PoE Cyclone Build Guide

The Mighty Cyclone: A Comprehensive Guide to PoE's Iconic Melee Skill

Since its introduction in the 0.10.3 "Open beta version" of Path of Exile, Cyclone has stood as one of the game's true "Pillars" of power. From that day until now, it has maintained its position as not only one of the most popular melee abilities but also one of the strongest. Whether you're a PoE beginner or a seasoned veteran, Cyclone is an excellent choice that offers versatility beyond compare.

This skill isn't limited to dealing direct damage alone; it possesses the remarkable ability to trigger secondary skills during its channeling or upon scoring a critical strike. Such adaptability opens up endless possibilities for creative and devastating builds. Throughout this guide, we'll delve into the realm of Cyclone and explore classic PoE builds that will carry you from the humble beginnings all the way to the challenging endgame.

Embarking on your journey with Cyclone requires a basic understanding of its mechanics. Cyclone allows your character to spin with unmatched ferocity, carving a path of destruction through hordes of enemies. As you channel this skill, it strikes repeatedly, dealing damage to any foe unfortunate enough to stand in your way. This relentless whirlwind can be enhanced further, empowering you to trigger additional abilities that synergize seamlessly with its devastating strikes.

When selecting a Cyclone build, you must consider various factors, such as your preferred playstyle, desired level of complexity, and the resources at your disposal. Fortunately, the flexibility of Cyclone means that there are builds suited for all tastes and budgets. Whether you favor a straightforward, no-frills approach or enjoy complex strategies that exploit every facet of the skill, there's a Cyclone build that will satisfy your hunger for power.

In the early stages of your journey, a beginner-friendly Cyclone build can provide a smooth introduction to the game mechanics and the exhilaration of spinning into battle. These builds typically focus on survivability and ease of use, allowing you to hone your skills without overwhelming complexity. As you progress and accumulate experience, you'll unlock access to more advanced Cyclone builds that offer greater damage potential and a wider range of synergistic skills.

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Reaching the endgame is where the true excitement lies. The Cyclone builds designed for this stage of the game are masterpieces of optimization, maximizing damage output while ensuring survivability against the most formidable foes. These endgame builds utilize intricate passive skill trees, carefully selected gear, and potent combinations of support gems to create an unstoppable cyclone of destruction. With these builds, you'll revel in the thrill of obliterating enemies and conquering the toughest challenges that Path of Exile has to offer.

In conclusion, Cyclone is a skill that has rightfully earned its place among the elites of Path of Exile. Its versatility, raw power, and potential for customization make it a force to be reckoned with. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player, exploring Cyclone builds will introduce you to an exhilarating world of spinning devastation. So, grab your weapon, brace yourself for the storm, and embark on the path of Cyclone mastery in Path of Exile.


  1. Versatility: Cyclone is an incredibly versatile skill that can be utilized in various playstyles and builds. Whether you prefer pure damage output, defensive strategies, or triggering secondary abilities, Cyclone can adapt to suit your preferred playstyle.

  2. Strong Melee Ability: Cyclone has consistently proven itself to be one of the strongest melee abilities in Path of Exile. Its rapid and continuous spinning strikes allow for efficient clearing of packs of enemies, making it an excellent choice for both leveling and endgame content.

  3. Synergy with Other Abilities: Cyclone's mechanics enable it to synergize with other skills and support gems. It can trigger additional abilities during its channeling or upon landing critical strikes, allowing for powerful combinations and creating devastating synergistic effects.

  4. Crowd Control: The spinning motion of Cyclone provides built-in crowd control by continuously hitting multiple enemies within its radius. This can effectively disrupt enemy formations, impair their ability to attack or cast spells, and provide a window for offensive maneuvers or recovery.


  1. Mana Cost and Management: Cyclone can be mana-intensive, especially when coupled with support gems that increase its damage output. This can pose challenges in terms of sustaining mana during prolonged battles or when facing multiple tough enemies.

  2. Limited Range: Cyclone's effectiveness is limited by its relatively short range compared to ranged skills or abilities. This requires players to position themselves strategically and rely on movement speed or other mobility skills to close the gap between enemies.

  3. Vulnerability to Stuns and Interruptions: While Cyclone grants some degree of physical damage reduction during its channeling, it leaves the player vulnerable to stuns and interrupts. This can be particularly risky in encounters with enemies that possess strong stun or knockback mechanics.

