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Endwalker Extreme Trials Boost

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Purchase our Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Extreme Trials boost and we will run you through the Endwalker Trial or Minstrel's Ballad of your choice 1, 3 or 5 times depending on your purchased choice.

Extreme Difficulty Trials and Minstrel's Ballad are one step down in difficulty to Savage raids in FFXIV and play in a similar way in which that they are a single boss fight in an arena. However unlike Savage Raids they they usually reward only a weapon, a small chance at a mount and a totem that can be exchanged for the weapon or the mount if you save enough up.

Prepare for the ultimate challenges in FFXIV Shadowbringers Extreme Trials Boost, where our seasoned adventurers will assist you in conquering these formidable trials. With our expert team by your side, you can achieve victory in the most challenging battles of the Shadowbringers expansion.

NOTE: These services are piloted meaning we will play your account. You will be required to remove OTP & Steam Guard Code before the service begins.

What You'll Get

  • A guaranteed clear through the FFXIV Endwalker Extreme Trial of your choice;
  • 1x weapon coffer per clear that you can redeem for any battle job;
  • 1x weapon for a random job per clear;
  • 1-2 Totems per clear that can be used for a Weapon or Mount;
  • A chance at the mount;
  • Achievements for completion and tomestones;

Service Options

  • Extreme Trial Clear: Select 1, 3 or 5 clears through the Endwalker Extreme Trial of your choice and our boosters will log into your account and clear them for you with ease. You will get all of the loot that is dropped during the purchased runs.
  • Lynx Mount Boost: Our boosters will log into your account and clear the Extreme Trial until you get the desired Lynx mount.

Delivery Time

  • Our FFXIV Endwalker Extreme Trial boosts usually will be started the same day you purchase. Once the service gets started it only takes our boosters 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on how many clears you purchase.


  • Level 90 job;
  • At least 610 ilvl crafted gear on your job;
  • The purchased Extreme Trial unlocked.

How It Works

  • Prior to the service, every detail will be covered through a live chat or email;
  • We'll locate a skilled team for you whose availability best suits yours;
  • For you to communicate with the booster and keep tabs on the progress, we'll set up a Discord conversation;
  • When the time comes, a skilled player will take control of your character and lead it through the specified raid on the hardest setting;
  • We can stream your run by request privately, just ask;
  • We'll let you know when the boost is finished;
  • Enjoy the outcomes! Don't forget to give our services a Trustpilot rating as well.

FAQ for the FFXIV Endwalker Extreme Trial Boost

Is purchasing a FFXIV Boosting Service Safe?

Absolutely! Our boosters take utmost care in performing your service and it's a very swift in-and-out procedure. Nothing will be modified on your character in any way and all items you receive will be in your bags. We have never in our 5 years of offering services for FFXIV ever had an issue with a customers account being penalized, nor any complaints. You are in good hands <3.

Is the mount guaranteed?

For our Endwalker Extreme Trial services we cannot guarantee the mount, as it is a rather low droprate. However in the event the mount does drop, it's all yours. For older Extreme Trial content from the previous FFXIV expansions, we can guarantee that you will get the mount as the drop rate has been buffed since.

How many kills does it take to get a weapon?

There are 2 ways to receive a weapon from FFXIV Extreme Trials. The first way is that the boss drops a coffer every time you clear the duty, upon getting this coffer you can use it on the designated job that you wish to have the weapon on. Another way to get a weapon is to use 10x totems (typically from 5 clears) from the Extreme Trial at the vendor in Radz-At-Han to purchase the weapon of your choice.

Do I get all of the loot?

Absolutely! This service is for you and all about you.