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Nerub'ar Palace Normal Boost

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Purchase Nerub'ar Palace Normal Boost for a Seamless Raid Experience

Secure your spot in the first raid of the "The War Within" expansion, Nerub'ar Palace, on Normal difficulty. Overcome Queen Ansurek and her legion with the help of our expert raid team and gear up with the best raid equipment available. Our Nerub'ar Palace Normal raid boost ensures a smooth and efficient raid completion.

Immediate processing of your order will commence with the release of "The War Within" expansion and raid.

What You Will Receive

  • Complete Nerub'ar Palace Raid Run: Experience the entire raid on Normal difficulty.
  • Normal ilvl Gear: A chance to obtain gear at the Normal item level.
  • Class Tier Set Pieces: Opportunities to loot crucial class tier set pieces.
  • Achievements: Earn achievements for defeating bosses during the raid.

Loot Options

  • Group Loot: Roll for items with other participants, with no guarantees. Typically, you may receive about 1-2 items based on luck.
  • Armor and Token Priority: Roll exclusively for class-appropriate tokens and armor. Non-set items like necklaces, rings, trinkets, cloaks, and weapons are shared among you and three other customers. Expect to receive 2-6 items per boss with a certain number of unsaved boosters. For more assured outcomes, order 4 to 9 guaranteed items.
  • Full Priority: Receive all suitable loot, ensuring you are the sole customer in the raid group. Invite up to two friends to join you for even greater loot possibilities.

Boost Methods

  • Self-Play: Control your character throughout the raid.
  • Piloted: Our expert booster will manage your character for you.


  • Level 80 Character
  • The War Within Expansion: Ensure your WoW subscription is active.

How It Works

  1. Initial Contact: We will reach out through live chat or email to initiate the boost.
  2. Choose Your Boost Method: Select between self-play, piloted, or remote control.
  3. In-Game Invitation: Receive an invitation and summon to the raid.
  4. Engage Each Boss: Ensure you hit each boss at least once to qualify for loot.
  5. Successful Completion: Our team will guide you through the mechanics for a smooth raid.
  6. Completion Notification: You will be notified upon the successful completion of the raid.

Nerub'ar Palace Normal Carry Includes

Join the crucial mission to halt Queen Ansurek from utilizing the Old God's blood and immerse yourself in the epic conflict within Nerub'ar Palace. By opting for our Nerub'ar Palace Normal boost, you're positioned to confront and vanquish eight formidable bosses within the first raid of "The War Within" expansion.

  • Formidable Bosses: Details on specific boss names within Nerub'ar Palace will be revealed soon.
  • Gear Acquisition: Acquire gear at Normal ilvl, boosting your character’s performance.
  • Class Tier Sets: Collect new class tier set pieces for significant benefits and specialized abilities.

Nerub'ar Palace Normal Raid Run Services

Nerub'ar Palace on Normal difficulty, part of "The War Within," offers substantial rewards at the beginning of the raid tier. By choosing the Nerub'ar Palace Normal boost, you unlock myriad possibilities to secure relevant PvE gear and unique cosmetic rewards.

Advantages of Nerub'ar Palace NM Boosting

  • Smooth Progression: Advance seamlessly through the new raid tier.
  • Cost-Effective: Lower boost prices due to the raid's difficulty level.
  • Weekly Great Vault: Obtain valuable gear pieces following the weekly reset.
  • PvE Learning: Experience the raid alongside skilled players, learning new bosses and mechanics.
  • Exclusive Cosmetics: Loot unique cosmetic transmog items and secure fresh raid achievements.
  • Mounts and Pets: Win unique WoW mounts and pets.

Nerub'ar Palace Normal Loot Updates

Expect changes in raid gear item level distribution with the release of "The War Within." Specifics on item level adjustments, potentially exceeding standard levels by 6 to 7 points, will be clarified as the expansion nears release.

Nerub'ar Palace Normal Upgrade System

Details regarding the upgrade system specific to Nerub'ar Palace and "The War Within" are still being finalized. More information will be available closer to the expansion's launch.

Nerub'ar Palace Normal Loot Information

The 11.0 patch of "The War Within" introduces evolving raid gear item levels. Initially, Nerub'ar Palace Normal boosts will feature loot at 415 ilvl, with updates provided as they become available.

Nerub'ar Palace Normal Loot Tables

Item levels across various raid difficulties, including LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic, are yet to be defined. Updates on tier sets in the first TWW raid will be provided as new information emerges.

Nerub'ar Palace Normal Very Rare Items

Certain bosses may drop items with item levels surpassing the norm, continuing the tradition seen in previous expansion raids. Expect these highly coveted items to feature an item level increase of 6-7 points above standard loot, with specific details available upon confirmation.

Nerub'ar Palace Normal Loot Trading Options

Structured loot trading options help secure guaranteed items efficiently:

  • Group Loot: No item guarantees.
  • Unsaved Group Loot: Increased chances without guarantees (2-3 times).
  • Armor and Token Priority: Expect 4+ to 9+ items reserved per armor type and tier, depending on raid size.
  • Full Priority Run: Receive all loot that drops during the raid.

By choosing Simple Carry for your Nerub'ar Palace Normal carry, you ensure a strategic advantage in obtaining the most sought-after raid rewards efficiently and effectively.