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Diablo 4 Exquisite Blood

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Buy Diablo 4 Exquisite Blood to Summon Lord Zir

Secure the essential Exquisite Blood needed to summon Lord Zir, a powerful boss in Diablo 4. Obtaining this vital resource can be challenging, but Simple-Carry has the solution.

Summoning Lord Zir

Purchase D4 Exquisite Blood, and we will trade you the desired number of Exquisite Blood to summon Lord Zir. Choose the number of summon packs, and we will handle the rest. Summon the boss at your convenience as often as you like.

Each pack contains either 9 Exquisite Blood for summoning Uber Lord Zir or 27 Exquisite Blood for summoning Tormented Lord Zir. For safety reasons, please include any Sacred/Ancestral item to trade.

What You Will Receive

  • The desired number of Lord Zir Summon Packs

Execution Options

  • Normal — Boosters will work on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Express — A dedicated team is always available and will complete the order 20% faster (additional charge applies)

Additional Options

  • Unlock World Tier 3 — Gain access to Nightmare game difficulty with better rewards
  • Unlock World Tier 4 — Access Torment game difficulty with the best rewards in the game


  • Tier 4 unlocked or the corresponding option chosen
  • Main Story Campaign completed
  • For disc versions on PS4, PS5, and Xbox, only self-play options are available due to most boosters using digital copies

How It Works

  • Our support agent will contact you within 10-15 minutes of your order to confirm details and answer questions via live chat or email
  • The Diablo 4 Exquisite Blood supplier will send you a BattleNet friend request. After accepting, you will be invited to a group and requested to trade
  • Enjoy the results with our D4 Exquisite Blood for sale! Don't forget to leave a review on Trustpilot!

Have Questions?

If you still have questions about D4 Exquisite Blood or want some unusual options, feel free to text us! We're online 24/7, even at 3:00 AM.

Diablo 4 Exquisite Blood FAQ

What to do with Exquisite Blood in Diablo 4? Exquisite Blood is a crucial summon material for Lord Zir, a powerful boss in Diablo 4. You need nine vials of Exquisite Blood to summon him at the Bloodied Altar in The Darkened Way dungeon. This resource is essential for farming Unique items and gaining valuable loot from this challenging encounter.

How do I get Exquisite Blood in Diablo 4? You can obtain Exquisite Blood from World Bosses and Legion events. World Bosses spawn every three hours, while Legion events occur every 30 minutes. Additionally, from Season 4 onwards, elite enemies and completing various events worldwide also have a chance to drop Exquisite Blood. Defeating the Blood Maiden boss in the Helltide Reborn event is another way to acquire this resource.

Can I trade for Exquisite Blood? Yes, Exquisite Blood can be traded. Purchase our D4 Exquisite Blood for sale, and our supplier will provide the required quantity.