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Apocryphal Bahamut Mount

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Buy FFXIV Apocryphal Bahamut Boost

Unlock one of the rarest dragon mounts in Final Fantasy XIV by purchasing our Apocryphal Bahamut boost service. This comprehensive service involves completing dozens of Extreme Trials, unlocking seven different Lynx mounts, and completing a special questline. In addition to the majestic Apocryphal Bahamut mount, you'll also receive a unique achievement and title as a bonus! The Apocryphal Bahamut is a prestigious mount that showcases your skill and dedication. If you prefer not to spend countless hours on Extreme Trials, our boosting service is the perfect solution.

What You Will Get

  • Apocryphal Bahamut mount obtained
  • Dragon-sitting achievement unlocked
  • Wyrm Whisperer title obtained
  • 7 Lynx mounts unlocked: Abyssal Grief, Fallen Shadow, Righteous Fire, Imperious Wind, Bluefeather Lynx, Divine Light, Eternal Darkness
  • Completion of dozens of Extreme Trial runs
  • Chance to receive various gear, totems, and tomestones from Extreme Trials

Additional Options

  • Stream: Monitor the Apocryphal Bahamut boost service live.


  • Level 90 job
  • All Extreme Trials of the Endwalker expansion unlocked
  • Item Level (iLvl) 640+

How It Works

  1. Initial Contact: We will reach out to you via live chat or email to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Character Piloting: A professional booster will pilot your character.
  3. Completion of Extreme Trials: Our player will complete Extreme Trial runs until all the required Lynx mounts are obtained.
  4. Loot Retention: You keep all the loot acquired during the service.
  5. Completion Notification: We will notify you once the FFXIV Apocryphal Bahamut boost is complete.
  6. Enjoy Your Rewards: Relish in your new mounts, achievement, and title, and don't forget to rate us on Trustpilot!