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Variant & Criterion Dungeons
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Variant & Criterion Dungeons

Variant and Criterion dungeons are a dungeon style first released in FFXIV's 6.2.5 patch. After unlocking them, players can register using the V&C Dungeon Finder under "Duty" in the main menu. With our Variant & Criterion Dungeon boosting service, we will make the task of completing these dungeons as easy and seamless as possible


  • Variant dungeons are level 90 variable-difficulty dungeons intended for 1-4 players and is considered to be normal difficulty content. Enemy strength will be adjusted depending on the number of players, there are no role restrictions, and players can change jobs while the dungeon is in progress when out of combat. There are branching paths, and the progression route will change based on player actions.
  • Criterion Dungeons Criterion dungeons will be visually similar to variant dungeons, but are more difficult, and require a 4 player party composed of a tank, a healer, and 2 DPS. The structure and enemies will be different, and no NPC will accompany the players. Players have a limited number of revives, and normal resurrection abilities are disabled.
  • Savage Criterion Dungeons are the most difficult form of 4 man content in FFXIV. If the party wipes, all enemies will respawn. Enemies will also increase in power if not defeated within a certain time limit. Matchmaking is unavailable for Savage Criterion dungeons. Players must have a premade party of four people to enter them.


  • Any difficulty dungeon runs
  • Sil'dihn silver to save for Sil'dihn Throne mount
  • The Bloodsands Below achievement
  • The Savage Sands Below achievement for Savage
  • "Infamy of Sil'dih title" for Savage
  • Allagan Tomestones

Additional Options:

  • Unlock Savage - We will complete the Normal version to access Savage.
  • Silkie Mount - We will complete multiple runs to solve all of the riddles involved to get the mount for you.
  • Sil'dihn Throne Mount - We will farm 100 Sil'Dihn Silver pieces for you to buy the mount.


  • Account-Sharing
  • All MSQ completed
  • Variant and/or Criterion Dungeon locked on Normal / Savage difficulty respectively
  • Max level job