Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry


Welcome to our in-depth Valorant Gun Tier List, your definitive guide to the best weapons in the game. If you're looking to gain an edge in your ranked matches, you've come to the right place.

Our expert team, consisting of top-tier players from Immortal to Radiant, has meticulously ranked each weapon based on its performance in the current meta. This tier list is designed to help you make informed decisions about which guns to purchase at the start of every round, ensuring you have the best tools for victory.

We commit to keeping this list updated with each patch, so make sure to check back regularly for the latest insights and adjustments.

In this guide, we'll explore the Valorant weapon tier list in detail, providing an ultimate overview of all weapons in the game (excluding skins). This includes a tier-by-tier ranking from best to worst, giving you a clear picture of where each weapon stands.

A quick disclaimer: we've combined all guns into a single list, regardless of type. While Valorant doesn't have an overwhelming number of weapons, the ones available can be effectively ranked together to provide a comprehensive view of their relative strengths and weaknesses.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the Valorant Weapon Tier List for Patch 8.11 and discover which firearms will help you dominate the battlefield. Don't miss our recent Valorant Patch 8.11: Agent Tier List as well! 

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In-Depth Analysis of the Valorant Weapon Tier List

Understanding the Valorant weapon tier list goes beyond personal preference; it demands a comprehensive analysis of the current meta. To ensure an objective ranking, we've rigorously tested all available weapons, categorizing them from S to D based on a variety of critical factors. While this tier list reflects the overall effectiveness of weapons in the current meta, personal comfort and playstyle remain paramount. If a lower-tier weapon suits you better, feel confident using it to secure victories and enjoy the game.


S-Tier weapons represent the pinnacle of firepower and usability in Valorant. These guns offer significant gameplay advantages and are ideal for those aiming for peak performance. S-Tier weapons are the go-to choice for players looking to dominate their matches, thanks to their superior strength and reliability.


A-Tier weapons are just a step below the top tier, falling short only due to minor limitations. Despite this, they remain highly effective and versatile, suitable for nearly any combat situation. These weapons are a reliable choice for players seeking strong performance without the nuances that come with S-Tier guns.


B-Tier weapons are solid and dependable, making them excellent choices for regular gameplay. They might not have the standout qualities of higher-tier weapons, but they provide a balanced mix of effectiveness and accessibility. These guns are ideal for players who prefer a well-rounded approach to their arsenal.


C-Tier weapons have certain drawbacks that make them less favorable compared to higher-tier options. They might be situational, harder to master, or simply not as effective in the current meta. Utilizing these weapons effectively often requires specific strategies or playstyles.


D-Tier weapons are generally considered the least effective in Valorant's current meta. Typically chosen for fun or unconventional strategies, these guns are not recommended for competitive play. They are often outclassed in most scenarios and are best used for non-serious gameplay or specific challenges.

With this tier list, our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of each weapon's place in the current meta, helping you make informed decisions and improve your gameplay. Remember, while the tier list is a helpful tool, your personal comfort with a weapon and how it fits your playstyle are equally important. Happy gaming!

Valorant S-tier Weapons in Patch 8.11


Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Vandal is a formidable choice for players who prioritize accuracy and high damage output. Known for its ferocious performance in small bursts, this rifle excels in delivering lethal headshots with its high damage retention over long distances. However, while the Vandal shines with single, focused shots, extended fire can lead to reduced stability. Mastering the Vandal requires discipline and precision, rewarding those who can maintain their aim under pressure.


Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Phantom is the epitome of balance, designed for stability and extended shooting. This versatile weapon excels in full-auto mode for close encounters, allowing you to swiftly eliminate threats nearby. For mid-range engagements, short controlled bursts effectively disrupt enemies, maintaining accuracy and control. The Phantom performs best when fired while stationary, making it an ideal choice for players who value precision and adaptability in various combat scenarios.

Valorant A-tier Weapons in Patch 8.11


Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Odin is a fearsome machine gun that promises glory for its wielder and devastation for its foes. With its suppressive high-damage fire and surprising stability, the Odin excels at laying down continuous fire to control the battlefield. This weapon is particularly lethal at short range, allowing you to spray down enemies with ease. Utilizing the alternate fire mode transforms you into a living turret, providing enhanced accuracy and control. The Odin is the ultimate choice for players who want to dominate through sheer firepower and sustained pressure. Enhance your gameplay by mastering the use of top-tier weapons like the Vandal, Phantom, and Odin. For personalized guidance and strategies, check out our Valorant Coaching product page, where expert coaches can help you dominate every match.

Operator: The Dominant Sniper

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Operator is a formidable bolt-action sniper rifle designed for those who can control crucial ground from a distance. With its high-powered dual zoom, the Operator allows for precise, long-range engagements. Despite its extreme immobility, this weapon fires incredibly powerful rounds capable of devastating an entire team with a single shot. Get cozy and hold your position to maximize the Operator's potential on the battlefield.

Spectre: The Reliable All-Rounder

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

When in doubt, the Spectre is your number one choice. This versatile weapon offers a superb balance of damage, fire rate, and accuracy, making it effective at both short and mid-range engagements. The Spectre haunts the corners of every map, requiring only steady aim to take down foes even at long distances. Its jack-of-all-trades nature makes it an essential tool for any player looking for reliable performance in various combat scenarios.

Outlaw: The Double-Barrel Daredevil

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Outlaw is a twin-barreled sniper rifle designed for those high-stakes, do-or-die highlight plays. This highly lethal weapon excels at mid-range, capable of firing two powerful shots before needing to scope out. Its long reload time means you must pick your shots carefully, but the impact of each round can turn the tide of battle. If you're looking to make a bold statement on the field, the Outlaw is the perfect pick. Mastering weapons like the Spectre and Outlaw can significantly improve your gameplay, but sometimes you need an extra edge to climb the ranks. Visit our Wins Boost product page to enhance your performance and secure more victories in Valorant.

