PoE Cyclone Slayer Build Guide

Unleash the Fury: Mastering the Cyclone Slayer Build for Unrivaled Domination in PoE

Since its inception, Cyclone has stood as a beacon of popularity within the storied history of Path of Exile. This formidable skill has proven itself time and again, capable of conquering all content that the game has to offer. Embark on a journey where you harness the might of the Cyclone skill, accompanied by the indomitable Duelist ascendancy known as the Slayer. With this powerful combination, you'll gain access to a plethora of Life Leech ascendancy nodes, fortifying your defenses and solidifying your standing as an unstoppable force.

The Slayer ascendancy, with its inherent synergies and unique advantages, forms the cornerstone of your Cyclone build. Through meticulous skill point allocation and strategic decision-making, you'll weave together a tapestry of devastating prowess and survivability. The Slayer's Life Leech ascendancy nodes stand as sentinels, ensuring that each blow you strike results in a rejuvenating influx of vitality. This potent defensive layer transforms you into an unyielding juggernaut, weathering the storm of enemy onslaughts with unwavering resilience.

As you delve deeper into the build, you'll uncover the intricate art of Cyclone mastery. This whirlwind of destruction allows you to effortlessly cleave through hordes of foes, leaving a trail of devastation in your wake. Your character's mighty weapon becomes an extension of your will, swirling with lethal precision as you unleash cyclonic wrath upon your adversaries. The Cyclone skill's versatility shines through as you adapt its mechanics to suit your playstyle, be it inflicting massive area-of-effect damage or focusing on single-target annihilation.

In your quest for unrivaled power, gear selection plays a vital role. From weapons that augment your Cyclone's raw damage output to armor that bolsters your defenses, each piece of equipment is a crucial cog in the relentless war machine you become. Explore the vast array of unique items, enchantments, and crafted mods that synergize harmoniously with your build, further elevating your prowess on the battlefield.

Additionally, delve into the expansive skill tree of Path of Exile, where the choices you make determine the trajectory of your character's growth. Each skill point invested is a testament to your understanding of the build's intricacies and a testament to your dedication to achieving unparalleled strength. Balance offense and defense, prioritize synergistic nodes, and unearth hidden gems within the sprawling labyrinth of possibilities.

With your Cyclone Slayer build honed to perfection, you stand poised to conquer every challenge that Path of Exile presents. Whether you embark on perilous boss encounters, delve into the treacherous depths of the game's most formidable dungeons, or engage in intense PvP battles, your Cyclone Slayer will be a force to be reckoned with. Embrace the power of the Cyclone, wielded by the indomitable Slayer ascendancy, and ascend to new heights of dominance in the world of Path of Exile.

Mastering the Mechanics and Playstyle of the Cyclone Slayer Build

To truly excel with the Cyclone Slayer build, it is essential to understand its mechanics and develop a playstyle that maximizes its potential. Here, we delve into the intricacies of this formidable combination, shedding light on its mechanics and providing guidance on how to wield it with finesse.

At its core, Cyclone is a channeling melee skill that unleashes a whirlwind of devastation. Unlike traditional melee attacks, Cyclone allows you to move while continuously attacking, creating a seamless blend of mobility and damage output. This unique mechanic enables you to fluidly navigate through enemy hordes, ensuring that no foe is left untouched by your furious onslaught.

As a Cyclone Slayer, your playstyle revolves around positioning, timing, and resource management. The ability to move while attacking provides you with unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to quickly reposition yourself to exploit enemy weaknesses or avoid dangerous threats. Utilize this advantage to encircle enemies, effectively controlling the battlefield and ensuring that your Cyclone strikes hit their mark.

One crucial aspect of the Cyclone Slayer build is the inherent Life Leech mechanic provided by the Slayer ascendancy. With each strike, a portion of the damage dealt is returned to you as health, bolstering your survivability. This life leech not only helps sustain you during combat but also synergizes with other defensive layers, making you exceptionally resilient.

To optimize your playstyle, it is vital to maintain a balance between offense and defense. While Cyclone excels at dealing area-of-effect damage, you may also focus on enhancing its single-target potential for taking down bosses and tougher foes. Experiment with different support gems, weapon choices, and passive tree allocations to tailor your build's damage output and area coverage to suit your playstyle and encounter requirements.

