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DMZ Bounty Board Barter Unlock Service

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Invest in DMZ Bounty Board Upgrades with Simple Carry and unlock every bartering option. The Barter system avails incredibly beneficial items such as exclusive Plate Carriers and Personal Exfils, potentially giving you the upper hand in DMZ skirmishes. Unlocking these Barter options entails completing Bounty Board tasks, a task that can be tedious and daunting but not with our DMZ Barter unlock service.

We will identify and retrieve the necessary items, affording you an edge over your adversaries and enabling smooth Faction Missions completion. Choose the Barter options you need, and sit back while our expert booster handles the task during your DMZ Weapon Locker Upgrades enhancement.

Note: Each Bounty Board Tier requires previous tiers to be unlocked. If you wish to purchase higher tiers, ensure you have the previous tiers unlocked or added to your order.

What You'll Get

  • Selected Bounty Board Barter options unlocked;
  • Possibility of receiving keys to locked locations across DMZ maps;
  • Potential Weapon experience and Camo progression;
  • Battle Pass experience enhancement;
  • Military and Prestige rank experience.

How It Works

  1. Select additional features and order your DMZ Bounty Board carry;
  2. We arrange a priority list based on the service level and when the order was placed;
  3. We will contact you via live chat or email for any queries;
  4. Our booster will guide your character through multiplayer activities and challenge completion, using only the selected rifle for leveling up;
  5. We will notify you once your DMZ Bounty Board carry service is completed;
  6. Enjoy the outcomes! Don't forget to review us on Trustpilot.

      DMZ Bounty Board Barter Unlock Service Boost

      Q1: How can I monitor the progress of my DMZ Bounty Board Upgrade service?

      A1: You can follow your service progress via our personalized stream feature.

      Q2: Can I purchase higher Tiers of Bounty Board Upgrades without unlocking the previous ones?

      A2: Each Bounty Board Upgrade requires previous tiers to be unlocked. If you wish to purchase higher tiers, please ensure you have the previous tiers unlocked or included in your order.

      Q3: What happens if I don't have the Building 21 access card?

      A3: If you don't have the Building 21 access card, our team will locate the card to farm Velican as part of our service.

      Q4: How fast can I expect my DMZ Bounty Board Upgrade service to be completed?

      A4: We offer two service levels — Standard and Priority. Priority orders receive precedence and are completed 25% faster.

      A3: Our service levels — Standard, Priority, and VIP — offer varying completion speeds. VIP is the fastest, followed by Priority and then Standard.

      Q4: How secure is my account during the DMZ Secured Slot unlock process?

      A4: At Simple Carry, we prioritize your account's security. Our professional boosters navigate through the game, maintaining complete confidentiality.