  4. Gear Dependency: To optimize the potential of a Cyclone build, specific gear and weapon choices are often necessary. This can create a level of dependency on obtaining suitable items, which may require significant investment of in-game currency or time.

  5. Skill Point Allocation: Building an efficient Cyclone character requires careful allocation of skill points on the passive skill tree. Making suboptimal choices can lead to reduced effectiveness or difficulties in scaling damage and survivability.

It's important to note that while these pros and cons provide a general overview, their significance may vary depending on the specific build and playstyle chosen within the realm of Cyclone in Path of Exile.

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Unleashing the Storm: Exploring the Dynamic Playstyle and Intricate Mechanics of Cyclone in PoE


Cyclone offers an engaging and dynamic playstyle that revolves around unleashing a whirlwind of destruction upon your enemies. As a Cyclone player, you'll find yourself in the midst of battle, rapidly spinning and cleaving through hordes of foes with your weapon. This melee-centric playstyle requires positioning, timing, and resource management to maximize its effectiveness.


  1. Channeling: Cyclone is a channeling skill, meaning it requires continuous channeling to maintain its spinning motion and deal damage. As long as you hold down the assigned skill button, your character will continue spinning and striking nearby enemies.

  2. Area of Effect: Cyclone has an area of effect (AoE) component, hitting multiple enemies within its radius with each rotation. This makes it particularly potent for clearing packs of monsters, as it deals damage to all enemies within range.

  3. Movement: One of the unique aspects of Cyclone is that it allows you to move while channeling. As you spin, your character will move forward, allowing you to traverse the battlefield while dealing damage. This movement aspect can be advantageous for repositioning or evading enemy attacks.

  4. Triggering Secondary Abilities: Cyclone can be used to trigger secondary abilities through various means. For example, you can link Cyclone with support gems like Cast on Critical Strike Support or Cast While Channeling Support to automatically cast spells as you land critical strikes or while channeling Cyclone. This opens up opportunities for powerful combinations and synergies with other skills.

  5. Critical Strikes: Cyclone has built-in critical strike mechanics. When your character lands a critical strike while channeling Cyclone, it can trigger various effects depending on your build and support gems. These effects can include additional damage, the activation of secondary abilities, or various bonuses tied to critical strikes.

  6. Mana Cost and Reservation: Cyclone has a mana cost associated with its use. Depending on your build and skill choices, this cost can be significant. Managing your mana pool, either through passive skills, gear modifiers, or support gems, is crucial to ensure sustained channeling and avoid running out of mana during extended engagements.

  7. Support Gems: Support gems play a crucial role in enhancing Cyclone's performance and versatility. By linking Cyclone with support gems in your gear, you can modify its behavior, increase damage output, or add extra effects. Popular support gems for Cyclone builds include Fortify Support, Impale Support, Increased Area of Effect Support, and Melee Physical Damage Support, among others.

  8. Passive Skill Tree: Building an efficient Cyclone character requires thoughtful allocation of skill points on the passive skill tree. You'll need to consider a balance between offensive and defensive nodes, as well as specific nodes that enhance melee or physical damage. Carefully planning your passive skill tree will help optimize your Cyclone build.

Mastering the playstyle and mechanics of Cyclone in Path of Exile will empower you to become a whirlwind of destruction on the battlefield, cleaving through enemies with precision and power.

Expanding the Arsenal: Exploring the Diverse Variations of Cyclone Builds in PoE

Cyclone, Path of Exile's iconic melee skill, offers a wealth of build variations that cater to different playstyles and strategies. With its adaptability and versatility, Cyclone allows players to experiment with various combinations of skills, gear, and passive tree choices. In this guide, we will explore some of the most popular and effective variations of Cyclone builds, each offering a unique approach to decimating enemies.

  1. Dual-Wield Weapon Cyclone: This variation focuses on the use of two weapons, unleashing a flurry of devastating strikes with each rotation. Dual-wielding offers increased attack speed, damage output, and the potential to apply multiple weapon-specific modifiers. It excels in fast-paced combat, making it a popular choice for those who seek a high-intensity playstyle.

  2. Two-Handed Weapon Cyclone: Alternatively, this variation emphasizes the raw power of wielding a single, mighty two-handed weapon. With slower but heavier strikes, two-handed weapon Cyclone builds excel at dealing massive amounts of damage with each hit. These builds often focus on maximizing critical strike chance and multiplier, enabling devastating blows that can obliterate even the most resilient foes.