Ghost: The Silent Marksman

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Ghost is a sleek and silenced pistol proficient at any range. Known for its accuracy and large magazine, it provides ample opportunities even if you miss a few shots. For distant targets, maintaining a controlled fire rate is key, while quickly tapping the trigger works best when engaging enemies up close. This versatile weapon is perfect for players who value stealth and precision.

Valorant B-tier Weapons in Patch 8.11

Bulldog: The Reliable Adversary

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Bulldog delivers a unique satisfaction with every enemy taken down. This surefire beast excels when you can pick your shots carefully. Its alternate fire mode allows you to aim down sights (ADS) and unleash accurate, short bursts at anyone challenging you from medium to long-range. The Bulldog is an excellent choice for players who appreciate a balanced, controlled approach to combat.

Guardian: The Marksman's Choice

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Guardian is a designated marksman rifle that truly shines in the hands of a patient shooter. Heavier and less mobile compared to other rifles, it compensates with precision and power. This weapon excels in headhunting enemies at medium to long distances, making it an excellent choice for players who value accuracy and controlled, deliberate shots.

Ares: The Suppressive Giant

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

Don't let its size fool you; the Ares is far from clunky. Boasting a large magazine, this weapon excels at suppressive fire and dealing heavy damage to clustered groups of enemies. Its ability to lay down continuous fire makes it an ideal choice for players looking to control the battlefield and disrupt enemy formations.

Judge: The Rapid-Fire Enforcer

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Judge is an automatic, rapid-fire shotgun that delivers sustained high damage. Stable when standing but volatile during rapid fire, this weapon excels at hammering short-range targets. For anything beyond arm's length, a steady aim is essential to maintain effectiveness. The Judge is perfect for players who thrive in close-quarters combat and need a powerful tool to dominate up close. Mastering close-quarters combat with weapons like the Judge can significantly improve your gameplay. For an even greater edge, check out our Duo Boosting product page to team up with a professional and climb the ranks together in Valorant.

Stinger: The Versatile SMG

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Stinger SMG makes a significant impact with its medium to long-range potency, standing out from its counterparts. While it sacrifices some firing rate and mobility, it compensates with lethal accuracy. Its 20-round magazine can be quickly exhausted in recoil-filled sprays, but when using ADS and controlled fire, the Stinger delivers deadly blows at medium distances. This weapon is ideal for players who value precision over rapid fire.

Valorant C-tier Weapons in Patch 8.11

Frenzy: The Agile Machine Pistol

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Frenzy is a lightweight machine pistol designed for high mobility and rapid fire. Up close, hold the trigger to unleash its full potential. However, for distant targets, consider switching to another weapon. Its high rate-of-fire can be challenging to control, making short bursts more effective at medium ranges. The Frenzy excels at firing on the move, making it a perfect choice for players who thrive in fast-paced, close-quarters combat.

Marshal: The Precision Defender

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Marshal is a nimble lever-action sniper rifle designed to control the battlefield. Holding an angle and breathing calmly will make enemies regret turning the corner. With a single zoom, it effectively keeps aggressive foes at bay. Its slow rate of fire demands precision, as missing a shot can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks. The Marshal is perfect for players who excel at hitting their mark and maintaining strategic positions. Holding strategic positions with weapons like the Marshal can significantly improve your game. For personalized assistance to elevate your gameplay, visit our Rent a Booster product page and get the expert support you need to dominate in Valorant.

Sheriff: The Headshot Specialist

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Sheriff is a modern six-shooter designed for players who excel at landing headshots. Its high-impact rounds come with significant recoil, demanding true grit and precision to master. When wielded correctly, the Sheriff lets your enemies know they were expendable, delivering devastating blows with each shot. Mastering high-recoil weapons like the Sheriff can significantly enhance your gameplay and improve your headshot accuracy. To ensure you start each season strong, check out our Placement Matches Boost product page and secure top-tier support for your placement matches in Valorant.

Valorant D-tier Weapons in Patch 8.11

Bucky: The Versatile Shotgun

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Bucky is a versatile pump-action shotgun suited for both attacking and defending. As the player wielding the Bucky, you command close-quarters engagements. Its heavy but stable primary fire is perfect for holding tight corners or charging into close combat, while the alternate fire allows you to strike targets at medium range. Utilizing versatile weapons like the Bucky can greatly enhance your tactical flexibility in Valorant. For additional support in unlocking your favorite agents, visit our Valorant Agents Contracts Boost product page and expedite your progress with expert assistance.

Shorty: The Close-Range Surprise

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

The Shorty is a nimble, short-barrel shotgun that excels in close-range combat. Surprise your enemy up close for maximum effectiveness, as its powerful shots can be lethal. However, it can only fire twice before needing to reload, making it essential to pair with a long-range weapon for versatile engagements.

Classic: The Default Versatile Weapon

Valorant Weapon Tier Rankings for Patch 8.11 | Simple Carry

Lightweight and versatile, the Classic is the default weapon for all players and remains an instant classic. Its primary fire delivers precise shots when standing still, while the alternate burst-firing mode is perfect for close encounters. This balance makes the Classic a reliable choice in various combat situations.

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Understanding the Valorant weapon tier rankings for Patch 8.11 is crucial for enhancing your gameplay and gaining a competitive edge. Each weapon, from the versatile Classic to the devastating Operator, has its unique strengths and optimal use cases. By mastering these weapons, you can significantly improve your performance and dominate in your matches.

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