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COD DMZ Wallet and Stash Expansion Boost

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Invest in DMZ Stash Upgrades with Simple Carry and prepare for any mission or engagement. The struggle of infiltrating with minimal gear or hoarding all requisite DMZ keys is a familiar issue for even the most seasoned players. The need for substantial time to loot and search for necessary items is the root of this problem. However, our DMZ Stash Upgrades unlock service provides the solution.

We undertake the task of finding and extracting the necessary items, giving you a leg up over your opponents and enabling easy completion of Faction Missions. Select the upgrades you need and relax while our expert booster accomplishes the task during your DMZ Stash Upgrades enhancement.

Note: Each Stash Upgrade requires previous tiers to be unlocked. If you wish to purchase higher tiers, ensure you have the previous tiers unlocked or added to your order.

What You'll Get

  • Selected Passive Upgrades unlocked;
  • Possibility of receiving keys to locked locations across DMZ maps;
  • Potential Weapon experience and Camo progression;
  • Battle Pass experience enhancement;
  • Military and Prestige rank experience.

How It Works

  1. Choose additional features and order your DMZ Stash Expansion carry;
  2. We arrange a priority list based on the service level and when the order was placed;
  3. We will contact you via live chat or email for any queries;
  4. Our booster will guide your character through multiplayer activities and challenge completion, using only the selected rifle for leveling up;
  5. We will notify you once your DMZ Stash Expansion carry service is completed;
  6. Enjoy the outcomes! Don't forget to review us on Trustpilot.


  • Purchase of Modern Warfare 2 if you opt for Crown related Upgrades;
  • Certain Upgrade Tiers demand Faction Reputation Levels for unlocking. If you haven't unlocked them yet, explore our DMZ offerings, or drop us a message in the chat for a custom offer.

    COD DMZ Insured Slot Boost

    Q1: How do I track the progress of my DMZ Secured Slot unlock service?

    A1: You can track your service progress through our personal stream feature.

    Q2: How will the price be adjusted if I have already made progress in unlocking Secured Slots?

    A2: Please inform us of your progress via chat. We will recalculate the price based on the work remaining.

    Q3: What benefits do the different service levels offer?

    A3: Our service levels — Standard, Priority, and VIP — offer varying completion speeds. VIP is the fastest, followed by Priority and then Standard.

    Q4: How secure is my account during the DMZ Secured Slot unlock process?

    A4: At Simple Carry, we prioritize your account's security. Our professional boosters navigate through the game, maintaining complete confidentiality.