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CoD Zircon Scale Camo Boost

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Achieve the All-New Zircon Scale Camo with Simple Carry

Experience the thrill of the game without the grind! With Simple Carry, you can unlock the unique and prestigious Zircon Scale Camo, setting your weapons apart on the battlefield. Designed for those who want to maximize their gaming experience but may not have the time or desire to undertake every challenge, our service takes care of the hard work for you. Through a combination of expertise, dedication, and proven methods, our seasoned team will handle the intricacies of the game. This way, you can dive deep into the immersive world of Modern Warfare 3, relishing the gameplay and witnessing the transformation of your arsenal with the exquisite Zircon Scale Camo.

What You Will Get

  • Zircon Scale Camo for the chosen MW3 weapons;
  • Golden Enigma Camos for the selected weapon type;
  • 4 Zombie Base Camos for each selected MW3 weapon;
  • All chosen MW3 weapons leveled up to the maximum;
  • All the killstreaks rewards and field upgrades;
  • Account level experience during the service.

Zircon Scale Camo

Additional Options

  • Normal: Boosters operate on a first-come, first-served policy.
  • Express: An exclusive team ensures completion is 20% faster.
  • Super Express: Priority processing, with a whopping 35% speed increase.
  • All Zircon Scale Camos: Unlock Zircon Scale Camos for every weapon.
  • Stream: Personally monitor the Call of Duty boost execution.


  • Ownership of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game.

How It Works

  • Choose your preferred options and confirm your MW3 Zircon Scale Camo carry service order.
  • We'll form a list prioritizing execution speed and order placement time.
  • Reach out to our team via live chat or email. We're here to assist.
  • Our booster will expertly guide your character through multiplayer missions, achieving the set challenges.
  • Stay informed through notifications or enjoy live streaming of the process.
  • Revel in your new MW3 Zircon Scale Camo and share your experience with us on Trustpilot!

Why Choose Simple Carry's MW3 Zircon Scale Camo Boost Service?

Navigating through camo quests can be tedious. We've crafted our Modern Warfare 3 Zircon Scale Camo Boosting service with you in mind. Our goal is to enrich your gaming journey, eliminating the exhaustive farming sessions.

Exclusive Features of Our Service

Our seasoned team is ever-prepared to assist in acquiring any camo, especially the coveted Zircon Scale. Our method ensures safety and efficiency:

  • No cheats or external software.
  • VPNs mirror your IP, keeping things authentic.
  • We value discretion. Boosters remain silent and offline to others.

CoD Zircon Scale Camo Boost FAQ

Which mode does the Zircon Scale Camo belong to?

The exact mode for this camo, either MW3 or MWZ, is yet to be confirmed. However, we guarantee its acquisition. With your Modern Warfare 3 purchase, just order the boost, and upon game release, we’ll commence your order.