Choose whether to join the raid group yourself (Self-Play) or let our booster pilot your character. Alternatively, opt for the Remote Control method for enhanced security.
  3. Invitation: At the appointed time, receive an invitation and summon to the raid for the self-play mode.
  4. Participation: Ensure you hit each boss at least once to be eligible for loot.
  5. Completion: We will notify you upon completing the Nerub'ar Palace Mythic raid.
  6. Enjoyment: Relish your new gear and achievements, and remember to rate our service on Trustpilot.

Comprehensive Nerub'ar Palace Mythic Carry

By securing a Nerub'ar Palace Mythic boost, you guarantee the defeat of all bosses in the 11.0 patch on Mythic difficulty. Choose specific bosses to face, with loot quantity depending on the number of bosses you tackle.

Nerub'ar Palace Raid Highlights

  • Item Drops: Secure up to 5 items in a full run, with more items dropping as you defeat more bosses.
  • Cutting Edge Achievement: Earn the prestigious Cutting Edge achievement by defeating the final boss on Mythic difficulty.
  • Raiding Experience: Enjoy a first-rate raiding experience with our elite team.
  • Additional Achievements: Unlock achievements linked to specific bosses.
  • Unique Mounts: Chance to secure the Mythic Nerub'ar Palace mount.
  • Weekly Vault Rewards: Earn rewards reflecting the high item level of your raid achievements.

Boss Encounters

Face a series of formidable foes within the Nerub'ar Palace, including:

  • Initial Guardians: Test your mettle against the first line of defense.
  • Mid-Tier Lieutenants: Overcome unique challenges and tactics.
  • Inner Circle: Battle your way to the climactic showdown against Queen Ansurek.

Loot and Upgrade Systems

While details about loot item levels and upgrade systems for the 11.0 patch are pending, we will provide updates as soon as they become available. Our aim is to ensure you are well-informed and ready to maximize your raiding efficiency in the Nerub'ar Palace.

Very Rare Items

Similar to previous raids, some bosses in the Nerub'ar Palace will drop very rare items with higher item levels and unique effects. These highly sought-after items are prime targets for players, boasting enhanced attributes and rarity.

Mythic Loot Trading Options

Mythic difficulty in the Nerub'ar Palace operates differently, with no loot trading options like Armor and Token priority or Full priority runs. Instead, loot distribution is managed through the group loot system, with items rolled among participants. Rest assured, the guaranteed items you receive will be based on the number of bosses you choose to confront.

Guaranteed Items Breakdown

  • 2/8 Bosses: 0 items
  • 3/8 Bosses: 1 item
  • 4/8 Bosses: 2 items
  • 5/8 Bosses: 3 items
  • 6/8 Bosses: 3-4 items
  • 7/8 Bosses: 4 items
  • 8/8 Bosses: 5 items

Why Choose Our Nerub'ar Palace Mythic Boost?

  • Expert Team: Join forces with our elite players to conquer the toughest challenges.
  • Comprehensive Service: From gear to achievements, we cover all your needs.
  • Secure Methods: Choose from Self-Play, Piloted, or Remote Control options for a safe and efficient boost.
  • Top-Tier Rewards: Equip your character with the best gear and secure prestigious achievements.

Unlock the full potential of your character with our Nerub'ar Palace Mythic boost. Don't miss out on this opportunity to excel in the "The War Within" expansion and become a legend in Azeroth. Contact us today to secure your spot and start your journey to Mythic greatness!