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Diablo 4 Starter Pack

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Buy Diablo 4 Starter Pack

Purchase the Diablo 4 Starter Pack today and dive right into Sanctuary with a character already at level 60.

The Diablo 4 Starter Pack Service is perfect for players eager to jump into action. We handle everything from leveling to optimizing your skill tree and paragon board. Enhance your gameplay with our Starter Pack, ensuring more fun and less grind!

What You Will Receive

  • Character leveled to 60
  • Sacred Legendary Gear with 650+ Item Power and top-tier stats
  • Weapons with 650+ Item Power
  • One Level 15 key Glyph
  • Basic Codex of Power Aspects
  • Access to World Tier 3 & 4
  • Fully optimized Skill Tree and Paragon Board

Execution Options

  • Normal — Boosters will work on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Express — A dedicated team will complete your order 20% faster
  • Express Start — We’ll begin your order within 30 minutes, prioritizing high-speed execution

Additional Options

  • Extra Gold — Additional in-game currency will be traded to you
  • Campaign Completion — We’ll finish the Main Story Campaign before leveling your character
  • All Zones Max Level Renown — Achieve renown level 5 in every zone
  • Stream — Watch live as our booster completes your order


  • Completion of the Main Story Campaign
  • For physical copies on PS4, PS5, or Xbox, we only offer Self-Play options due to most boosters using digital versions

How It Works

  • Our support agent will contact you within 10-15 minutes of your order to confirm details and answer questions via live chat or email
  • For Piloted — Our booster will take over your account and play your character
  • We’ll notify you once the service is complete so you can enjoy the results. Don’t forget to leave a review on Trustpilot!