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Cataclysm Classic Guardians of Hyjal Reputation

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Buy Cataclysm Guardians of Hyjal Reputation Boost for Swift Exalted Status

Unlock Exclusive Equipment and Powerful Feet

Our service ensures rapid achievement of Exalted reputation with the Guardians of Hyjal faction, granting access to exclusive gear and powerful items.

What You'll Get

  • Chosen level of reputation reached.
  • Access to top-tier equipment and unique patterns.

Execution Speed

  • Normal: Basic queue placement.
  • Express: 30% faster completion.
  • Super Express: Highest priority for quickest completion.

Additional Options

  • Stream: Watch the process online.


  • Level 85 character in Cataclysm Classic.

How It Works

  • Select preferred options and place an order.
  • We'll contact you to discuss details.
  • Our professional player will start the boost.
  • Receive notification upon completion.

Cataclysm Guardians of Hyjal Reputation Carry Rewards

Bypass the grind and swiftly ascend to Exalted status with our service. Access exclusive rewards hassle-free!

Item Name Type Reputation Level
Belt of the Ferocious Wolf Waist Exalted
Cord of the Raven Queen Waist Exalted
Treads of Malorne Feet Exalted
Wrap of the Great Turtle Back Exalted
Illusion: Mending Consumable Revered
Arcanum of Hyjal - Revered
Acorn of the Daughter Tree Neck Revered
Aessina-Blessed Gloves Hands Revered
Waywatcher's Boots Feet Revered
Wilderness Legguards - Revered
Sly Fox Jerkin Chest Honored
Cloak of the Dryads Back Honored
Galrond's Band Finger Honored
Mountain's Mouth Neck Honored
Tabard of the Guardians of Hyjal Tabard Friendly

Cataclysm Guardians of Hyjal Reputation Service FAQ

Where Do I Find the Guardians of Hyjal Quartermaster in Cataclysm?

The Guardians of Hyjal quartermaster, Provisioner Whitecloud, is located in Mount Hyjal at the Nordrassil Inn, situated at the base of the World Tree in the Nordrassil area.

Where Do I Get the Guardians of Hyjal Tabard in Cataclysm?

Purchase the Guardians of Hyjal Tabard from Provisioner Whitecloud at the Nordrassil Inn once you reach a friendly reputation level with the faction.

How Do You Get the Guardians of Hyjal Reputation?

Complete quests, daily quests, and events in Mount Hyjal. Turn in Marks of the World Tree obtained from various activities within the zone.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get the Guardians of Hyjal Reputation?

Complete daily quests offered in Mount Hyjal and turn in Marks of the World Tree to expedite reputation gain.