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FFXIV Noir Armor Boost

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If you're a fan of noir style and want to dress your FFXIV character in that style, then look no further than Simple Carry's FFXIV Noir Set boost service.

Whether you're into the Pink Panther theme, spy anime series, or the cool black-and-white detectives of old Hollywood, our boost service will help you achieve that stylish look effortlessly. Say goodbye to the tedious grind and join the ranks of badass spies in the chat!

Step into the legendary Genji Armor in FFXIV and embrace the unparalleled style and resilience it offers, courtesy of our FFXIV Genji Armor Boost service. Equip this iconic armor to traverse the diverse landscapes of Eorzea with unwavering confidence, knowing that our expert team is dedicated to enhancing your armor and ensuring your dominance in both fashion and battle.

NOTE: These services are piloted meaning we will play your account. You will be required to remove OTP & Steam Guard Code before the service begins.


  • Noir Glamour;
  • Multiple Variant Dungeon completions;
  • Allagan Tomestones.


  • Level 90 job;
  • Completed Endwalker MSQ.

How It Works:

  • We will discuss all the details beforehand in the live chat or by email;
  • We will find you an experienced team that fits your schedule the best;
  • We will create a Discord chat for you to communicate with the booster and track the progress;
  • We will inform you about the FFXIV Noir glamour boosting completion;
  • Enjoy your rewards! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.