  3. Elemental Cyclone: This variation harnesses the power of elemental damage to unleash devastating elemental cyclones. By infusing Cyclone with elements such as fire, ice, or lightning, players can exploit enemy vulnerabilities, apply debilitating status ailments, or enjoy the visual spectacle of elemental destruction. Elemental Cyclone builds often involve careful selection of elemental-themed gear, powerful elemental damage support gems, and passive tree nodes that enhance elemental damage.

  4. Physical Impale Cyclone: Focusing on physical damage, this variation utilizes the Impale mechanic to amplify damage output. Impale allows a portion of physical damage dealt by Cyclone to be reflected in subsequent hits, resulting in escalating damage as the battle progresses. Physical Impale Cyclone builds often incorporate increased physical damage modifiers, impale-specific passive nodes, and support gems that enhance impale effects.

  5. Life Leech and Lifesteal Cyclone: Survival-oriented Cyclone builds prioritize life leech and lifesteal mechanics to sustain health during intense encounters. By dealing damage with Cyclone, these builds can effectively replenish their life pool, ensuring survivability even in the face of overwhelming enemies. Key components include life leech support gems, passive tree nodes that enhance life recovery, and equipment with life leech or lifesteal modifiers.

  6. Cyclone Cast on Critical Strike: This variation combines Cyclone with the Cast on Critical Strike support gem, allowing for the automatic casting of spells when landing critical strikes. Cyclone becomes a conduit for triggering devastating spell combinations, transforming the build into a hybrid melee-caster archetype. Cyclone Cast on Critical Strike builds require careful gem selection, critical strike chance investment, and spell choices that synergize with the build's focus.

These variations represent just a glimpse into the vast array of Cyclone builds available in Path of Exile. Each offers a distinct playstyle, strategic focus, and unique combination of gear and passive tree choices. Whether you prefer fast-paced dual-wielding action, massive two-handed strikes, elemental devastation, physical impalement, life leech sustainability, or hybrid melee-caster gameplay, there is a Cyclone build variation that will cater to your preferred style of combat. So, embrace the whirlwind and unleash your chosen Cyclone build upon the enemies that stand in your path.

PoE's Fierce Slayer: Unleashing Devastation with the Cyclone Slayer Build

Among the various Cyclone builds in Path of Exile, the Cyclone Slayer stands as a popular and formidable choice. The Slayer ascendancy class offers a perfect synergy with Cyclone, empowering the character with enhanced damage, survivability, and area of effect capabilities. In this guide, we will delve into the mechanics and strategies behind the Cyclone Slayer build, enabling you to harness its full potential.

  1. Overwhelming Damage: The Cyclone Slayer excels in delivering immense physical damage. The Slayer's "Overwhelm" passive skill ensures that enemies hit by Cyclone are left more vulnerable, taking increased damage from subsequent hits. This combined with the inherent high damage output of Cyclone creates a devastating synergy that can tear through enemies with ease.

  2. Area of Effect Dominance: Cyclone Slayer builds benefit from the Slayer's "Endless Hunger" passive skill, granting overkill leech and the ability to recover life and mana when dealing killing blows. This enables the Slayer to sustain its health and mana pool even in the midst of intense battles, allowing for continuous spinning and area of effect damage.

  3. Leech and Life Regeneration: The Slayer's "Brutal Fervor" passive skill provides a significant boost to life leech and life regeneration, ensuring survivability during encounters. This combination of leech and regeneration mechanics enables the Cyclone Slayer to stay in the thick of the fight, shrugging off damage while unleashing devastating attacks.

  4. Impenetrable Defense: The Slayer's "Headsman" passive skill grants immunity to physical reflected damage, eliminating a potential threat. Additionally, the "Bane of Legends" passive skill rewards the Cyclone Slayer with increased movement speed, damage, and onslaught bonuses upon killing rare or unique enemies. These defensive and offensive benefits make the Cyclone Slayer a formidable force on the battlefield.

  5. Weapon Choices: The Cyclone Slayer can take advantage of a wide range of weapon types to suit personal playstyle preferences. Dual-wielding weapons, wielding a two-handed weapon, or even utilizing a combination of weapon and shield are all viable options for the Cyclone Slayer. The choice of weapons depends on factors such as attack speed, damage modifiers, and overall build objectives.

