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Hourly WoW Arena & Coaching

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Purchase WoW Hourly Arena Team to play with actual PvP experts of any level. With our boosts, you will encounter no opposition even on the highest rankings.

You may always count on our WoW Hourly Arena Team boost if you don't have pals who share your PvP fervor or if you're experiencing difficulties on the ladder. No poisonous LFG and no seeking for a team for hours. We can supply you with the optimal Arena configuration for your class and spec, as well as the most skilled PvP gamers to ensure a thrilling experience.

You only need to select the amount of hours you wish to spend with our team. It is common knowledge that strong partners improve their teammates, therefore you can count on winning dozens of Arena matches with our boosters.

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What You'll Get

  • The number of hours desired on Arena with professional players;
  • The optimal configuration based on your class and specs;
  • Your score will not fall below the baseline;
  • Conquest/Honor farm.


  • 70 level character

How Our Arena Coaching Works

  • Select your options and submit your order;
  • We will communicate with you via live chat or discord;
  • All the details will be agreed in advance, and the start time will be determined based on your availability;
  • At the specified moment, our gamers will invite you into a group, and the boost will commence;
  • To play effectively in a team, heed the counsel of other players.
  • We'll notify you when your order is complete;
  • Enjoy the outcomes!