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MW3 Magma Camo Boost

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Acquire the Magma Camo unlock service today and elevate your gaming experience by adorning all your weapons with the striking volcanic camouflage. Our MW3 Magma Camo boosting service presents a golden opportunity for you to attain this exclusive reward amid the ongoing Vortex: War's Domain event. Seize the chance promptly to unlock all 15 rewards available before the event reaches its conclusion!

Don't let precious time slip away – entrust your progress to our dedicated Modern Warfare 3 Vortex boosting service, ensuring an efficient and seamless journey through the event. Embrace the thrill of each match as you showcase your weapons adorned in the captivating Magma Camo, a testament to your gaming prowess. Hurry, and make the most of this limited-time offer to enhance your in-game arsenal and stand out on the battlefield!

What You Will Get

  • Magma Camo for all MW2 and MW3 weapons;
  • 15 rewards in total (check the "Rewards" spoiler);
  • Up to 1233700 experience for your account;
  • Battle Pass progression during the boost.

Magma Camo Boost


There are 15 available rewards during this time-limited event:

Name Type XP needed
The Goat sticker 9.500
Double XP token consumable 21.500
Through the Smoke large decal 36.900
Double weapon XP token consumable 56.350
Ghost Fire charm 81.100
Skull Fire large decal 112.450
Volcanic emblem 152.300
A Little Rusty calling card 202.950
Double Battle Pass XP token consumable 267.200
Winged Fire sticker 348.900
Double XP token consumable 452.550
Forged in Flames calling card 584.250
Putrid Skulls sticker 751.500
Double weapon XP token consumable 963.950
Magma camouflage 1.233.700

Additional Options

  • Normal: Access our available boosters on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Express: A dedicated team ensures your order is completed 20% faster


  • Ownership of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game.

How It Works

  • Opt for your preferred options and initiate an order for our MW3 Magma Camo carry service.
  • A priority list is established, considering the execution speed and the time of order placement.
  • Expect communication from us either through live chat or email; feel free to pose any queries you might have.
  • Your character will be expertly piloted by our professional booster, or you can choose to join their team in self-play.
  • The booster will triumph in as many games as necessary to obtain the coveted Magma Camo for all your weapons.
  • Stay informed as we notify you upon the completion of the MW3 Magma Camo boost, or tune in live to witness it through our stream.
  • Revel in the new Magma Camo adorning your arsenal! And, if you enjoyed our MW3 Vortex boosting service, don't forget to share your feedback on Trustpilot. Your rating matters to us!