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WoW Gladiator Title Self-Play Boost

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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 4 Gladiator Title Self-Play Boost

Elevate your World of Warcraft stature by seizing the revered Gladiator Title through a self-play experience. Reach a monumental 2400+ rating and achieve over 50 wins, all while maintaining full control over your account.

Looking to conquer the Rated Battlegrounds and earn honor with ease in World of Warcraft? Our WoW RBG Boost and WoW Honor Boost services are here to assist you in achieving victory and prestigious rewards. Explore our World of Warcraft Dragonflight page for more details on these offerings, helping you become a formidable force on the battlefield.

What You'll Get

  • 2 hours of bespoke coaching with a PvP maestro to refine your macros, UI, talents, followed by 14 hours of 3v3 arena gameplay. Alternatively, opt for a direct 15-hour 3v3 arena session.
  • A genuine shot at 2400+ Rating with over 50 wins.
  • Potential acquisition of the Winding Slitherdrake: the Obsidian Gladiator Dragonriding appearance, and the Obsidian Gladiator's Siltherdrake mount.
  • The prestigious Gladiator title up for grabs.
  • Noteworthy rewards from the Great Vault.
  • Access to PvP Tabard and Elite Weapon Enchant effects on attaining a 2100 rating.


  • Level 70 character.
  • Discord accessibility.
  • PvP Honor gear with a minimum of 437 ilvl. Opt for the Honor gear from our additional choices if you lack the recommended gear. For smoother gameplay, Conquest gear is suggested.
  • Prior experience of at least 2100 during the current or previous season. If timelines aren't met, we offer 5 additional coaching hours.

How It Works

  1. Orders are prioritized by placement time and execution speed.
  2. Engage with us via live chat or email.
  3. Arena sessions are strategically scheduled for optimal gains.
  4. At the stipulated time, our boosters will incorporate you into the team.
  5. Dive into arena combat or commence your coaching, based on your preference.
  6. Privacy is paramount; your boosting remains confidential.
  7. Upon completion, you'll be informed.
  8. Revel in your achievement! Kindly rate our service on Trustpilot.

Additional Options

  • Gladiator Title: Starting at $699.99. Secure a 2400+ rating with over 50 wins.
  • PvP Gear: Starting at $23.99. Obtain honor/conquest gear, perfect talent builds, and Gladiator as an added bonus.
  • Elite PvP Set: Starting at $39.99. Achieve an 1800 arena rating, complete Elite PvP Transmog S2, and earn the Rival Title.

Why Opt for Gladiator Title Self-Play Carry?

  • Authentic Achievement: Revel in the satisfaction of clinching this esteemed title through your own efforts. Our role? Simply to guide and aid you towards this apex.
  • Top Tier Status: Join the elite 0.5% of WoW players adorned with the Gladiator Title. Our seasoned players, with over a decade of PvP proficiency and regular 3600+ exp ratings, are poised to escort you to this zenith.
  • Customized Boosting: Choose between pure arena gameplay or an integrated package of arena combat and coaching. Also, select your team's experience level – Rank 1, tournament champs, or recognized Celebrities from events like Blizzcon.

    Note: The Gladiator Title is an arduous feat. Although we strive for perfection, we can't guarantee 100% successful completion due to its challenging nature. Please review the requirements carefully.

    WoW Gladiator Title Self-play Boost FAQ

    Gladiator Title in Dragonflight?

    Like past expansions, reach a 2400 Arena rating with 50+ wins. If your rating drops, work back to 2400 for remaining victories.

    Is Gladiator challenging in Dragonflight?

    It's among WoW's toughest titles. High PvP skill, familiarity with enemy setups, and perfect team sync are essential.

    3-player team exclusive?

    Yes, Gladiator is achievable only in 3v3.

    Rating for Gladiator?

    Achieve a 2400+ rating, followed by 50 wins.

    Losing the Gladiator title?

    Once earned, it's yours forever. Each WoW Season offers a unique Gladiator title challenge.

    Risk of a ban with Gladiator boost?

    We utilize advanced VPNs and tactful gameplay pacing to minimize risks. Alternatively, purchase a Gladiator Account from Simple Carry for a fresh start.

      Step into the arena, champion, and let's claim that title together!