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COD DMZ Galvanic Camo Unlock

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Acquire the MW2 Galvanic Camo with Simple Carry and brandish a distinctive Camo across all weapons. Launched in Modern Warfare 2's Season 3, the Galvanic Camo quickly rose to the ranks of most sought-after, capturing the admiration of the game's massive community. While the challenge to acquire it is undeniably tough, our CoD MW2 Galvanic Camo unlocking service turns the tide in your favor.

Our dedicated booster will undertake the Atomgrad Raid Episode 3 on the daunting Veteran difficulty as part of the MW2 Galvanic Camo enhancement. Relish the animated aesthetics of this Camo, showcasing your prowess in the Atomgrad Raid.

What You'll Get

  • Pristine Galvanic Camo unveiled;
  • Atomgrad Raid Episode 03 victoriously concluded on Veteran Level;
  • Progression in Military Rank and enriched account experience;
  • Potential to receive assorted Atomgrad Raid Rewards.

How It Works

  1. Opt for enhancements and secure your Galvanic Camo;
  2. Orders are meticulously arranged based on chosen pace and placement time;
  3. Engage with our team through live chat or await our responsive email. Any queries are welcomed;
  4. Depending on preference, our booster either pilots your avatar or you partake in the challenge with our team;
  5. On triumphant Galvanic Camo skin enhancement, an alert is dispatched your way;
  6. Savor your game’s amplified allure and kindly consider endorsing us on Trustpilot.


  • Either the Veteran Level should be activated, or the relevant feature should be selected;
  • A valid purchase of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game is mandatory.

        COD Galvanic Camo Unlock Boost FAQ


        Q: What sets the Galvanic Camo apart?

        A: Introduced in MW2 Season 3, its unique animation and design quickly made it a community favorite.


        Q: How do boosters unlock the Galvanic Camo?

        A: Our professional boosters complete the Atomgrad Raid Episode 3 on the Veteran difficulty to unlock this cosmetic.


        Q: Is the Simple Carry service safe to use?

        A: Absolutely! Our foremost priority is your account's integrity and our impeccable reputation. We employ genuine tactics and skills to achieve our objectives.


        Q: Can I be part of the unlocking process?

        A: Definitely! You can choose to either let our booster pilot your character or join our booster's team in self-play.