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Blue Mage Achievement Boost

Purchase our Blue Mage achievement boosts for the limited job known as Blue Mage or BLU in Final Fantasy: XIV. Blue Mage is a bonus job in FFXIV that works differently than the other battle jobs in the game. Blue Mages steal spells from their enemies as they level up, learning how to permanently use them in battle.

There are a lot of achievements, mounts and pets that are locked behind achievements that can only be earned on Blue Mage and more specifically with a group of all Blue Mages. Our boosting service will provide you an easy way to knock these achievements out so you can get your rare goodies!

NOTE: These services are piloted meaning we will play your account. You will be required to remove OTP & Steam Guard Code before the service begins.

We are only offering Blue Mage services for pre-70 content that is required for the [True Blue] achievement.

Our Services & Rewards

  • True Blue Achievement - We will complete the [Blue Unchained] achievement and the [Masked Conqueror] achievement for you rewarding you with the [True Blue] achievement rewarding the [Morbol Horn] mount. Also you will earn the titles "Unbound Blue" and "Blue Justice" for your character. 
  • Masked Conqueror Achievement - We will complete the [Masked Conqueror] achievement for you rewarding you with the "Blue Justice" title for your character. This achievement is also 1/2 criteria for the [True Blue] achievement.
  • Blue Unchained Achievement - We will complete the [Blue Unchained] achievement for you rewarding you with the "Unbound Blue" title for your character. This achievement is also 1/2 criteria for the [True Blue] achievement.
  • Specific Boss (Blue Unchained / Masked Conqueror) - We will play your Blue Mage and complete 1 single boss clear required for [Blue Unchained] or [Masked Conqueror] achievements of your choice with a group of Blue Mages (e.g. [Mightier than the Prime]). This service is useful for when you have already made progress towards your achievement and just need a couple of specific raids cleared.
  • Blue Mage Achievement Prep - We will play your Blue Mage level it up and earn the required spells for the [True Blue], [Masked Conqueror] and[Blue Unchained] achievements. These are the spells in which we will unlock for you.
  • Blue Mage Spell Unlock - We will play your Blue Mage, level it up if necessary and unlock all 104 spells for your Blue Mage allowing you to complete any sort of content with your Blue Mage. You also can choose specifically how many spells you need if you already have some unlocked.
  • Masked Carnival Achievements - We will play your Blue Mage and complete floors of the Masked Carnival to unlock various achievements and titles for you.

General Requirements

  • Blue mage level 70;
  • 270+ ilvl;
  • Binding Coil Savage unlocked;
  • Alexander Savage unlocked;
  • Specific spells. (If you need help unlocking these you can purchase our Blue Mage Achievement Prep package. The spells needed are listed below.

Spell Requirements

  • No. 9 - Song of Torment;
  • No. 29 - Diamondback;
  • No. 30 - Mighty Guard;
  • No. 62 - Frog Legs;
  • No. 75 - Devour;
  • No. 17 - Blood Drain;
  • No. 13 - White Wind;
  • No. 77 - Aetherial Mimicry;
  • No. 39 - Moon Flute;
  • No. 64 - Whistle;
  • No. 8 - Final Sting;
  • No. 45 - Eruption;
  • No. 47 - Shock Strike;
  • No. 78 - Surpanakha;
  • No. 79 - Quasar;
  • No. 48 - Glass Dance.

How It Works

  • Prior to the service, every detail will be covered through a live chat or email;
  • We'll locate a skilled team for you whose availability best suits yours;
  • For you to communicate with the booster and keep tabs on the progress, we'll set up a Discord conversation;
  • When the time comes, a skilled player will take control of your character and lead it through the specified raid on the hardest setting;
  • We can stream your run by request privately, just ask;
  • We'll let you know when the boost is finished;
  • Enjoy the outcomes! Don't forget to give our services a Trustpilot rating as well.

Morbol Mount Boost FAQ for FF14

Is it still possible to obtain the Morbol mount?

Yes it is still obtainable! You may purchase it from us by purchasing the "True Blue" achievement from us.

How may one obtain a Morbol mount?

It is a reward for completing the time-consuming meta-achievements "True Blue" and "Masked Conqueror." This procedure will be made considerably easier by our carry service.