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MW2 Lions Share Weapon Unlock

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Introducing the MW2 Lion's Share blueprint, exclusively by Simple Carry. By choosing this blueprint, you're set to access the formidable Tonfa ahead of its official in-game release. As the latest melee sensation that stormed in with Season 04, the Tonfa promises power, agility, and prestige. However, ordinarily, players would be restricted to wait until the conclusion of the Vondel public event.

But with Simple Carry, you're always a step ahead. With the MW2 Lion's Share boost, no longer do you need to play the waiting game. Our seasoned player will immerse themselves in the Warzone, specifically on the challenging terrains of the Vondel map. They'll swiftly achieve 25 melee kills and conclude the clandestine challenge, placing the power of Tonfa in your hands instantaneously.

What You Will Get

  • Early access with the Lion's Share Tonfa Blueprint;
  • Seamless completion of the Vondel hidden challenge;
  • Amplified Military and Prestige rank experience.


    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game purchased.

    How It Works

    • Opt for enhancements and confirm your MW2 Lion's Share Tonfa purchase;
    • Orders are methodically arranged considering your chosen pace and order placement time;
    • A prompt engagement awaits you either via live chat or email. Your queries are paramount;
    • Watch in awe as our skilled booster takes your avatar to complete the hidden challenge in Warzone;
    • A notification will herald the successful integration of Lion's Share Tonfa;
    • Admire your upgraded armory, and we'd be honored with your feedback on Trustpilot.

    MW2 Tonfa Weapon Unlock FAQ

    Q: What makes the Tonfa MW2 special?

    A: Introduced in Season 4, the Tonfa is the game's fastest Melee weapon, giving players a significant advantage in close-quarter combat.


    Q: How does the Simple Carry service work?

    A: Our expert boosters will play on your behalf, overcoming challenges and unlocking the desired weapon, ensuring an enhanced gaming experience.


    Q: Is it safe to use Simple Carry's services?

    A: Absolutely! We prioritize your account's safety, confidentiality, and use legitimate methods to achieve our objectives.


    Q: Can I watch the progress of my boost live?

    A: Yes, with our Stream option, you can view the entire boosting process in real-time.