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WoW Vicious Saddle Boost

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In order to obtain Vicious Sabertooth, a special season-themed PvP mount, you must first purchase Vicious Saddle from Simple Carry. Bonus Honor and Conquest points and an Arena rank of 1000 or higher are also included.

The Vicious Saddle is more than simply an accessory in World of Warcraft. Gaining one of these rides is a great opportunity to boast to your friends about how dedicated and skilled you are in player against player combat. Even the most dedicated players of PvP can run into problems securing this mount if they can't consistently find a strong group with whom to do battle. We have expert PvPers on hand who can give you a boost to get your Vicious Saddle so that you can conquer this obstacle together.

In addition to the current Vicious Sabertooth, don't forget that you can farm Vicious Saddle after claiming the primary seasonal reward to gain PvP mounts from previous seasons as well.

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What You'll Get

Additional Options

  • Choosing your current progress in the Season will allow you to save money;
  • More Vicious Saddles: Select how many additional Vicious Saddles you'd want to receive in order to unlock former seasons' PvP mounts. You get a reduction for each additional saddle;
  • With the purchase of a live stream, you can keep track of how the boost is going.


  • Level 70 Character

How It Works

  • Depending on the order's execution duration and speed, we create a priority list;
  • You will hear from us via discord or live chat. Ask any inquiries;
  • The booster will control your character, or you can play together with his squad yourself;
  • You don't need to look for a specific PvP build or have PvP gear because our gamers take care of everything;
  • If you don't have two legendaries or a tier set, our boosters will still begin your arena fights, but the completion time may be longer. For our players, placing the order will be simpler if you already have the necessary PvP gear;
  • When the WoW Vicious Saddle boost is finished, we'll let you know;
  • Enjoy the outcome!

FAQ on WoW's Vicious Saddle Boost

Is Vicious Saddle Purchasable In-Game?

No, but after completing your seasonal PvP mount and filling up your Season Rewards bar a second time, you can obtain the Dragonflight Vicious Saddle. You can repeat this procedure until you have all previous PvP mounts.

How can one acquire a Vicious Saddle the simplest way?

Your preference for PvP activities will determine how. Arena fight spamming can typically save you time.

Is Vicious Saddle Dragonflight still available?

Yes, and even more so, you may trade the Vicious Saddle for old PvP and Dragonflight horses.