Survivability is equally crucial, and the Cyclone Slayer excels in this regard. In addition to the inherent Life Leech, the Slayer ascendancy provides formidable defensive nodes such as Overleech, which extends the duration of life leech effects, allowing you to build up a buffer of excess life that can be crucial in moments of intense combat. Other defensive mechanisms, such as high life pool, evasion, armor, and resistances, should also be prioritized to ensure your character can endure the challenges that lie ahead.

As you progress through Path of Exile, be mindful of adapting your playstyle and mechanics to specific encounters. Each boss, unique monster, or map modifier may require different strategies and adjustments to your skill gem setup, gear choices, or passive tree allocation. Flexibility and adaptability are key qualities for a successful Cyclone Slayer.

Finally, remember that practice and experience will refine your mechanics and playstyle. Invest time in honing your reflexes, mastering movement patterns, and recognizing optimal moments to unleash your Cyclone's devastating power. The more you familiarize yourself with the nuances of the build, the more effectively you can harness its true potential.

By understanding the mechanics and embracing an adaptable playstyle, you will become a formidable force with the Cyclone Slayer build, dominating all content that Path of Exile has to offer. Embrace the cyclonic fury, refine your technique, and etch your name in the annals of legendary Slayers.

Skill Tree:

When constructing your Cyclone Slayer build, the skill tree serves as the backbone of your character's growth and development. Here are some key considerations for allocating your skill points:

  1. Start by prioritizing life nodes to bolster your survivability. Acquiring a substantial life pool is essential for enduring tough encounters and mitigating damage.

  2. Invest in damage nodes that enhance your chosen weapon type. Whether you opt for one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, or even dual-wielding, selecting nodes that augment physical or elemental damage will amplify your Cyclone's destructive potential.

  3. Prioritize area-of-effect nodes to expand the reach of your Cyclone whirlwind, ensuring that you can efficiently clear packs of enemies and maximize your damage output.

  4. Allocate points to acquire critical strike chance and multiplier nodes if you intend to build a critical strike-focused Cyclone Slayer. Critical strikes can significantly increase your damage, especially when combined with high weapon damage and increased critical strike multiplier.

  5. Consider picking up defensive nodes such as evasion, armor, and resistances to bolster your survivability against different damage types. These defensive layers will complement the Slayer's Life Leech ascendancy nodes, making you a formidable tank.


The choice of bandits in Path of Exile can provide various rewards that impact your build. The recommended options for the Cyclone Slayer build are as follows:

  1. Oak: Oak grants +1 to maximum endurance charges, which increases your physical damage reduction and provides additional tankiness.

  2. Kill all: Choosing to kill all bandits grants you two additional passive skill points. This option is favorable if you prefer the flexibility of allocating those points elsewhere in your skill tree.

Ultimately, the decision between Oak and killing all bandits depends on your build's specific needs and playstyle. If you require extra survivability, Oak is a solid choice, while opting to kill all bandits provides greater flexibility for customization.

Ascendancy Points:

As a Cyclone Slayer, the Slayer ascendancy offers four distinct nodes that significantly enhance your build. Here is an overview of the Slayer ascendancy points and their benefits:

  1. Endless Hunger: This node grants you the powerful "Overleech" mechanic, allowing your life leech effects to continue even when you reach full life. It creates a buffer of excess life, providing added survivability during intense battles.

  2. Brutal Fervor: This node eliminates the cooldown on your leech effects and grants you immunity to bleeding while leeching. It ensures a consistent stream of life leech and removes the vulnerability caused by bleeding.

  3. Headsman: Headsman grants increased area of effect, damage, and accuracy when wielding an axe or sword. It also provides immunity to reflected physical damage and grants "Bane of Legends," a notable buff that enhances your damage and speed after killing a rare or unique enemy.

  4. Bane of Legends: This final node amplifies your damage and movement speed after slaying rare or unique enemies. It further empowers your offensive capabilities, allowing you to swiftly plow through encounters.

The optimal order for allocating these ascendancy points may vary depending on your build's progression and personal preferences. However, acquiring Endless Hunger and Brutal Fervor early on provides a solid foundation for survival and sustained damage output.

By carefully navigating the skill tree, making informed bandit choices, and strategically selecting your Slayer ascendancy points, you will forge a Cyclone Slayer build that epitomizes both resilience and devastating power.