  6. Passive Skill Tree and Gear Selection: Skill point allocation on the passive skill tree for a Cyclone Slayer build often emphasizes physical damage, life, leech, and area of effect enhancements. Equipping gear that provides bonuses to physical damage, attack speed, critical strike chance/multiplier, and life is crucial to maximize the build's effectiveness. Additionally, choosing the right support gems to enhance Cyclone's damage output and utility is essential for a successful build.

  7. Synergistic Gems: Supporting Cyclone with appropriate gems can greatly enhance its performance. Popular choices include Melee Physical Damage Support, Fortify Support for additional defense, Impale Support to boost physical damage, and Increased Area of Effect Support for wider coverage. Tailoring gem selections to complement your build's objectives and playstyle is key.

The Cyclone Slayer build offers a well-rounded playstyle that balances offense and defense, making it a solid choice for both clearing maps and tackling tough endgame encounters. With devastating damage, survivability, and a relentless spinning assault, the Cyclone Slayer stands as a testament to the brutal prowess of melee combat in Path of Exile. So, embrace the Slayer's path, harness the power of Cyclone, and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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Ascendancy Points for the Cyclone Slayer Build in PoE

The Cyclone Slayer build in Path of Exile benefits from the Slayer's ascendancy class, which grants access to powerful passive skills that enhance the character's capabilities. When progressing through the game and completing the Labyrinth, you can allocate ascendancy points to unlock these skills and further optimize your Cyclone Slayer build. Here are the recommended ascendancy points for the Cyclone Slayer:

  1. Headsman: This ascendancy point provides several significant benefits. It grants immunity to physical reflected damage, eliminating a dangerous threat. Additionally, it increases area of effect, which synergizes well with Cyclone's spinning nature. Lastly, it grants a chance to create an area of effect explosion on kill, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and providing a powerful offensive boost.

  2. Bane of Legends: Choosing this ascendancy point grants powerful offensive bonuses. Killing rare or unique enemies grants increased movement speed and damage, allowing for faster map clear speed and improved damage output. It also grants the Onslaught buff, which increases attack and movement speed, further enhancing your Cyclone Slayer's mobility and damage potential.

  3. Endless Hunger: This ascendancy point focuses on sustain and survivability. It grants overkill leech, allowing the Cyclone Slayer to recover life and mana when dealing killing blows, even against enemies with low remaining health. This leech mechanic enables you to sustain your health and mana pool during intense battles, ensuring you can keep spinning and dealing damage without interruption.

  4. Brutal Fervour: The final ascendancy point for the Cyclone Slayer build is Brutal Fervour. It greatly enhances life leech and life regeneration, providing a significant boost to survivability. With increased life leech rate and instant leech during the first few seconds of combat, the Cyclone Slayer can withstand substantial damage and recover quickly, enabling sustained aggression and resilience.

By allocating these four ascendancy points in the recommended order—Headsman, Bane of Legends, Endless Hunger, and Brutal Fervour—you will unlock the full potential of the Cyclone Slayer build. This combination of offensive and defensive capabilities maximizes the effectiveness of Cyclone while providing durability and sustainability in battles against challenging foes.

Remember, ascendancy points are permanent choices, so consider your build objectives and playstyle when making these decisions. Experimentation and fine-tuning may be necessary to find the balance that suits your preferences and build goals. Embrace the power of the Cyclone Slayer and conquer the deadliest challenges that Path of Exile has to offer.

Gear Progression for the Cyclone Slayer Build in PoE

As you progress through Path of Exile with your Cyclone Slayer build, acquiring suitable gear becomes essential for optimizing your character's damage output, survivability, and overall effectiveness. Here is a general gear progression guide to help you navigate through different stages of the game:

  1. Early Levels (1-30):

    • Weapons: Focus on finding one-handed weapons with high physical damage or attack speed. Swords, axes, or maces are viable choices.
    • Armor: Prioritize gear with high defensive stats, such as increased life, resistances, and evasion. Aim for a good balance between offense and defense.
    • Flask: Obtain utility flasks that provide life recovery, increased movement speed, or additional damage during combat.
  2. Mid Levels (30-60):

    • Weapons: Look for weapons with increased physical damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance/multiplier. Consider upgrading to two-handed weapons for higher damage per hit.
    • Armor: Seek gear with higher-tier defensive stats, including increased life, resistances, and armor. Look for items with linked sockets to support your gem setup.
    • Accessories: Start acquiring rings and amulets that provide bonuses to physical damage, life, resistances, and critical strike chance/multiplier.
    • Flask: Upgrade your flasks to higher tiers and obtain utility flasks that grant additional defensive boosts, such as increased armor or elemental resistances.
  3. Endgame (60+):

