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MWZ Sergeant’s Beret Boost

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Buy MWZ Sergeant's Beret Blueprint and enhance your odds against Zakhaev's mercenaries by summoning a loyal Merc Bodyguard. This item is ideal for surviving zombie strongholds and blending in with the Mercs. Our Modern Warfare 3 Sergeant's Beret boosting service is your top choice for exploring Aether portals, acquiring high-tier loot, or completing challenging missions effortlessly.

Buy MWZ Sergeant's Beret schematic and improve your chances against Zakhaev's hired guns as you summon a trusty Merc Bodyguard who shadows you to the end. It's a perfect item for surviving zombie strongholds and disguising yourself among the Mercs. Our Modern Warfare 3 Sergeant's Beret boost is your best choice to venture into Aether portals and gather high-tier loot or complete challenging missions without a hassle.

What You'll Receive

  • Unlocked Sergeant’s Beret blueprint
  • Progress in weapons' XP and camo
  • Opportunity to equip your character with top-tier gear
  • Account level experience & Battle Pass progression
  • Chance to acquire additional items & blueprints during the service

Execution Options

  • Normal: Boosters work on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Express: Separate team completes the order 20% faster, at no extra cost
  • Super Express: Your order receives top priority, reducing completion time by 35%

Additional Options

  • Stream: Watch the MW3 Zombie Sergeant’s Beret boosting on a personal stream

How It Works

  1. Select preferred options and place an order for our MWZ Sergeant’s Beret unlock service
  2. We prioritize orders based on execution speed and time placed
  3. We'll contact you via live chat or email for any questions
  4. Our pro player will pilot your character or you'll join their team in self-play
  5. The booster will find the schematic for you to craft Sergeant’s Beret
  6. We'll notify you upon completion, or you can watch it on the stream
  7. Enjoy the MW3 Sergeant’s Beret boosting results! Rate us on Trustpilot.

Requirements Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game purchased

MWZ Sergeant’s Beret Carry Service Includes Purchase MW3 Sergeant's Beret at Simple-Carry for better odds in fights against Zakhaev's mercenaries. This item is crucial for squads venturing into higher-threat zones or facing stronger zombies. Each schematic offers a special effect to increase survival chances and enemy elimination abilities. Save time with our MW3 Sergeant's Beret boost and enjoy your personal Merc bodyguard.

MWZ Sergeant’s Beret FAQ What is MWZ Sergeant’s Beret? Sergeant’s Beret is a Modern Warfare Zombies schematic introduced in MW3 Season 3. It improves outcomes when dealing with Zakhaev’s mercenaries. Simply wear the Sergeant’s Beret to blend in with the Mercs and summon a loyal Merc Bodyguard to aid you.