The Pantheon system in Path of Exile provides additional defensive bonuses and utility through the selection of Major and Minor god powers. Here are some recommended options for the Cyclone Slayer build:

Major Pantheon Powers:

  1. Soul of Arakaali: This major power enhances your life recovery rate when your life is low, allowing you to swiftly regenerate health during intense battles. It also provides increased life recovery when you've stopped taking damage recently, which further supports your survivability.

  2. Soul of Lunaris: Lunaris offers increased physical damage reduction and additional movement speed when you've been hit recently. This synergizes well with the Cyclone Slayer's playstyle, allowing you to swiftly maneuver through enemies while mitigating incoming damage.

Minor Pantheon Powers:

  1. Soul of Gruthkul: Gruthkul provides physical damage reduction, which helps to mitigate the impact of physical hits. This is particularly useful when facing enemies with powerful physical attacks.

  2. Soul of Ryslatha: Ryslatha grants a significant life flask recovery rate increase, ensuring that your life flasks are more potent and can rapidly replenish your health pool during critical moments.

  3. Soul of Garukhan: Garukhan's power increases your movement speed and provides a chance to evade projectile attacks. This offers additional mobility and defense against ranged threats, enhancing your survivability in encounters where projectiles are prevalent.

  4. Soul of Yugul: Yugul offers elemental damage reduction, making it a valuable choice when facing enemies dealing significant elemental damage. It provides extra protection against elemental ailments and elemental damage over time effects.

The choice of Pantheon powers may depend on the specific challenges you face and the mechanics of the content you're engaging with. It's advisable to experiment and adapt your Pantheon selections as you progress through the game, tailoring them to suit the encounters and dangers you encounter.

By strategically utilizing the Pantheon system, you can fortify your Cyclone Slayer build with additional layers of defense, further enhancing your survivability and ensuring that you remain a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


The selection of appropriate skill gems and support gems is crucial for optimizing the damage output and effectiveness of your Cyclone Slayer build. Here are some recommended gems to consider:

Main Skill Gem:

  1. Cyclone (Strength, Active Skill): This is the core skill gem of your build, unleashing a swirling cyclone of damage around your character. Link it with support gems that enhance its damage, area coverage, and survivability.

Recommended Support Gems for Cyclone:

  1. Melee Physical Damage (Strength, Support): Increases the physical damage dealt by your Cyclone skill.

  2. Fortify (Strength, Support): Applies the Fortify buff when you hit an enemy, reducing incoming damage from hits.

  3. Impale (Strength, Support): Adds additional physical damage as impale stacks on enemies, further amplifying your damage output.

  4. Pulverise (Strength, Support): Increases the area of effect of your Cyclone, allowing you to strike more enemies with each rotation.

  5. Brutality (Strength, Support): Converts all physical damage to pure physical damage, effectively boosting your damage at the cost of elemental damage.

  6. Rage (Strength, Support): Provides increased attack speed and damage as you build up rage stacks, empowering your Cyclone strikes.

Utility and Defensive Gems:

  1. Blood Rage (Dexterity, Aura, Spell): Activating Blood Rage grants increased attack speed, life leech, and generates Frenzy Charges, which boost your damage and mobility.

  2. Cast When Damage Taken (Red, Blue, Support): Links to defensive spells like Immortal Call and Enfeeble, automatically triggering them when you take a certain amount of damage.

  3. Steelskin (Strength, Guard, Spell): Absorbs a portion of incoming damage as a protective shield, providing extra survivability.

  4. Increased Duration (Blue, Support): Extends the duration of buffs and defensive abilities, allowing you to maintain essential effects for longer periods.

  5. Vaal Haste (Green, Aura, Vaal): Activating Vaal Haste temporarily increases your attack and movement speed, providing a significant burst of power when facing tough encounters.

These gem suggestions serve as a starting point for your Cyclone Slayer build, and you can tailor them to fit your playstyle and specific needs. Additionally, keep in mind that gem levels and quality are crucial for maximizing their effectiveness, so strive to level up and quality your gems whenever possible.

Experimenting with different gem combinations, trying out new support gems, and adapting your gem setup to suit different situations will enable you to fine-tune your Cyclone Slayer build and unleash devastating cyclonic mayhem upon your foes.

Unleashing Cyclonic Might: A Comprehensive Guide to Gear and Jewels for the Cyclone Slayer Build

Choosing the right gear and jewels for your Cyclone Slayer build can significantly enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities. Here are some recommendations to consider:


  1. One-Handed Weapons: Look for high physical damage and attack speed. Swords, axes, or maces with increased critical strike chance/multiplier can further boost your damage output.

