PoE Hollow Palm Leveling Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Hollow Palm Leveling in Path of Exile! At Simple Carry, we understand the challenges players face when it comes to leveling up a new character. That's why we're excited to present you with this powerful build that will help you breeze through the leveling process. Hollow Palm is renowned for its exceptional speed, allowing you to reach level 90 in just three and a half hours, depending on your playstyle and efficiency. Now, let's dive into the intricacies of this build and uncover how it works its magic.

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An In-Depth Look at Hollow Palm Leveling

Welcome to our comprehensive overview of Hollow Palm Leveling in Path of Exile. If you're seeking a lightning-fast approach to leveling up your character, look no further. Hollow Palm is a build that offers unparalleled speed and efficiency, allowing you to reach level 90 in a remarkably short amount of time.

Leveling in Path of Exile can often be a daunting and time-consuming task, but with Hollow Palm, you can significantly reduce the grind. This build leverages the unique mechanics of the Hollow Palm technique, which grants you substantial bonuses when using a staff with no passive skills that require dexterity or intelligence.

The core principle behind Hollow Palm leveling is the absence of traditional weapon and armor reliance. Instead, this build focuses on the power of unarmed combat. By investing in the right passive skills and equipment, you can unleash devastating attacks and swiftly annihilate enemies without the need for conventional weapons.

One of the key advantages of Hollow Palm leveling is its incredible speed. With practice and optimization, skilled players can achieve the impressive feat of reaching level 90 in as little as three and a half hours. Of course, individual results may vary based on your playstyle, experience, and familiarity with the build.

To successfully navigate the leveling process with Hollow Palm, it's crucial to understand the mechanics and strategies involved. From selecting the appropriate passive skills to maximizing your damage output, our comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to master this build.

Whether you're a seasoned Path of Exile player looking for a fresh leveling experience or a newcomer seeking a streamlined approach, Hollow Palm leveling offers an exhilarating and efficient path to power. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this build, unravel its secrets, and empower you to conquer the leveling process like never before. Get ready to unleash the true potential of Hollow Palm and watch as your character ascends to new heights in record time.

Getting Started with Hollow Palm Leveling: A Step-by-Step Guide

Embarking on your Hollow Palm leveling journey in Path of Exile is an exciting endeavor. To help you get started on the right foot, here's a step-by-step guide to kickstart your Hollow Palm adventure:

  1. Character Creation: Begin by creating a new character or respec an existing one to accommodate the Hollow Palm playstyle. Choose a class that aligns with your desired playstyle and build preferences. Popular choices for Hollow Palm include the Berserker, Gladiator, and Champion.

  2. Acquiring the Hollow Palm Keystone: The Hollow Palm build revolves around the unique Hollow Palm Keystone, which provides substantial bonuses when unarmed. To acquire this keystone, you'll need to complete the "Martial Artistry" quest in Act 2. Once obtained, allocate the Hollow Palm Keystone on the passive skill tree.

  3. Passive Skill Tree Planning: Designing an effective passive skill tree is crucial for optimizing your Hollow Palm build. Prioritize nodes that enhance attack speed, damage, life, and evasion. Additionally, consider allocating passive skills that boost your survivability, such as those granting increased life regeneration or defenses.

  4. Gear Selection: Hollow Palm eliminates the need for conventional weapons, as your character relies on unarmed combat. Instead, focus on acquiring gear that provides high evasion, life bonuses, and attributes like dexterity. Look for equipment with additional attack speed, physical damage, and accuracy bonuses to further enhance your damage output.

  5. Skill Gem Setup: Select skills that synergize well with the Hollow Palm playstyle. Cyclone is a popular choice for its wide area of effect and high attack speed. Support this skill with appropriate gems such as Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, and Fortify to maximize its damage potential. Experiment with various skill combinations to find what suits your playstyle best.

  6. Flasks and Pantheon: Ensure your flask setup complements your playstyle and provides necessary sustain and utility. Focus on flasks that grant life recovery, increased movement speed, and defensive buffs. Additionally, select an appropriate Pantheon god power that aligns with your character's needs, such as Lunaris for increased movement speed or Gruthkul for additional physical damage mitigation.

