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FFXIV Aeturna Mount Boost

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Delve deep into the realm of Eorzea with a renewed sense of prestige and power. The Aeturna Mount is not just another mount; it's a statement, an emblem of dedication and skill, a testament to your journey in the world of FFXIV. While many adventurers spend endless hours navigating the challenging terrains of Eureka Orthos to get their hands on this majestic beast,

Simple Carry understands that your time is invaluable. As such, we are here to offer you a seamless path to acquiring the Aeturna Mount. With our expert team at the helm, you can bypass the grind and immediately elevate your FFXIV experience. Dive into breathtaking vistas, flaunt your achievements, and ride the skies with the Aeturna Mount, all without the hassle and fatigue of the grind.

NOTE: These services are piloted meaning we will play your account. You will be required to remove OTP & Steam Guard Code before the service begins.

What You'll Get:

  • 4x Orthos Tomestones: Complete up to floor 100 in Eureka Orthos four times, acquiring 4x Orthos Tomestones.
  • Valuable Accessories: Use the Orthos Tomestones to buy accessories such as earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring.
  • Aeturna Mount: Once you have either the four accessories or the 4 Orthos Tomestones in your bag, you can exchange them for the Aeturna Mount at an NPC vendor in the Mor Dhona Zone.


    • A valid and active FFXIV account;
    • Endwalker MSQ Completed;
    • POTD Floor 50 Completed to have entry.

      How It Works

      • Order & Payment: Place your order and make the necessary payment through our secure gateway.
      • Account Details: Share your FFXIV account details with us in a secure manner.
      • Sit Back & Relax: Our expert team will log into your account and begin the farming process in Eureka Orthos.
      • Progress Updates: You'll receive updates as we achieve milestones, completing each of the four runs up to floor 100.
      • Claim Your Reward: Once completed, log back into your account. You'll find either the four accessories or the 4 Orthos Tomestones, ready for you to claim your Aeturna Mount.

      Aeturna Mount Boost FAQ

      Q: Is it safe to give you my account details?

      A: Absolutely. We understand the importance of security. Our team uses advanced security measures to ensure that your account details are never shared and remain confidential.

      Q: How long will the boosting service take?

      A: The time varies based on current queues and service demand. However, we prioritize efficiency and aim to complete orders in the shortest time possible.

      Q: Can I log into my account while you're working on it?

      A: We recommend that you don't. Logging in while we're in session might disrupt the progress. We'll keep you updated, so you'll know when we're done.

      Q: What if I already have some Orthos Tomestones or accessories?

      A: We customize our service based on your needs. If you already have some items, please inform us, and we'll adjust accordingly.

      Q: Do you offer any other FFXIV boosting services?

      A: Yes, we offer a range of FFXIV services. Feel free to browse our other offerings or contact our support team for further details.