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Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear

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Buy Simple Carry Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear

Purchase the Nerub'ar Palace full gear boost from Simple Carry to secure powerful items from the opening raid of The War Within expansion for every gear slot. Equip your character with optimal armor and weapons from your chosen difficulty level, preparing you for any upcoming quests. With our Nerub'ar Palace full gear carry, your character will be thoroughly outfitted with the necessary gear pieces and weapons effortlessly, ensuring you're ready for any adventure that lies ahead.

We will process this offer immediately upon the release of The War Within expansion and the raid.

What You Will Get

  • Full Raid Completion: Full runs on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty.
  • Complete Gear Set: Obtain a complete gear outfit from Nerub'ar Palace.
  • Achievements: Earn achievements for defeating bosses within the raid.
  • Additional Loot: Collect all gold, crafting reagents, upgrade materials, and other valuable loot during the raid runs.

Raid Difficulty Options

  • Normal Mode: Receive Normal ilvl gear.
  • Heroic Mode: Obtain Heroic ilvl gear.
  • Mythic Mode: Secure Mythic ilvl gear.

Boost Methods

  • Self-Play: Control your character and join the raid group yourself.
  • Piloted: Our professional booster will play your character on your account.


  • Level 80 Character
  • The War Within Expansion: Must be purchased and an active WoW subscription is required.

How It Works

  1. Initial Contact: We will reach out via live chat or email to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Choose Your Method: Decide between piloted mode, self-play mode, or remote control.
  3. Raid Invitation: Receive an in-game invitation and summon to the raid for self-play mode.
  4. Engage Each Boss: Ensure you hit each boss at least once to qualify for loot.
  5. Completion Notification: We will notify you upon the completion of the Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear boost.
  6. Enjoy Your Rewards: Celebrate your new achievements and gear, and remember to rate us on Trustpilot.

Nerub'ar Palace Gear Carry Includes

Venturing into Azj-Kahet to thwart Queen Ansurek and her legion is a thrilling venture, yet the promise of reward elevates this epic battle. Our Nerub'ar Palace gear carry ensures you reap the maximum benefits from weekly raid completions.

Looking to quickly gear up your character for high-end PvE challenges? Full gear acquisition sets you up for success, making you battle-ready for any encounter!

The raid presents eight formidable bosses, each offering the chance to obtain Nerub'ar Palace gear tailored to enhance your prowess:

  • Initial Guardians: Defend the palace's secrets.
  • Trusted Commanders: Battle the queen's most loyal protectors.
  • Final Confrontation: Face Queen Ansurek herself.

Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear Carry Specifics

Our service commits to undertaking as many runs as needed to secure full gear from Nerub'ar Palace at your selected difficulty level, ranging from Normal to Mythic. By the conclusion of the full gear service, you will have acquired items for every slot in your inventory. Additionally, you'll earn a series of achievements for defeating the bosses within Nerub'ar Palace during the raid, marking your triumphs and enhancing your World of Warcraft accolades.

Nerub'ar Palace Gear Item Levels

As The War Within expansion unfolds, specifics regarding the item levels for raid gear from Nerub'ar Palace are yet to be fully clarified. While the structure of gear acquisition has evolved, offering gear across four distinct item levels throughout the raid, the exact item levels for each difficulty setting remain undefined at this time.

Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear Loot Table

Selecting gear from Nerub'ar Palace will significantly be influenced by the availability of class tier set pieces, emphasizing the importance of non-set items in the process. Below, you'll find an overview of the anticipated types of accessories, weapons, and trinkets from Nerub'ar Palace. Keep in mind, the exact details of these items, including their effects and item levels, will be fully disclosed once more information is made available:

Nerub'ar Palace Rare Drop

Echoing the patterns observed in previous raids, select bosses within Nerub'ar Palace can yield items boasting item levels superior to the norm, occasionally paired with distinctive effects.

Such items invariably stand out as the prime targets for participants of loot runs, given their enhanced capabilities. Within Nerub'ar Palace, these exceptionally rare items are distinguished by an item level boost of 6-7 points above the conventional drops from the corresponding bosses. Below, you will find an enumeration of the Nerub'ar Palace's most sought-after rare items:

(Note: The specific details about these very rare items from Nerub'ar Palace are pending, and this section is prepared to be updated once more information becomes available, reflecting the anticipation surrounding these elite drops.)