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FFXIV Alliance Raids Glamour Boost

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FFXIV Glamour Set Boosting Service

Transform your character into a vision of mythic elegance with our exclusive FFXIV Glamour Set Boosting Service. Each set offers a unique appearance inspired by various themes and stories within the game, giving you the chance to stand out in both form and style. Our service simplifies the process of acquiring these sought-after glamour sets by handling the farming process for you. Along the way, you might also stumble upon rare minions and Triple Triad cards, adding even more value to your adventure.

Available Glamour Sets

  • Thaleia Glamour Set: Perfect for those who adore the arts, this set adds a touch of classical grace to your character.
  • Euphrosyne Glamour Set: Embrace joy and mirth with this beautifully designed set that reflects Euphrosyne's spirit.
  • Aglaia Glamour Set: For those who seek a divine and powerful look, the Aglaia set mirrors the majesty of ancient deities.
  • Tower of Paradigm's Breach Glamour Set: Dive into a dystopian aesthetic with this set from the challenging Tower of Paradigm's Breach.
  • Puppet's Bunker Glamour Set: Embrace a mechanical yet elegant style with this set from the depths of the Puppet's Bunker.
  • Copied Factory Glamour Set: Perfect for fans of dark, industrial themes, this set offers a unique, robust look.
  • No.2 Type-B Glamour Set: Iconic and highly sought after, this set provides a sleek, combat-ready appearance reminiscent of futuristic warriors.


  • Full glamour set as per your selection.
  • Chance to obtain exclusive minions and Triple Triad cards during the boost.
  • A standout, thematic look for your character.

How Our Service Works

  1. Choose Your Set: Pick the glamour set you wish to acquire from our selection.
  2. Service Discussion: Contact us via live chat or email to finalize the details of your boost.
  3. Scheduling and Execution: We'll match you with an experienced booster who fits your schedule, and they will begin the process of farming the raids or activities necessary to obtain your chosen glamour set.
  4. Progress Updates: Stay updated with the booster’s progress through a dedicated communication channel.
  5. Completion and Delivery: Once the boosting service is complete, we'll notify you so you can enjoy your new glamour set.


  • Level 90 job; participants must have access to the respective raids or activities from which the glamour sets are obtained.

Why Choose Our Boosting Service?

  • Efficiency: Quickly obtain full glamour sets without the grind.
  • Safety and Security: We prioritize your account’s safety with secure handling during the boosting process.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enjoy seamless communication and support throughout the service.

Transform your Final Fantasy XIV character into a spectacular figure with our FFXIV Glamour Set Boosting Service. Whether you're raiding, socializing, or exploring, do it in style! Contact us today to start your transformation.

Embrace style and myth in Eorzea with our specialized glamour set boosting services—because in the world of FFXIV, appearances are everything!