  7. Leveling Strategies: When leveling with Hollow Palm, speed is of the essence. Prioritize quests that grant skill points, experience, or useful rewards. Utilize movement skills like Leap Slam or Dash to quickly traverse areas. Take advantage of your high attack speed and area damage to clear packs of enemies efficiently.

  8. Gear Progression: As you progress, keep an eye out for gear upgrades that enhance your damage output, survivability, and attack speed. Look for items with higher evasion ratings, life bonuses, and resistances to ensure you can withstand the challenges ahead.

  9. Adjustments and Optimization: As you gain levels and unlock new passive skills, periodically reassess and adjust your passive skill tree to optimize your build. Experiment with different support gems and skill setups to find the most potent combination for your playstyle.

  10. Enjoy the Journey: Above all, remember to enjoy the process of leveling with Hollow Palm. Embrace the exhilarating speed and devastating power that this build offers. Take the time to explore the game world, experience the story, and engage with the Path of Exile community for additional tips and insights.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to mastering Hollow Palm leveling and reaching new heights in Path of Exile. Good luck on your adventure!

Essential Items for Hollow Palm Leveling in Path of Exile

When it comes to Hollow Palm leveling in Path of Exile, equipping the right items is essential for maximizing your damage output, survivability, and overall efficiency. Here are some key items to consider for your Hollow Palm build:

  1. Hollow Palm Unique Jewel: This unique jewel is the cornerstone of the Hollow Palm build. It allows you to gain bonuses as if you were holding a two-handed weapon while unarmed. Acquiring a well-rolled Hollow Palm jewel with optimal bonuses will significantly enhance your damage potential.

  2. High-Evasion Gear: Since Hollow Palm relies on evasion for survivability, prioritize gear with high evasion ratings. Look for items with increased evasion, life bonuses, and resistances to ensure you can withstand incoming damage.

  3. Dexterity and Attribute Gear: As Hollow Palm benefits from attributes like dexterity, prioritize gear that provides attribute bonuses. This will help you meet attribute requirements for gems and increase your overall damage.

  4. Attack Speed and Physical Damage Gear: Hollow Palm is all about fast and devastating unarmed attacks. Seek out gear with increased attack speed, physical damage, and accuracy to boost your damage output. Items with added flat physical damage can be particularly valuable.

  5. Life and Mana Sustain: To survive the rigors of leveling, prioritize gear with life and mana bonuses. This will provide you with sufficient sustain during intense combat encounters. Additionally, consider using gear with attributes that reduce mana costs or increase mana regeneration.

  6. Movement Speed Boots: Leveling quickly requires swift movement, so prioritize boots with increased movement speed. This will allow you to navigate through areas faster, saving valuable time during the leveling process.

  7. Unique Items: Depending on your build and preferences, certain unique items can greatly enhance your Hollow Palm leveling experience. For example, "The Warden's Brand" or "The Gryphon" can provide significant bonuses to attack speed and damage.

  8. Flasks: Flasks play a crucial role in sustaining your character during combat. Prioritize flasks that grant life recovery, increased movement speed, and defensive buffs. Quicksilver flasks can be particularly useful for quickly traversing areas.

  9. Skill Gems: Choose skill gems that synergize well with Hollow Palm's playstyle. Cyclone is a popular skill for its wide area of effect and high attack speed. Support it with appropriate gems such as Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, and Fortify for maximum damage potential.

  10. Jewels: Socketing jewels in appropriate slots can provide additional bonuses to your build. Look for jewels that grant increased attack speed, physical damage, life bonuses, or evasion. Additionally, jewels with added flat physical damage can significantly boost your damage output.

Remember, the availability and effectiveness of specific items may vary depending on your character's level and the league you're playing in. Be sure to adapt your gear choices based on the current state of the game and consult community resources or build guides for up-to-date item recommendations.

By acquiring and optimizing these essential items, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of Hollow Palm leveling and pave your way to a swift and successful journey through Path of Exile.

