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DMZ Serpentine Camo Boost

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Purchase the Serpentine Camo Unlock and gain an extraordinary camouflage for any weapon upon completing one of the toughest challenges in Modern Warfare 2. This exclusive Season 5 DMZ camo is absent from standard camo directories or events. Unearth it within a concealed menu at the enigmatic Zaya Observatory lab's Buy Station.

Secure the MW2 clandestine camo assist to bypass the arduous grind. The items essential for this challenge rank among the game's scarcest, making their collection in a single match immensely challenging. Note that a single death means restarting from scratch, regardless of the progress you've made. Yet, the reward from the DMZ secret camo enhancement is genuinely exceptional!

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What You Will Get

  • Serpentine Camo accessible for all weapons;
  • Acquisition of Military and Prestige rank experience during the provision;
  • An opportunity to obtain keys for secured areas within DMZ maps;
  • Potential for weapons' XP and camouflage advancement;
  • Progression through the Battle Pass.

Product Options

  • Regular — Available experts attend to requests in the order they are received;
  • Express — A dedicated and constantly available team will conclude your request 2 hours quicker;
  • Super Express — Experience the DMZ Serpentine Camo service with a 4-hour expedited completion.
  • Stream — Witness the Serpentine Camo enhancement live on a private stream.


  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game purchased.

How It Works

  • Choose your desired features and finalize your order for our covert S5 camo enhancement;
  • Orders are prioritized based on service speed and order placement time;
  • We'll touch base with you through live chat or email. Feel free to inquire;
  • An expert will either manage your character or you can cooperate in a team setup;
  • Our proficient gamer will accumulate all essential items to fabricate each of the 4 camo components within DMZ. Upon securing all items, they will navigate the map and trade them for the novel camouflage.
  • Post completion of the Season 5 DMZ camo enhancement, we'll update you;
  • Revel in the outcome! And kindly offer your feedback on Trustpilot.

CoD Serpentine Camo Boost

With the Season 5 Reloaded update in the DMZ, the clandestine Serpentine Camo was introduced. It stands as one of the game's most daunting challenges. Acquiring this camo involves trading four distinct items, but this exchange isn't straightforward. Several items necessitate players embarking on quests across various DMZ restricted areas:

  • Blackcell Hand Cream — Exclusively available at the Secure Buy Station in Koschei Complex.
  • Chemist’s Acid — Refer to our M13B enhancement offering for its acquisition alongside numerous other rewards.
  • Heavy Chopper Fuel — Search around Al Malik airport hangars, the freight train, or even some mechanical chambers in Highrise (located in Al Mazrah city).
  • Skeleton Key — Avail our Shadow Company Mission enhancement for this reward.

DMZ Serpentine Camo Enhancement FAQ:

How can I unlock the Serpentine Camo in DMZ's Season 5 Reloaded?

Unlocking the Serpentine Camo requires players to execute a secret exchange at a concealed buy station under Zaya Observatory. This camo, when unlocked, is exclusive to the player with the necessary ingredients and doesn't extend to the entire squad. Its exclusivity is further heightened as this camo isn't available for trade at any other station across different maps.

How do I locate the concealed buy station beneath the Zaya Observatory?

This unique buy station, housing the Serpentine exchange recipe, mirrors the Scavenger's station introduced in the Season 5 Reloaded update. Journey deep within the concealed chemical bunker, navigating through a series of chambers to find this buy station. A radiation notification will appear; indicating that you can access this station only once the storm covers the Zaya Observatory. Ensure you have your gas masks!

Which items are required to trade for the Serpentine Camo?

  • 1 Blackcell Hand Cream
  • 1 Heavy Chopper Fuel
  • 1 Chemist’s Acid
  • 1 Skeleton Key