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Cataclysm Classic Gear Boost

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Purchase Cataclysm gear boost to acquire complete sets of powerful gear, available in 5 different ilvl options. Skip the tedious farming and dive straight into endgame activities with our Cataclysm Classic gear boost service.

What You'll Get

  • Gear ranging from 320 to 372 ilvl from Cataclysm endgame activities
  • Chance to earn Dungeon/Raid-related achievements
  • All gear, experience, and gold obtained during the boost
  • Various activities completed during the gearing process

Depending on the ilvl choice, you will receive:

  • 320 ilvl gear: PvE gear from quests, crafted gear, drop from mobs
  • 335 ilvl gear: Gear from Honored reputations and various instances
  • 350 ilvl gear: Gear from Heroic dungeons
  • 359 ilvl gear: Gear from Exalted reputations, T11 The Bastion of Twilight, and Blackwing Descent normal raids
  • 372 ilvl gear: Tier 11 Heroic sets

Additional Options

  • Normal: Basic queue placement
  • Express: 30% faster completion time
  • Super Express: Highest priority, quickest completion time


    • Level 85 character in Cataclysm Classic

    How It Works


    • Select your preferred options and place an order
    • We'll contact you to confirm details and schedule
    • Our professional player will take your character and start the service
    • You'll be notified upon completion


    • Join the party and complete instances with our boosters
    • Schedule of play will be discussed beforehand

    Cataclysm Classic Gear Carry Service Overview

    Tired of the endless grind and frustration of searching for elusive items? Let our Cataclysm Classic Gear Carry Service handle the tedious tasks while you enjoy the game. From powerful weapons to legendary armor sets, we ensure you're fully equipped to face any challenge, allowing you to focus on becoming the ultimate champion.