  2. Two-Handed Weapons: Consider using a high-damage two-handed weapon for increased area coverage and raw damage. Greatswords, axes, or mauls with high physical damage and attack speed are ideal choices.

  3. Unique Weapons: Depending on your build and budget, unique weapons like "Starforge," "Disintegrator," or "Sinvicta's Mettle" can offer powerful bonuses and synergies with the Cyclone skill.


  1. Body Armour: Look for a high-defense chest piece with bonuses to maximum life, increased evasion or armor, and resistances. Unique options like "Kaom's Heart" or "Carcass Jack" provide valuable bonuses, depending on your preferences.

  2. Helmet: Prioritize a helmet with life, resistances, and bonuses to physical damage. Consider enchantments that enhance your Cyclone skill, such as increased area of effect or damage.

  3. Gloves: Seek gloves with increased attack speed, life, and resistances. Additionally, gloves with "Curse on Hit" or "Culling Strike" can provide utility and damage boosts.

  4. Boots: Look for boots with movement speed, life, resistances, and increased evasion or armor. Unique boots like "Kaom's Roots" offer additional life and immunity to certain ailments.

  5. Belt: Prioritize a belt with increased life, resistances, and bonuses to physical damage. Belts with "Stun Avoidance" or "Increased Flask Effect" can enhance your survivability.

  6. Accessories: Focus on rings and amulets with life, resistances, and bonuses to physical damage or critical strike chance/multiplier. Look for attributes that complement your build, such as increased area damage, attack speed, or physical damage.


  1. Abyss Jewels: These jewels can roll powerful modifiers and synergize well with the Cyclone Slayer build. Look for Abyss jewels with increased physical damage, life, attack speed, or critical strike chance/multiplier.

  2. Regular Jewels: Seek regular jewels with life, damage modifiers, attack speed, and resistances. Increased area damage or physical damage bonuses can further augment your Cyclone's effectiveness.

Remember to balance offensive and defensive stats across your gear, aiming for high life and resistances to bolster survivability. If possible, seek gear with additional bonuses like increased attack speed, physical damage, and critical strike chance/multiplier.

Additionally, consider utilizing the crafting system to enhance your gear further. Modifiers like increased physical damage, life, and resistances can be crafted onto items using currency items like Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs, or crafting benches.

By carefully selecting and optimizing your gear and jewels, you can transform your Cyclone Slayer build into an unstoppable force, dealing devastating damage while maintaining the necessary defenses to withstand any challenge that Path of Exile throws your way.

Navigating the Path to Power: A Comprehensive Leveling Guide for the Cyclone Slayer Build

Leveling up your character in Path of Exile is an important journey that sets the foundation for your Cyclone Slayer build's success. This leveling guide aims to provide you with strategies and tips to efficiently progress through the early stages of the game and transition smoothly into the powerful Cyclone Slayer you aspire to become.

Early Levels (1-12):

  1. Choose a weapon that offers high physical damage for optimal clearing speed. One-handed weapons like swords, axes, or maces are versatile choices.

  2. Focus on acquiring gear with increased life, resistances, and physical damage. Look for upgrades as you progress through the early levels to ensure your character's survivability.

  3. Utilize skills such as Ground Slam, Cleave, or Sunder early on to clear packs of enemies effectively. These area-of-effect skills provide solid damage while leveling.

  4. Allocate skill points primarily into life nodes, physical damage, and attack speed in the skill tree. Prioritize connecting to life clusters and aim for increased damage nodes that synergize with your chosen weapon type.

Mid Levels (13-45):

  1. Obtain a 4-link item (chest, helmet, or gloves) as soon as possible to link Cyclone with support gems for improved damage. Aim for support gems like Melee Physical Damage, Added Fire Damage, and Increased Area of Effect.

  2. Seek out weapons with increased physical damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance/multiplier to enhance your damage output.

  3. Continue prioritizing life and resistances on your gear while looking for upgrades with higher values as you progress.

  4. As you acquire more skill points, allocate them towards notable passives that enhance your Cyclone Slayer build's specific strengths. Consider nodes that improve physical damage, attack speed, life, and area damage.

  5. Experiment with additional skills to supplement your Cyclone, such as War Banner for increased damage or utility skills like Leap Slam for mobility.

