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Buy WoW Campaign Boost from Simple Carry

Complete the new War Within storylines with ease using Simple Carry's WoW Campaign boost. Skip dozens of quests and reap all the rewards they provide. In The War Within expansion, players delve deep beneath Azeroth to uncover the secrets of Khaz Algar. Completing the main storylines of every new zone is essential for unlocking and leveling Renown with all new factions. Each update introduces a new mechanic and faction, each with its own progression system. Completing these campaigns is crucial for gaining access to new factions and zones, making meaningful progress, and obtaining valuable rewards.

Our WoW Campaign carry service will help you skip all typical quests related to every campaign introduced with The War Within expansion. With our boosting service, you can quickly complete the leveling campaign, known as the "Khaz Algar questlines," and the main War Within Campaign, gaining access to the rich lore and exclusive content.

What You Will Get

  • Completion of All Chosen Main Storylines: In any campaign of your choice.
  • Unlocking Key Factions: Council of Dornogal, Hallowfall Arathi, The Assembly of the Deeps, and The Severed Threads factions.
  • Access to New Faction Quests and Activities: Engage with new content.
  • Renown Rewards: Earn rewards for the first Renown levels with appropriate factions.
  • Gold and Useful Items: Gain a lot of gold, useful items, and gear pieces obtained during the campaign carry.

Execution Options

  • Standard: We'll complete your order in regular fashion.
  • Express: Utilize more difficult but less time-consuming methods to complete the Khaz Algar campaign faster.

Additional Options

  • Earthen Race Unlock: Our boosters will complete the prerequisites required for the Earthen race unlock.
  • Skyriding Full Progress: We'll collect all Skyriding glyphs in Khaz Algar.
  • Khaz Algar Flight Master: Our boosters will unlock all flight points in Khaz Algar for your warband, increasing flight path travel speed in Khaz Algar by 25%.
  • Leveling: We'll level your character in the required range.
  • Rank 4 Renown with 4 TWW Factions: We will reach rank 4 with all major factions of TWW expansion, as it's required for main campaign progress.


  • Active Game Subscription: Ensure your WoW subscription is active.
  • Level 70 for Starter Campaign (Khaz Algar): Your character must be at least level 70.
  • Level 80 and Khaz Algar Campaign Completed for The War Within Campaign: Complete Khaz Algar campaign.
  • The War Within Expansion Purchased: Have the latest expansion purchased and installed.

How It Works

  1. Select Preferred Options and Place an Order: Choose your options and make the purchase.
  2. Contact and Schedule: We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  3. Service Execution: The booster will pilot your character during WoW power leveling completion.
  4. Order Completion Notification: We'll notify you upon the WoW campaign boost completion.
  5. Enjoy the Results: Enjoy your new achievements and rewards. Don’t forget to rate our service on Trustpilot.

TWW Campaign Boosting Includes

Our TWW Campaign Boosting service ensures you get the most out of The War Within expansion. With this service, you will:

  • Complete All Main Storylines: Our experienced boosters will handle all the necessary quests and objectives to complete the main storylines of The War Within campaign and Khaz Algar leveling campaign. This saves you time and lets you enjoy the lore without the grind.
  • Unlock Key Factions: Gain access to vital factions such as the Council of Dornogal, Hallowfall Arathi, The Assembly of the Deeps, and The Severed Threads. Unlocking these factions opens up new quests, activities, and valuable faction rewards.
  • Earn Renown Rewards: As we progress through the campaign, you'll earn rewards for the first Renown levels with the unlocked factions. These rewards include essential resources and unique items to boost your character's power.
  • Gather Gold and Gear: During the campaign boost, you'll collect a significant amount of gold, useful items, and gear pieces, enhancing your character's capabilities.
  • Optional Services: Customize your boost with additional options like unlocking the Earthen race, completing all Skyriding glyphs, achieving max Renown levels for specific factions, and more. These options provide extra benefits and further enhance your gameplay.
  • Professional Execution: Our team of skilled boosters will ensure your campaign is completed efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on enjoying the new content and features of The War Within expansion.

With our TWW Campaign Boosting service, you can unlock the full potential of The War Within, accessing all the content and rewards without the usual hassle.