Optimizing Auras for Hollow Palm Leveling in PoE

Auras can significantly enhance your performance and efficiency while leveling with a Hollow Palm build in Path of Exile. By carefully selecting and managing your auras, you can amplify your damage output, survivability, and overall effectiveness. Here are some auras to consider for Hollow Palm leveling:

  1. Herald of Ash: Herald of Ash is a popular choice for Hollow Palm builds due to its flat fire damage scaling with physical damage. It adds a portion of your overkill damage as extra fire damage, allowing you to clear packs of enemies more effectively.

  2. Precision: Precision aura grants increased accuracy rating, which is valuable for ensuring your unarmed attacks hit their targets consistently. This aura improves your overall attack efficiency and reduces the chances of missing critical blows.

  3. Grace: Grace aura provides a significant boost to evasion rating, bolstering your defensive capabilities. Since Hollow Palm relies on evasion for survivability, Grace can help mitigate incoming physical damage and increase your chances of avoiding hits altogether.

  4. Pride: Pride aura enhances your physical damage by adding a percentage of your physical damage as extra damage. This aura synergizes well with Hollow Palm's focus on high physical damage output, further increasing your overall damage potential.

  5. Blood and Sand: Blood and Sand is a versatile aura that can be toggled between two stances: Blood Stance and Sand Stance. Blood Stance increases melee physical damage and grants bonuses to area of effect, which can help with clearing packs of enemies. Sand Stance increases evasion rating and reduces enemy accuracy, improving your survivability.

  6. Enlighten Support Gem: Consider using the Enlighten support gem to reduce the mana reservation of your auras. This will allow you to fit more auras into your build, enhancing your overall performance.

When selecting auras for your Hollow Palm leveling build, it's important to consider your mana pool and reservation capabilities. Balance your desired auras with your available mana resources to ensure you can sustain them effectively.

Additionally, as you progress and acquire more passive skills and gear, you may have the opportunity to incorporate additional auras or experiment with different combinations. Don't hesitate to adjust your aura setup based on your evolving needs and playstyle.

Remember to keep an eye on your overall survivability and damage output when utilizing auras. Striking a balance between offensive and defensive auras is crucial for maintaining efficiency during the leveling process.

Consulting community resources, build guides, and experimenting with different aura setups will help you fine-tune your Hollow Palm leveling experience and unleash the full potential of your character.

Mastering Movement with Hollow Palm Leveling in PoE

Efficient movement is key to optimizing your leveling experience with a Hollow Palm build in Path of Exile. By maximizing your mobility, you can swiftly navigate through areas, complete quests, and reach your leveling goals more quickly. Here are some tips to help you master movement with Hollow Palm leveling:

  1. Movement Skills: Utilize movement skills to traverse areas swiftly. Skills like Leap Slam, Dash, or Flame Dash can provide significant mobility boosts, allowing you to cover ground rapidly. Invest in these skills and their supporting gems to enhance your movement capabilities.

  2. Quick Silver Flask: Equip a Quicksilver Flask to gain a temporary burst of movement speed. By activating this flask strategically, you can cover large distances in a short amount of time. Keep an eye on its charges and ensure it is replenished regularly to maintain consistent speed.

  3. Movement Speed Bonuses: Look for gear and passive skills that provide increased movement speed. Boots with movement speed modifiers can greatly enhance your overall mobility. Additionally, certain passive skills on the skill tree offer movement speed bonuses, which you can allocate to further boost your character's swiftness.

  4. Efficient Pathing: Plan your routes efficiently to minimize backtracking and maximize your progress. Familiarize yourself with the game's layout and quest objectives to optimize your pathing. Completing quests in a logical order can help you avoid unnecessary detours and streamline your leveling process.

  5. Portal Scrolls and Waypoints: Utilize portal scrolls and waypoints strategically to minimize travel time. Set up portals in convenient locations to allow for quick return trips or access to previously visited areas. Make use of waypoints to teleport to different acts or areas, reducing the need for extensive backtracking.