    • Weapons: Prioritize high-tier rare weapons with significant physical damage, attack speed, and critical strike modifiers. Consider unique weapons with special effects that synergize with Cyclone.
    • Armor: Aim for rare armor pieces with increased life, resistances, and additional defensive properties, such as increased evasion or armor. Look for items with linked sockets to optimize your gem setup.
    • Accessories: Acquire rare rings and amulets that provide substantial bonuses to physical damage, life, resistances, critical strike modifiers, and any other specific modifiers that enhance your build.
    • Jewels: Socket jewels into your passive tree to gain additional bonuses, such as increased damage, life, critical strike chance, or area of effect.
    • Flask: Obtain high-quality flasks with modifiers that suit your playstyle and provide additional defensive capabilities, such as increased life recovery, elemental resistance, or utility effects.
  4. Late Endgame (Level 90+):

    • Weapons: Seek out powerful, high-damage rare weapons with the best possible modifiers for your build. Consider investing in unique weapons with powerful synergistic effects.
    • Armor: Focus on acquiring rare armor pieces with optimal life, resistances, and additional defensive bonuses. Look for gear with high evasion, armor, or energy shield based on your preferred defensive mechanism.
    • Accessories: Obtain high-tier rare rings, amulets, and belts that offer a combination of offensive and defensive bonuses. Look for items that grant increased damage, critical strike modifiers, life, resistances, and other valuable properties.
    • Flasks: Upgrade your flasks to their highest tiers, and consider specialized utility flasks that provide significant damage mitigation, such as Taste of Hate or Lion's Roar.

Remember to continuously upgrade and replace gear as you progress, prioritizing defensive stats, damage modifiers, and resistances. Adjust your gear choices based on the specific needs of your Cyclone Slayer build and the challenges you face in the game. Adaptation and optimization are key to ensuring your character remains a force to be reckoned with throughout your Path of Exile journey.

Choosing the Right Weapon for a Cyclone Slayer Build in PoE

The choice of weapon for a Cyclone Slayer build is crucial, as it directly impacts your damage output, attack speed, and overall effectiveness in combat. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a weapon:

  1. Weapon Types:

    • One-Handed Weapons: One-handed weapons, such as swords, axes, or maces, provide the flexibility of dual-wielding or using a shield for added defense. They generally offer faster attack speed and increased mobility, making them a popular choice for Cyclone builds that prioritize speed and versatility.
    • Two-Handed Weapons: Two-handed weapons, such as two-handed swords, axes, or maces, focus on raw damage per hit. They deliver slower but more impactful strikes, suitable for builds that prioritize high burst damage and single-target damage. Two-handed weapons can be a potent choice for Cyclone Slayers seeking massive damage output.
  2. Physical Damage and Attack Speed:

    • Physical Damage: Look for weapons with high physical damage rolls. Increased physical damage directly translates to higher Cyclone damage output. Prioritize weapons with higher base physical damage values.
    • Attack Speed: Consider weapons with increased attack speed modifiers, as they allow for faster Cyclone rotations, resulting in higher damage per second. A higher attack speed enables better clear speed and responsiveness in combat.
  3. Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier:

    • Critical Strike Chance: If you plan to focus on critical strikes, choose weapons with increased critical strike chance. Higher critical strike chance ensures more frequent critical hits, which can significantly boost damage output and synergize with various critical strike support gems.
    • Critical Strike Multiplier: Weapons that provide increased critical strike multiplier enhance the potency of critical hits, resulting in even greater damage when landing critical strikes. Combining high critical strike chance with critical strike multiplier can be a formidable choice for maximizing damage potential.
  4. Weapon Mods and Special Effects:

    • Unique Weapons: Unique weapons often come with special effects that can synergize with Cyclone or provide unique benefits. Consider unique weapons that offer increased damage, attack speed, leech, or other modifiers that align with your build objectives.
    • Weapon Mods: Look for rare weapons with modifiers that align with your build's needs. Prioritize modifiers that increase physical damage, attack speed, critical strike chance/multiplier, and any specific mods that enhance your chosen playstyle.
  5. Quality and Sockets:

    • Quality: Quality on weapons increases their physical damage, attack speed, or critical strike chance. If possible, seek weapons with high quality or improve the quality using Blacksmith's Whetstones.
    • Sockets: Consider the number and colors of sockets on the weapon. Ensure that you have enough sockets and the appropriate color combinations to support your gem setup and maximize your damage potential.

