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COD Caution Tape Boost

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Command your battlefield with the MW2 Caution Tape, a robust RPK Blueprint designed for mid to long-range combat. Introduced alongside Modern Warfare 2, this Blueprint amplifies your advantage with superior optics and damage. However, its unlocking process involves extracting a Weapon Case from Al Mazrah—a challenging feat that our seasoned professionals are prepared to undertake for you. Opt for the MW2 Caution Tape boost today, and customize your RPK with unique attachments and aesthetics.

What You'll Get

  • Unlocked Caution Tape Blueprint;
  • A Weapon Case successfully extracted from Al Mazrah;
  • Boosted Military and Prestige rank experience;
  • A chance to procure keys to secret spots within DMZ maps.

How It Works

  1. Select any additional services and request MW2 Caution Tape boost;
  2. Priority is determined based on the order timing and execution speed;
  3. We'll contact you via live chat or email. Feel free to ask any queries;
  4. The booster will either navigate your character or join you in self-play mode;
  5. We will alert you when the MW2 Caution Tape boosting service is successfully completed;
  6. Bask in the glory of your newly enhanced weapon! Don't forget to rate us on Trustpilot.

        COD Caution Tape Boost FAQ

        Q1: What is the MW2 Caution Tape?

        A: The MW2 Caution Tape is an RPK Blueprint that excels in mid to long-range combat scenarios in Modern Warfare 2.

        Q2: How is the Caution Tape Blueprint unlocked?

        A: The Caution Tape Blueprint is unlocked by extracting a Weapon Case from Al Mazrah, a process that our professional boosters can undertake on your behalf.

        Q3: What does the MW2 Caution Tape boost service include?

        A: Our MW2 Caution Tape boost service involves unlocking the Caution Tape Blueprint, extracting a Weapon Case from Al Mazrah, boosting your Military and Prestige rank, and possibly securing keys to undisclosed DMZ locations.

        Q4: What additional options do you offer?

        A: We provide additional options like the unlocking of the M13B by eliminating the Chemist, and the ability to monitor the MW2 Caution Tape boosting process through a personal live stream.

        Q5: How can I track the progress of my order?

        A: You can track your order progress through a personal live stream if you choose this option while placing your order.

        Q6: How will I know when my order is complete?

        A: You will receive a notification from us once your MW2 Caution Tape boosting service is successfully completed.