  6. Movement Skills in Combat: Incorporate movement skills into your combat strategy to maintain mobility during fights. Leap Slam or Dash can help you reposition quickly, evade dangerous attacks, or engage distant enemies. By staying agile and constantly moving, you can optimize your damage output and minimize the time spent in combat encounters.

  7. Movement Speed and Flask Modifiers: Consider items or modifiers that grant increased movement speed or duration bonuses to your flasks. These can provide additional boosts to your mobility, allowing you to cover ground more swiftly and efficiently.

  8. Minimizing Idle Time: Avoid unnecessary delays or idle time during your leveling sessions. Efficiently manage your inventory, allocate passive skill points promptly, and plan your actions to minimize downtime. Every second counts, so make the most of your playtime by staying focused and active.

By implementing these movement strategies, you'll be able to navigate through the game world with agility and purpose, optimizing your Hollow Palm leveling experience. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take the time to familiarize yourself with movement skills and develop a playstyle that suits your preferences and goals.

Maximizing Buffs for Hollow Palm Leveling in PoE

Buffs play a crucial role in enhancing your performance and efficiency while leveling with a Hollow Palm build in Path of Exile. By strategically utilizing buffs, you can significantly boost your damage output, survivability, and overall effectiveness. Here are some key buffs to consider for Hollow Palm leveling:

  1. Berserk: If you're playing a Berserker subclass, activate the Berserk skill to gain increased attack speed, damage, and leech. This powerful buff can greatly amplify your damage output and sustain during combat encounters. Utilize it strategically to maximize its benefits.

  2. Warcries: Utilize warcries to trigger powerful buffs that can enhance your performance. For example, rallying cry grants increased attack damage, while enduring cry provides increased life regeneration and endurance charges for additional survivability. Incorporate these warcries into your gameplay to boost your effectiveness.

  3. Endurance Charges: If your build allows for it, consider generating and maintaining endurance charges. These charges provide damage reduction and increased physical damage. Skills like Enduring Cry or certain passive skills can help you generate and maintain these charges, offering valuable defensive benefits.

  4. Flasks: Flasks are versatile tools for gaining temporary buffs and sustaining your character. Equip flasks that grant offensive bonuses, such as increased damage or attack speed. Additionally, flasks that provide defensive effects like increased evasion, damage reduction, or life recovery can greatly enhance your survivability during intense encounters.

  5. Onslaught: Onslaught is a buff that grants increased attack speed and movement speed. It can be obtained through various means, such as certain unique items or specific skill interactions. Seek opportunities to gain and maintain Onslaught to significantly enhance your leveling speed and overall efficiency.

  6. Frenzy Charges: If your build allows for it, consider generating and maintaining frenzy charges. These charges increase your attack speed, which synergizes well with the fast-paced nature of Hollow Palm. Skills like Frenzy or certain passive skills can help you generate and maintain these charges, boosting your damage output.

  7. Vaal Skills: Vaal skills are powerful abilities that can be unleashed after accumulating souls through combat. Certain Vaal skills provide significant temporary buffs, such as increased attack speed or damage. Activate these skills strategically during challenging encounters or against tougher enemies to gain an edge.

  8. Elemental Auras: If your build incorporates elemental damage, consider utilizing elemental auras that match your damage type. Auras like Wrath (increased lightning damage) or Hatred (increased cold damage) can significantly boost your damage output and clear speed.

Remember to manage your buffs effectively, balancing their usage with your available resources and cooldowns. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to find what works best for your Hollow Palm build and playstyle.

Additionally, keep an eye on unique items or passive skills that provide buffs specifically tailored for your build. Community resources, build guides, and interactions with other players can offer valuable insights into optimizing your buff management.

By strategically utilizing buffs, you'll be able to unleash the true potential of your Hollow Palm build, conquering challenges with unrivaled speed and effectiveness.

