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FFXIV Leatherworker Power Leveling

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Enhance your crafting capabilities in Final Fantasy XIV by specializing as a Leatherworker. This service enables you to craft high-quality leather armor essential for various classes, particularly Lancers, Archers, and Pugilists. Leatherworkers are critical for producing not only wearable items but also essential crafting materials such as leather, along with gathering gear and furniture.

As Disciples of the Hand, Leatherworkers specialize in creating items from hides, furs, and pelts. This is a versatile crafting job that is always in demand on the Market Board, ensuring that you can find clients and generate revenue.

What You Will Get

  • Achievement of the desired Leatherworker job level.
  • All Gil earned during the power leveling process.

Additional Options

  • Job Quests: We handle all relevant quests to enhance your crafting trajectory.
  • Pentamelded Gear: A 620 ilvl Pentamelded Gear set crafted specifically for your Leatherworker once they reach level 90.
  • Stream: Experience the entire leveling process through a live stream, witnessing first-hand the craftsmanship and skill progression.


Participants must have completed the required main job questline for their current level range:

  • 1-50: A Realm Reborn MSQ
  • 50-60: Heavensward MSQ
  • 60-70: Stormblood MSQ
  • 70-80: Shadowbringers MSQ
  • 80-90: Endwalker MSQ

How This Service Works

  1. Select your starting and desired levels.
  2. Contact us via live chat or email with any inquiries.
  3. Our expert booster will take control of your character, craft items, and complete necessary quests.
  4. Stay updated on progress through a dedicated Discord channel.
  5. You will be notified upon the successful completion of the service.
  6. Enjoy your newly enhanced Leatherworker skills and please remember to review our service on Trustpilot.

FF14 Leatherworker Power Leveling FAQ

Is leatherworking good in FF14?

While not the top craft, leatherworking is highly versatile and beneficial. Leatherworkers provide essential materials and items needed by other crafting classes, as well as gear for gatherers. Starting leatherworking power leveling in FFXIV can significantly boost your ability to trade high-level crafted items for Gills.

What do leatherworkers make in FF14?

Leatherworkers are pivotal for producing widely used items in the game. They craft essential leather, gathering and crafting gear, and accessories, as well as weapons and armor. Additionally, they are skilled in creating various housing items. Post-boost, you will have the skills to craft all these items and more, expanding your opportunities in the game.