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WoW Tier Sets

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Unlock the Power of WoW Tier Sets for Dragonflight Season 4

Prepare your character for the challenges of Dragonflight Season 4 with our Tier Sets boost. Say goodbye to tedious farming and equip your character with a complete 4-piece class set in no time. Our Amirdrassil Tier Set boost ensures you receive two bonuses tailored to your specialization within just one week. Don't waste valuable time trying to obtain them yourself—be ready for new patch adventures right from the start with our efficient boosting service.

What You'll Get

  • Awakend Raid runs with 29 unsaved boosters;
  • Three 493-502 ilvl (Normal) / 506-515 ilvl (Heroic) pieces of Class Armor set;
  • Chance to get Embodiment of the Blazing;
  • Achievements from the raid.


  • Character at 70 lvl on Dragonflight account.

How It Works

  1. We will contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
  2. The booster will pilot your character during raid runs, or you can join our team in self-play. If you don't want to share your account with our booster, you can choose the Remote Control option;
  3. During Tier Sets boost, your character will complete the Amidrassil raid on chosen difficulty with 29 unsaved players, which maximize the number of items bosses will drop;
  4. At the end of the run, you will have 3 tier set tokens or omni tokens, which can be transformed into any tier set piece you need. To get the fourth tier set pieces we recommend you to use the Catalyst;
  5. You can roll the other items during the run, but additional items are not guaranteed;
  6. We will notify you about Tier Sets service completion;
  7. Enjoy the results! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.

WoW Tier Sets Boost Includes:

In Dragonflight, Tier Sets continue to play a crucial role in enhancing your character's performance, whether in PvP or PvE scenarios. Stay ahead of the curve with our WoW Tier Set boost, ensuring you swiftly obtain 493-502 ilvl items comparable to gear from Normal raids.

With Our WoW Tier Sets Services You'll Receive:

  • Amirdrassil Normal raid full run;
  • An opportunity to get class tier set pieces from the bosses;
  • Omni-token from the last boss you can transform into a tier set piece;
  • Transformation of one of the raid items into the tier set pieces by using the Creation Catalyst.

Seize the chance to outfit your character with the indispensable Tier Sets—gear up quickly and conquer the trials of Dragonflight Season 4.

Tier Sets Bonuses

The bonuses vary depending on your class, specialization, and the number of set pieces you possess. Hover your cursor over any of the links to view the set appearance and bonuses for all potential specializations.

How To Get WoW Tier Sets

  • Effortless Mode: Opt for our boost service.
  • Higher Effort / In-Game Method: Repeatedly venture into the Amirdrassil raid, keeping fingers crossed for the coveted set pieces. However, bear in mind the low drop rate. Alternatively, maximize your Great Vault rewards or harness the Creation Catalyst gameplay mechanic. By indulging in PvP or conquering mythic+ dungeons, amass a new currency that can be invested in creating progenitor set pieces.

FAQs about WoW Tier Sets:

What defines tier sets in WoW?

Not just a mere gear, Tier Sets can revolutionize your gameplay, unlocking unconventional spells or abilities. Typically, a duo of tier set pieces activates the primary bonus, while a quartet unlocks another.

Procurement in Dragonflight?

Extract tier set pieces from the Amirdrassil bosses or spot them in the Great Vault as PvE or PvP rewards. Additionally, employ the Creation Catalyst system to metamorphose any non-crafted open-world, PvP, Mythic+, or Raid item into a coveted tier set piece.

What bonuses will my character receive?

The bonuses depend on your class and number of set pieces you have. Point the link to see set appearance and bonuses for all possible specializations: