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CoD Serpentinite Camo Boost

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Unlock the Elite Serpentinite Camo with Simple Carry

Venture into the realms of Modern Warfare 3 with flair! The Serpentinite Camo is a testament to skill and dedication in the game, a statement piece that reflects your commitment to excellence. Simple Carry recognizes the desire of many players to adorn their weapons with this prestigious camouflage, without having to wade through repetitive tasks. That's why we’ve curated our Modern Warfare 3 Serpentinite Camo boosting service – a seamless blend of expertise and passion, crafted for players like you. With us, you can bypass the mundane challenges, allowing you to relish the core gameplay. Watch as our dedicated team works diligently, ensuring your weapons are transformed with the exquisite Serpentinite Camo, all while you immerse yourself in the other delights of the game.

What You Will Get

  • Attain the Serpentinite Camo for your preferred weapons.
  • Secure a unique Calling Card and Emblem for each weapon of choice.
  • Enjoy all selected weapons being upgraded to their pinnacle.
  • Acquire considerable account level experience as we progress.
  • Bag a generous number of Battle Pass tokens after our boost.

Additional Options

  • Normal: Boosters operate on a first-come, first-served policy.
  • Express: An exclusive team ensures completion is 20% faster.
  • Super Express: Priority processing, with a whopping 35% speed increase.
  • All Serpentinite Camos: Unlock the Serpentinite Camo for every weapon available.
  • Stream: Keep a close watch on the Call of Duty boost progression live.


  • Ownership of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game.

Exclusive Features of Our Service

Our adept team is poised to assist, with the Serpentinite Camo being a specialty. Ensuring both efficiency and security, we offer:

  • A strict no-cheat policy.
  • VPN usage to emulate your IP for an authentic feel.
  • Absolute discretion with our boosters maintaining a low profile.

CoD Serpentinite Camo Boost FAQ

Which mode does the Serpentinite Camo fit into?

It’s not yet clear if this camo is for MW3 or MWZ. However, rest assured, once available, it’s yours. With your MW3 purchase in hand, just lock in the boost, and we'll spring into action upon game launch.

Why Choose Simple Carry's MW3 Serpentinite Camo Boost Service? 

Camo quests can be grueling. This is where our service shines, ensuring you savor the gameplay without the exhausting grind.