Remember that the choice of weapon should align with your build's objectives and playstyle preferences. Experiment with different weapon types, mods, and special effects to find the optimal combination for your Cyclone Slayer build. Adapt your weapon choices as you progress through the game and acquire better options to continuously improve your damage output and effectiveness in combat.

Choosing the Right Armor for a Cyclone Slayer Build in PoE

When constructing a Cyclone Slayer build in Path of Exile, selecting the appropriate armor is crucial to ensure survivability and enhance your character's defensive capabilities. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing armor:

  1. Defense Types:

    • Evasion: Evasion-based armor provides a chance to evade incoming attacks, making it suitable for agile and evasive playstyles. It relies on the character's dexterity attribute and can be paired with skills or passive nodes that enhance evasion.
    • Armor: Armor-based armor mitigates physical damage by reducing the amount of damage taken from each hit. It suits builds that focus on tankiness and absorbing heavy blows. Armor scales with the character's strength attribute and can be enhanced through skills or passive nodes that increase armor values.
    • Energy Shield: Energy shield-based armor provides a separate pool of hit points that shield the character from damage. Unlike life-based armor, energy shield regenerates quickly when out of combat. Energy shield builds are typically paired with passive nodes and gear that enhance energy shield values.
  2. Defensive Stats:

    • Life: Increasing your life pool is crucial for survivability. Look for armor pieces that offer high life bonuses to maximize your overall health pool.
    • Resistances: Cap your elemental resistances (fire, cold, and lightning) at 75% to minimize incoming elemental damage. Prioritize armor with resistance bonuses to help achieve resistance caps.
    • Physical Damage Reduction: Armor with bonuses to physical damage reduction can significantly mitigate incoming physical damage. This is particularly important for melee-focused builds like the Cyclone Slayer.
    • Increased Evasion or Armor: Seek armor pieces that provide increased evasion or armor values, depending on your chosen defense type. Higher evasion or armor ratings offer better protection against enemy attacks.
  3. Linked Sockets:

    • Linked sockets allow you to support your Cyclone skill gem with appropriate support gems, enhancing its damage and utility. Look for armor with a sufficient number of linked sockets to accommodate your desired gem setup.
    • Consider the color combination of sockets as well, ensuring they match the required attribute requirements of your Cyclone and support gems.
  4. Unique and Rare Armor:

    • Unique Armor: Unique armor pieces often come with special modifiers or effects that can enhance your Cyclone Slayer build. Research unique armors that provide bonuses to physical damage, life, resistances, or specific synergistic effects that align with your build objectives.
    • Rare Armor: High-tier rare armors can provide a wide range of beneficial modifiers. Look for rare armor pieces with life, resistances, increased evasion or armor values, and any specific modifiers that enhance your build's strengths.
  5. Flasks and Enchantments:

    • Flasks: Use utility flasks that complement your defense, such as flasks that provide additional life recovery, elemental resistance boosts, or defensive effects like increased evasion or armor.
    • Enchantments: Consider using enchantments on your armor pieces to further enhance your build. Enchantments can provide increased attack speed, physical damage, life regeneration, or other beneficial effects.

Remember, balance your defense and offense to create a well-rounded Cyclone Slayer build. Prioritize life, resistances, and armor or evasion values to ensure survivability, while also considering the offensive bonuses provided by unique or rare armor pieces. Continuously upgrade your armor as you progress through the game, adapting to the challenges you face and optimizing your character's effectiveness in combat.

Selecting Jewelry for a Cyclone Slayer Build in PoE

When constructing a Cyclone Slayer build in Path of Exile, choosing the right jewelry is essential for maximizing your damage output, survivability, and overall effectiveness in combat. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting jewelry:

  1. Rings:

    • Physical Damage: Look for rings that provide bonuses to physical damage. Increased physical damage modifiers directly enhance your Cyclone's damage output.
    • Life: Rings with high life bonuses are crucial for improving your survivability. Aim for rings that offer significant life increases to bolster your overall health pool.
    • Resistances: Prioritize rings with resistance bonuses to help reach the elemental resistance cap of 75% and mitigate incoming elemental damage.
    • Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier: Rings that provide increased critical strike chance or critical strike multiplier can greatly enhance your Cyclone's critical strike potential, leading to higher burst damage.
    • Added Elemental Damage: Rings that add elemental damage, such as added fire or added lightning damage, can provide additional damage sources and synergize with certain support gems or passive nodes.
  2. Amulet:

