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FFXIV Armorer Power Leveling

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Buy Power Leveling Armorer FFXIV

Step up your game by mastering the art of armor crafting with our Armorer power leveling service in FFXIV. Armorers play a critical role in forging essential gear for tanks, Dragoons, and Reapers, who rely heavily on their metal armor. Armorers are also indispensable when it comes to providing tools for Alchemists and Culinarians, as well as crafting ingots and nuggets needed by other Disciples of the Hand.

As a member of the Disciples of the Hand, Armorers specialize in refining metals and constructing durable items from them. Partnering with a Miner can greatly enhance an Armorer's efficiency and resource availability, making it a formidable combination in the crafting world.

What You Will Get

  • Achievement of the desired Armorer job level.
  • All Gil earned during the power leveling process.

Additional Options

  • Job Quests: Complete critical quests that enhance your Armorer skills.
  • Pentamelded Gear: Craft a 620 ilvl Pentamelded Gear set for your Armorer once they reach level 90.
  • Stream: Experience the entire leveling process through our live stream, witnessing your skills evolve in real-time.


Your character must have completed the main job questline for their current level range to participate in this service:

  • 1-50: A Realm Reborn MSQ
  • 50-60: Heavensward MSQ
  • 60-70: Stormblood MSQ
  • 70-80: Shadowbringers MSQ
  • 80-90: Endwalker MSQ

How This Service Works

  1. Select your starting and desired levels.
  2. Contact us via live chat or email for any inquiries.
  3. A professional booster will pilot your character, crafting items and completing quests as required.
  4. Monitor the progress of your service through a dedicated Discord channel.
  5. You will be notified upon the successful completion of the leveling.
  6. Enjoy your new high-level Armorer skills and don’t forget to provide feedback on Trustpilot!

FF14 Armorer Power Leveling FAQ

Where is the Armorer's Guild in FF14?

The Armorer’s Guild begins in Limsa Lominsca Upper Decks. Initially, meet the receptionist G’wahnako and guild master H’naanza. Post level 65, transition to Kugane, and for levels above 70, visit The Crystarium to meet Iola, and later, Old Sharlayan to connect with Grigge, the Levemete for Armorers.

What can an Armorer make in FF14?

Armorers are vital for producing specialized gear for tanks, Dragoons, and Reapers, including shields for Paladins. They also craft essential tools for Alchemists and Culinarians and produce ingots and nuggets used by various crafting disciplines. Additionally, Armorers can create various housing items, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic of in-game homes.