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COD DMZ Biohazard König Skin Boost

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Purchase the Biohazard König Skin from Simple Carry and enhance your visual experience in MW2 with one of the most striking Operator Skins available. The process of unlocking this cosmetic item can be challenging as it requires the extraction of 7 Weapon Cases from Al Mazrah, but the end result is absolutely worth it! Keep in mind that only one Weapon Case can be extracted at a time. However, our professional gamer is ready to assist you. Order the MW2 Biohazard unlock service and have this skin added to your account for use in any game mode. Plus, enjoy an array of additional rewards, including a Blueprint, a Calling Card, and more.

What You'll Get

  • Biohazard König Operator Skin unlocked for use in any game mode;
  • Caution Tape Blueprint for the RPK unlocked;
  • Biohazard Weapon Sticker unlocked;
  • Jungle Incognito Vehicle Skin unlocked;
  • Gas Gas Gas Charm unlocked;
  • Weapon Crate Calling Card unlocked;
  • Weapon Crate Emblem unlocked;
  • Boosted Military and Prestige rank experience;
  • Possibility to discover keys to locked locations across DMZ maps.

How It Works

  1. Specify your preferences and order the Biohazard König carry;
  2. We formulate a priority list based on the speed of execution and the time when the order was placed;
  3. We'll communicate with you via live chat or email for any queries;
  4. Our booster will pilot your character to fulfill the necessary requirements;
  5. You'll be notified when the Biohazard König unlock service order is completed;
  6. Enjoy your new Operator Skin! And please don't forget to rate us on Trustpilot.

        COD DMZ Biohazard König Skin Boost FAQ

        Q: What rewards will I get with the Biohazard König Skin?

        A: You'll unlock the Biohazard König Operator Skin, Caution Tape Blueprint for RPK, Biohazard Weapon Sticker, Jungle Incognito Vehicle Skin, Gas Gas Gas Charm, Weapon Crate Calling Card and Emblem, and potentially discover keys to locked locations across DMZ maps.

        Q: How long will it take to unlock the Biohazard König Skin?

        A: The duration depends on the time taken to extract the 7 Weapon Cases. However, with our Express option, the process can be completed 15% faster.

        Q: Can I monitor the progress of my order?

        A: Yes, you can track the progress of the MW2 Biohazard unlock boost through a personalized live stream.