    • Physical Damage: Seek out amulets that grant increased physical damage bonuses to further boost your Cyclone's damage output.
    • Life: Amulets with high life bonuses contribute to your overall survivability. Look for amulets that offer substantial life increases.
    • Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier: Amulets that provide increased critical strike chance or critical strike multiplier can significantly enhance your Cyclone's critical strike potential and damage output.
    • Resistances: Prioritize amulets with resistance bonuses to help reach the elemental resistance cap and protect against elemental damage.
    • Elemental Damage: Consider amulets that provide added elemental damage to synergize with your Cyclone build and support gems.
  3. Belt:

    • Physical Damage: Look for belts that provide increased physical damage bonuses to further amplify your Cyclone's damage output.
    • Life: Belts with high life bonuses bolster your survivability. Aim for belts that offer substantial life increases.
    • Resistances: Seek belts with resistance bonuses to help reach the elemental resistance cap and mitigate elemental damage.
    • Flask Modifiers: Belts with modifiers that enhance the effectiveness of your flasks, such as increased flask effect duration or increased flask charges gained, can provide valuable utility during combat.
  4. Jewels:

    • Physical Damage: Socket jewels that grant increased physical damage or physical damage with specific weapon types can significantly boost your Cyclone's damage output.
    • Life: Look for jewels with increased maximum life bonuses to further enhance your survivability.
    • Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier: Jewels that provide increased critical strike chance or critical strike multiplier can enhance your Cyclone's critical strike potential, leading to higher burst damage.
    • Resistances: Jewels with resistance bonuses can help reach the elemental resistance cap and provide additional elemental damage mitigation.

Consider balancing offensive and defensive modifiers on your jewelry to optimize your Cyclone Slayer build. Seek out rings, amulets, and belts that provide a combination of physical damage, life, resistances, and critical strike modifiers. Continuously upgrade your jewelry as you progress through the game, acquiring pieces that align with your build objectives and improve your overall combat effectiveness.

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Utilizing Flasks for a Cyclone Slayer Build in PoE

Flasks play a crucial role in the survivability and utility of a Cyclone Slayer build in Path of Exile. They provide various buffs and restorative effects that can enhance your damage output, sustain your health and mana, and mitigate adverse conditions. Here are some considerations when selecting and using flasks for your Cyclone Slayer build:

  1. Life Flasks:

    • Divine Life Flask: These flasks instantly restore a portion of your life, providing an immediate burst of healing when needed. Consider using a Divine Life Flask with a prefix that increases the amount of life restored or with an instant recovery mod for quick health regeneration during intense battles.
    • Eternal Life Flask: These flasks continuously restore your life over time, providing sustained healing. Look for an Eternal Life Flask with modifiers that increase life recovery rate or grant additional life recovery bonuses.
    • Seething/Bubbling Life Flask: Seething and Bubbling Life Flasks provide instant healing at the cost of consuming charges. They can be useful in emergency situations or when you need rapid health recovery.
  2. Utility Flasks:

    • Basalt Flask: Basalt Flasks grant a percentage-based bonus to physical damage reduction, which can significantly increase your overall survivability against physical damage sources.
    • Quartz Flask: Quartz Flasks provide the Phasing effect, which allows you to bypass enemies' collision detection, granting improved mobility and making it easier to navigate through tight spaces or evade dangerous attacks.
    • Stibnite Flask: Stibnite Flasks create a smoke cloud upon use, greatly reducing the accuracy of nearby enemies. This can be particularly effective against enemies with high accuracy or when facing challenging boss encounters.
    • Jade Flask: Jade Flasks grant additional evasion rating, increasing your chance to evade incoming attacks. These flasks synergize well with evasion-based Cyclone Slayer builds.
    • Diamond Flask: Diamond Flasks increase your critical strike chance, boosting the chance of landing critical hits and enhancing your overall damage output.
    • Quicksilver Flask: Quicksilver Flasks provide increased movement speed, allowing for faster map traversal and improved mobility during combat.
  3. Elemental Resistance and Curse Flasks:

    • Resistance Flasks: These flasks temporarily grant elemental resistance bonuses, helping you reach or maintain the elemental resistance cap of 75% and mitigate elemental damage. Look for flasks that provide high resistance values or increased duration.
    • Warding Flask: Warding Flasks remove curses from your character, providing temporary immunity to curse effects. Having a Warding Flask can be crucial in countering curse-heavy encounters or map modifiers that apply curses.
  4. Unique Flasks:

    • Taste of Hate: Taste of Hate converts a portion of physical damage taken to cold damage while providing additional physical damage mitigation. It can significantly boost your survivability against physical damage-heavy encounters.
    • Lion's Roar: Lion's Roar grants a substantial bonus to melee physical damage and knockbacks nearby enemies. It can enhance your Cyclone's damage output and provide crowd control utility.

