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COD DMZ Heated Madness Boost

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Acquire the MW2 Heated Madness from Simple Carry and elevate your gaming experience with a high-grade Blueprint for your Kastov 7.62. This sought-after cosmetic enhancement was introduced in Season 03 and necessitates an exfil from the Koschei complex with 5 distinct weapon parts for it to be unlocked. This task can be arduous and time-consuming, but not with our MW2 Heated Madness boost! You can select specific parts or opt for the complete Blueprint, and our professional player will secure it for you. Upgrade your Kastov and outperform your competition!

What You'll Get

  • Unlocked chosen parts or the complete Heated Madness Blueprint;
  • Boosted Military and Prestige rank experience;
  • Potential to discover keys to locked places across DMZ maps.

How It Works

  1. Specify your requirements and order the MW2 Heated Madness carry;
  2. We generate a priority list based on the execution speed and the time when the order was placed;
  3. We will reach out to you via live chat or email for any queries;
  4. Our booster will navigate your character through the Koschei complex, or you can join the booster's team in self-play;
  5. You will be informed when the MW2 Heated Madness carry service is completed;
  6. Enjoy your upgraded weapon! And please don't forget to rate us on Trustpilot.

        COD MW2 Heated Madness Boost FAQ

        Q: What will I receive when I buy the MW2 Heated Madness?

        A: You will unlock the chosen parts or the complete Heated Madness Blueprint for your Kastov 7.62, increase your Military and Prestige rank experience, and potentially find keys to locked locations on DMZ maps.

        Q: How long will it take to unlock the Heated Madness Blueprint?

        A: The duration depends on the time taken to exfil from the Koschei complex with the necessary weapon parts. However, with our Express option, the process can be completed 25% faster.

        Q: Can I track the progress of my order?

        A: Yes, you can monitor the progress of the MW2 Heated Madness boosting through a personalized live stream.