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Counter Strike 2 Coaching

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Take Your Game to the Next Level with Counter Strike 2 Coaching Services

Elevate your Counter Strike 2 skills with a tailored coaching experience from Simple Carry. Imagine having a Global Elite player as your mentor, sharing valuable insights and guiding you through the intricacies of CS2 gameplay. Whether you're a beginner aiming to get the basics right or a seasoned player striving to rank up, our coaching services offer a comprehensive and personalized approach to improving your game. Unlock your true potential and gain a competitive edge by learning directly from the pros!

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What You'll Get

  • Hours of High-Quality Coaching: Work hand-in-hand with Global Elite players boasting thousands of hours of in-game experience.
  • Versatile Training Modules: Whether it's honing your aiming skills, mastering grenade throws, or understanding map tactics, get lessons tailored to your specific needs.
  • Tips, Tricks, and Strategies: Absorb a plethora of tips and tricks to outmaneuver your opponents, ensuring you have a holistic understanding of the game.

Additional Options

  • 1 Ranked Game with a Pro: Opt to complete a full competitive match alongside your personal coach, absorbing real-time advice and tactics.


  • A CS2 game with Prime Status linked to your Steam account.
  • Completed game calibration.

How It Works

  1. Choose your desired coaching package and any additional options.
  2. After placing your order, we'll prioritize it based on execution speed and your specific needs.
  3. Expect an email or live chat message with all the pertinent details.
  4. A professional booster will be assigned to you, and you'll discuss all your coaching requirements directly.
  5. Once your coaching time is completed, we'll notify you so you can apply your newfound skills in the game.


  • Managed by the creme de la creme of gamers.
  • Personalize your gaming journey.
  • Round-the-clock online guidance.

Counter Strike 2 Coaching FAQ

Q: How does coaching work in CS2?

A: Coaching in CS2 offers a tailored, interactive experience. You'll team up with professional players who share their extensive game knowledge, monitor your progress, and help refine your skills and strategies.

Q: What do I need to start coaching?

A: All you need is a CS2 game with Prime Status on your Steam account and completed game calibration.

Q: Can I choose my coach?

A: While we can't guarantee a specific coach, rest assured that all our coaches are Global Elite players with thousands of hours in CS2, fully capable of elevating your gameplay.

Q: Is the coaching session recorded?

A: Currently, we don't offer recording options, but you are welcome to record the session on your own for personal review.