Unleashing Devastation: Optimal Main Skills for Hollow Palm Leveling

Selecting the right main skill is crucial for maximizing your damage output and clearing speed while leveling with a Hollow Palm build in Path of Exile. By choosing a skill that synergizes well with the Hollow Palm playstyle, you can efficiently decimate enemies and progress through the game at an accelerated pace. Here are some optimal main skills to consider for Hollow Palm leveling:

  1. Cyclone: Cyclone is a versatile and popular choice for Hollow Palm leveling. This skill allows you to spin and attack continuously, hitting multiple enemies within its area of effect. With high attack speed and proper support gems like Brutality and Melee Physical Damage, Cyclone can quickly clear packs of enemies while maximizing your Hollow Palm bonuses.

  2. Blade Flurry: Blade Flurry is another potent option for Hollow Palm leveling. This skill charges up and releases a flurry of powerful melee strikes, dealing significant damage to targeted enemies. With its scaling based on the number of stacks, Blade Flurry can deliver devastating blows and efficiently dispatch tougher foes.

  3. Infernal Blow: Infernal Blow is an explosive melee skill that grants a chance to trigger a fiery explosion upon hitting an enemy. This skill provides excellent area of effect damage, making it ideal for clearing packs of monsters quickly. With proper support gems, Infernal Blow can unleash devastating chain reactions, resulting in swift and satisfying annihilations.

  4. Consecrated Path: Consecrated Path is a teleporting melee skill that allows you to leap to a target location and deal area damage upon landing. This skill excels in both mobility and clearing packs of enemies efficiently. Supported by gems like Elemental Damage with Attacks and Multistrike, Consecrated Path can rapidly move through areas and leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

  5. Earthquake: Earthquake delivers powerful ground-shaking strikes, dealing area damage to enemies within its radius. This skill is particularly effective against clustered groups of foes and can clear large areas swiftly. Enhance Earthquake with support gems such as Fist of War and Increased Area of Effect to maximize its impact.

  6. Lacerate: Lacerate is a slashing attack that hits enemies in a cone-shaped area. This skill provides excellent coverage and can effectively clear packs of enemies. With support gems like Multistrike and Melee Physical Damage, Lacerate can unleash a flurry of deadly strikes, making short work of your adversaries.

When choosing your main skill, consider factors such as area coverage, damage scaling, and synergy with Hollow Palm's mechanics. Experiment with different skill combinations, support gems, and playstyles to find the optimal setup that suits your preferences and leveling goals.

Remember to keep your skill gems and equipment up to date as you progress through the game, seeking opportunities to enhance your damage output and optimize your main skill's potential.

By selecting a powerful and synergistic main skill, you'll unleash devastation upon your enemies and propel your Hollow Palm character to new heights of leveling efficiency in Path of Exile.

Mastering Hollow Palm Leveling: Unleashing Power and Efficiency in Path of Exile

In conclusion, Hollow Palm leveling in Path of Exile offers an exhilarating and efficient path to power. By leveraging the unique mechanics of the Hollow Palm technique, you can embark on a lightning-fast journey to reach level 90 in record time. With the right items, passive skill tree allocation, auras, buffs, movement strategies, and a carefully chosen main skill, you'll be equipped to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Also Simple Carry offering PoE Leveling Boost.

Remember to start by acquiring the Hollow Palm Keystone and designing an effective passive skill tree that prioritizes attack speed, damage, life, and evasion. Seek out high-evasion gear, dexterity and attribute bonuses, and items that enhance your attack speed and physical damage. Optimize your auras, utilize powerful buffs, and master movement techniques to swiftly navigate through areas and complete quests efficiently. Choose a main skill that synergizes with Hollow Palm, such as Cyclone, Blade Flurry, Infernal Blow, Consecrated Path, Earthquake, or Lacerate, and support it with appropriate gems.

Constantly adapt and optimize your build as you progress, considering unique items, community resources, and build guides for further insights. Enjoy the journey, embrace the speed, and revel in the devastation you unleash upon your enemies.

With dedication, practice, and the knowledge gained from this guide, you'll master Hollow Palm leveling and ascend to new heights of power in the world of Path of Exile. Best of luck on your adventure!

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