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FFXIV Carpenter Power Leveling

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Power Leveling Carpenter FFXIV: Craft Your Way to Success

Unlock the artistry of woodworking and delve into the realm of carpentry in Final Fantasy XIV. As a master Carpenter, you wield the ability to fashion a wide array of wooden creations, catering to the needs of adventurers and citizens alike. Whether it's crafting essential accessories, elegant furniture pieces, sturdy gear, or indispensable tools, the Carpenter's craftsmanship knows no bounds. With the versatility to produce both affordable trinkets and high-value items, this profession stands as one of the most lucrative paths to accumulating Gils in Eorzea. Moreover, the Carpenter's expertise extends to the rare skill of desynthesizing Primal weapons, yielding invaluable materials for further endeavors.

Unveiling the Art of Carpentry

Carpenters, as Disciples of the Hand, immerse themselves in the non-combat realm, honing their skills through the refinement of wood and the creation of wooden marvels. Their trade relies on a symbiotic relationship with Botanists, ensuring a seamless supply chain for their craft.

What You'll Receive

When you embark on the journey of Carpenter power leveling in FFXIV, expect nothing short of excellence. Our services guarantee:

  • Attainment of the desired Carpenter job level
  • Acquisition of all Gils earned during the boost

Additional Options

Enhance your carpentry experience with our additional options:

  • Job Quests: We'll handle the completion of specific quests tailored to your crafting journey.
  • Pentamelded Gear: Access premium 620 ilvl Pentamelded Gear for your freshly minted 90th level Carpenter.
  • Live Stream: Witness the entire power leveling process of your Carpenter firsthand through our dedicated streaming service.


Prepare for your ascent through the ranks of carpentry by ensuring completion of the following questlines corresponding to each level range:

  • 1-50: A Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quests
  • 50-60: Heavensward Main Scenario Quests
  • 60-70: Stormblood Main Scenario Quests
  • 70-80: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
  • 80-90: Endwalker Main Scenario Quests

How It Works

Here's how our power leveling service operates:

  1. Select your starting level and desired level.
  2. Engage with us through live chat or email to address any queries or concerns.
  3. Our expert boosters will pilot your character, crafting items, and completing quests as per your instructions.
  4. Stay connected via a dedicated Discord channel to monitor progress and communicate with your booster.
  5. Receive timely updates on the completion of your leveling journey.
  6. Revel in your newfound prowess! Don't forget to share your experience by rating us on Trustpilot.

FF14 Carpenter Power Leveling FAQ

What Do Carpenters Make in FFXIV?

Carpenters reign supreme as the premier crafters in the realm, fashioning a myriad of wooden wonders ranging from essential materials to lavish housing items. Their creations span across various domains, providing indispensable gear and tools for adventurers of all vocations. From wooden fishing rods for anglers to grinding wheels for goldsmiths, the Carpenter's repertoire knows no bounds. Following an FFXIV Carpenter boost, you'll be equipped to craft these essentials and more, enriching your journey through Eorzea.

Where Can I Obtain a Carpenter Job in FFXIV?

Embark on your path to becoming a Carpenter by venturing to New Gridania within the Black Shroud. Seek out the guild receptionist Corgg (coordinates: x10.8, y12.1) to initiate the class-specific questline. Upon its completion, the illustrious title of Carpenter shall be yours to wield. Remember, aspiring crafters must attain a minimum of 10 levels within their Disciple of War or Magic before undertaking any crafting profession. Simplify your journey with Carpenter power leveling in FFXIV, and allow us to navigate the challenges that lie ahead on your behalf.