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FFXIV Botanist Power Leveling

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Power Leveling Botanist FFXIV: Cultivate Your Success

Unearth the bounties of nature with our Botanist power leveling service in FFXIV. From gathering crops and timber to harvesting fiber and resin, the Botanist's expertise knows no bounds. As the backbone of Eorzea's crafting system, Botanists play a pivotal role in supplying essential resources to crafters across the realm. While the journey from novice to master may lack the thrill of combat, the end-game profits are undeniable. Let us take the reins and guide you to prosperity!

Exploring the World of Botany

Botanists, as Disciples of the Land, immerse themselves in the art of gathering from trees and flora. With each harvest, they accumulate valuable experience and unlock a treasure trove of resources that fuel the crafting endeavors of Alchemists, Carpenters, Culinarians, and Weavers.

What You'll Receive

Enlist our services for Botanist power leveling in FFXIV and secure:

  • Attainment of the desired Botanist job level
  • Acquisition of all Gills earned during the boost

Additional Options

Customize your botanical experience with our additional options:

  • Job Quests: Let us handle the completion of specific quests tailored to your crafting journey.
  • Pentamelded Gear: Access premium 620 ilvl Pentamelded Gear for your freshly minted 90th-level Botanist.
  • Live Stream: Tune in to witness the entire power leveling process of your Botanist through our dedicated streaming service.


Prepare for your journey into the verdant landscapes of Eorzea by ensuring completion of the requisite questlines for each level range:

  • 1-50: A Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quests
  • 50-60: Heavensward Main Scenario Quests
  • 60-70: Stormblood Main Scenario Quests
  • 70-80: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
  • 80-90: Endwalker Main Scenario Quests

How It Works

Here's how our power leveling service operates:

  1. Select your starting level and desired level.
  2. Engage with us through live chat or email to address any queries or concerns.
  3. Our expert boosters will pilot your character, traversing the wilderness to gather resources and complete quests as per your instructions.
  4. Stay connected via a dedicated Discord channel to monitor progress and communicate with your booster.
  5. Receive timely updates on the completion of your leveling journey.
  6. Revel in your newfound botanical prowess! Don't forget to share your experience by rating us on Trustpilot.

FF14 Botanist Power Leveling FAQ

What Is Botanist Good for in FFXIV?

Botanist stands as the most versatile gathering job in FFXIV, providing essential resources for a multitude of crafting professions. From Culinarians to Alchemists, Carpenters to Weavers, the demand for Botanist-gathered materials spans all stages of the game. However, the true profits await at higher levels, where rare and valuable resources abound. Power level your Botanist in FFXIV and dive into the lucrative world of crafting to start earning Gils in no time!

How Do Botanists Make Money in FFXIV?

Using abilities like Triangulate and Auto Triangulate, Botanists locate resource points ripe for harvesting. Armed with hatchets and scythes, they gather high-quality materials, which are then sold on the Market Board to high-level crafters. By power leveling your Botanist in FFXIV, you can skip the less profitable levels and start earning Gils for yourself!

How Do I Become a Botanist in FFXIV?

Embark on your botanical journey in the city of Gridania. Seek out Leonceault (x6,y8) to receive the first quest unlocking the Botanist job. From there, journey to the guild master Fufucha (x6,y7) to progress through the class-specific questline. It may be a long journey, but if you're eager to reach level 90 swiftly, consider purchasing our Botanist power leveling service in FFXIV, where our boosters will help you achieve any desired level in record time!