Late Levels (46+):

  1. By this point, you should have acquired a 5-link or 6-link chest piece to further boost your Cyclone's damage potential. Look for support gems like Increased Critical Strikes, Fortify, or Brutality to optimize your build.

  2. Prioritize upgrading your weapons to high-damage, endgame-worthy options that synergize with your chosen playstyle.

  3. Continue focusing on gear upgrades that offer increased life, resistances, and bonuses to physical damage or critical strike chance/multiplier.

  4. Allocate skill points towards key damage and defensive nodes in the skill tree. Prioritize completing life clusters, obtaining damage bonuses, and acquiring any critical strike multiplier nodes that bolster your build.

  5. Experiment with defensive utility skills like Cast When Damage Taken linked with Immortal Call or Steelskin for added survivability during tough encounters.

Throughout the leveling process, keep an eye out for valuable currency items, quality gems, and jewels that can enhance your build. Consider trading with other players to acquire crucial items that accelerate your progress.

Remember, leveling is a gradual process, and finding the right balance between offense and defense is essential. Adapt your strategy based on your character's needs and playstyle, and don't hesitate to experiment with different skills, support gems, and gear choices to find the optimal combination for your Cyclone Slayer.

By following this comprehensive leveling guide, you will pave the way towards unlocking the true potential of your Cyclone Slayer build, ensuring a smooth and successful journey through Path of Exile.

Quenching the Thirst for Victory: A Comprehensive Guide to Flasks for the Cyclone Slayer Build

Flasks are invaluable tools in your arsenal, providing temporary buffs, healing, and utility during battles in Path of Exile. As a Cyclone Slayer, understanding the importance of flask management and selecting the right flasks can significantly enhance your survivability and damage output. Here's a guide to help you make the most of your flask setup:

  1. Life Flasks:

    • Divine Life Flask: This flask provides instant healing and should be a staple in your setup. Look for flasks with increased recovery amount and reduced charges used.
    • Eternal Life Flask: This flask grants a regenerating life recovery over time, which can be helpful during longer fights or when facing damage-over-time effects. Aim for increased recovery rate and duration modifiers.
  2. Utility Flasks:

    • Quicksilver Flask: Vital for mobility, the Quicksilver Flask increases your movement speed for a short duration, allowing you to reposition swiftly during battles. Seek flasks with increased effect and duration to maximize its utility.
    • Diamond Flask: This flask boosts your critical strike chance, increasing your overall damage output. Look for flasks with increased duration and critical strike chance modifiers.
    • Basalt Flask: Offers additional physical damage reduction, helping to mitigate incoming physical hits. Prioritize flasks with increased duration and reduced charges used.
    • Silver Flask: Provides increased attack speed, aiding in faster Cyclone rotations. Aim for flasks with increased duration and reduced charges used.
  3. Utility/Defensive Flasks:

    • Stibnite Flask: Creates a smoke cloud that blinds enemies, reducing their chance to hit you. Look for flasks with increased effect duration and increased charges gained.
    • Granite Flask: Grants a percentage increase to your armor, bolstering your physical damage reduction. Seek flasks with increased duration and reduced charges used.
    • Jade Flask: Offers increased evasion rating, helping you evade attacks. Prioritize flasks with increased duration and reduced charges used.
  4. Elemental Resistance Flasks:

    • Ruby Flask: Provides additional fire resistance, crucial for mitigating fire damage. Seek flasks with increased effect duration and reduced charges used.
    • Sapphire Flask: Grants extra cold resistance, helping you withstand chilling effects and cold-based damage. Look for flasks with increased effect duration and reduced charges used.
    • Topaz Flask: Offers increased lightning resistance, providing a buffer against lightning damage. Prioritize flasks with increased effect duration and reduced charges used.

Consider using utility flasks with suffixes like "of Heat" to grant immunity to freeze or "of Warding" to remove curses. These affixes can provide additional defensive benefits during encounters.

Remember to keep your flasks properly charged by killing enemies or utilizing flask charge recovery mechanisms. Allocate passive points in the skill tree that improve flask effectiveness, duration, or reduced charges used to maximize the potential of your flasks.

By carefully selecting and managing your flask setup, you will be well-equipped to face the challenges that await your Cyclone Slayer. Drink deeply from the well of victory, utilizing your flasks to their full potential, and emerge triumphant in the storms of Path of Exile.

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