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COD DMZ Weapon Case Boost

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Invest in the DMZ Weapon Case Boost from Simple Carry and open the door to a host of seven distinct rewards. But there's a catch – to earn each unique item, you must successfully complete the event seven times! This is where we come in. Simple Carry's experienced gamers are poised to navigate this challenge on your behalf, saving you time and boosting your in-game status.

The most compelling reason for acquiring this boost is the chance to get exclusive cosmetics, blueprints, and a unique operator that's only obtainable in the DMZ universe. Not only does this provide a visual appeal, but it also elevates your gaming strategy, granting you access to resources that can give you an edge in your future gaming endeavours.

Weapon Case events are a rare gem, materializing just once per game. They present a challenge and an opportunity, as the spoils of the event are awarded to the first squad that completes the event successfully. As a result, you can expect a flurry of enemy players in the vicinity, ready to contest for the valuable rewards.

What You'll Get

  • Selected number of weapon cases exfilled;
  • An abundance of XP;
  • Armor, backpack, and a chance at obtaining keys.

How It Works

  1. We form a priority list based on the order placement and execution speed;
  2. We'll get in touch with you via live chat or email. Feel free to ask any queries;
  3. The booster will guide your character through multiplayer tasks and challenge completions;
  4. The selected rifle will solely be used by your booster to level up;
  5. Upon completion of the DMZ Weapon Case boost, we'll notify you;
  6. Delight in the results! Don't forget to rate us on Trustpilot.

    COD DMZ Faction Reputation Boost

    Q: What is a DMZ Weapon Case Boost?

    A: A DMZ Weapon Case Boost is a service provided by Simple Carry where we help you unlock seven different rewards from the rare Weapon Case event in DMZ.

    Q: How often do Weapon Case events occur?

    A: Weapon Case events are rare, occurring only once per game.

    Q: What are the 'Express' and 'Super Express' execution options?

    A: Our 'Express' option assigns a dedicated team to your boost for faster completion. The 'Super Express' option provides a team that operates 24/7, ensuring the quickest possible result.

    Q: How does the boosting process work?

    A: Once your order is placed, a professional booster will play your character, complete challenges, and work to upgrade your selected weapon. You'll be updated about your boost's progress and completion.

    Q: What rewards can I expect?

    A: The rewards include an abundance of XP, armor, backpack, a chance to get keys, and your selected number of weapon cases exfilled.