Customize your flask setup based on your Cyclone Slayer build's specific needs and playstyle. Focus on flasks that offer defensive bonuses, such as life recovery, physical damage reduction, evasion, or elemental resistance boosts. Experiment with different combinations to find the flask setup that complements your build's strengths and mitigates its weaknesses. Remember to keep your flasks upgraded as you progress, and use them strategically to maximize your survivability and damage potential in Path of Exile.

Gem Setup for a Cyclone Slayer Build in PoE

The gem setup for a Cyclone Slayer build in Path of Exile is crucial for maximizing your damage output, increasing survivability, and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your character. Here are some recommended gem setups for different aspects of your Cyclone Slayer build:

  1. Cyclone:

    • Cyclone: The primary skill gem for your build, which enables your character to unleash powerful spinning attacks. Enhance it with support gems that boost its damage and utility.
    • Melee Physical Damage Support: Increases the physical damage dealt by Cyclone.
    • Fortify Support: Provides the Fortify buff, reducing incoming damage from hits.
    • Impale Support: Enhances physical damage and grants a chance to impale enemies, which reflects a portion of your physical damage as additional damage over time.
    • Brutality Support: Converts all your Cyclone's damage to pure physical damage, amplifying your physical damage output.
    • Pulverize Support: Increases the area of effect of Cyclone, allowing you to hit more enemies with each rotation.
  2. Mobility and Utility:

    • Leap Slam or Whirling Blades: A movement skill to quickly traverse the battlefield and close gaps between enemies.
    • Blood Magic Support: Removes the mana cost of your movement skill, allowing you to reserve more mana for Cyclone.
    • Faster Attacks Support: Increases the attack speed of your movement skill, enhancing mobility.
    • Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support: Grants endurance charges when your movement skill stuns enemies, providing additional damage mitigation.
    • Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) Support: Links a defensive spell that triggers automatically when your character takes a certain amount of damage.
  3. Auras:

    • Pride: An offensive aura that increases your physical damage output.
    • Precision: Provides increased accuracy rating, enhancing your chance to hit enemies and land critical strikes.
    • Blood and Sand: Offers both offensive and defensive benefits, granting increased area of effect and damage when in Blood Stance, and increased evasion and movement speed in Sand Stance.
  4. Warcry:

    • Enduring Cry: Activating this warcry grants endurance charges, increasing your physical damage mitigation and overall tankiness.
    • Second Wind Support: Reduces the cooldown of Enduring Cry, allowing you to use it more frequently.
    • Increased Duration Support: Extends the duration of Enduring Cry's buff effect, providing longer-lasting endurance charges.
  5. Utility and Support Skills:

    • Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) Support: Links defensive spells such as Immortal Call or Steelskin, which trigger automatically when your character takes a certain amount of damage.
    • Vaal Ancestral Warchief: Summons a powerful totem that deals increased damage and boosts your own damage output when activated.

Remember, gem setups can vary based on personal preferences, playstyle, and build variations. Adapt your gem setup to suit your specific needs and goals. Experiment with different gem combinations and support gems to find the setup that synergizes best with your Cyclone Slayer build, providing optimal damage, survivability, and utility in your Path of Exile journey.

Pantheon for a Cyclone Slayer Build in PoE:

The Pantheon system in Path of Exile allows you to select major and minor gods to gain powerful bonuses and additional defenses. Here are some recommended choices for a Cyclone Slayer build:

Major God:

  • Soul of Lunaris: This major god provides increased movement speed, physical damage reduction, and additional projectile avoidance when facing multiple enemies. It enhances your survivability and mobility, making it a solid choice for Cyclone Slayer builds.

Minor God:

  • Soul of Tukohama: This minor god grants physical damage reduction and additional physical damage over time reduction while stationary. Since Cyclone involves continuous movement, the damage reduction while stationary provides extra protection during brief moments when you stop spinning.

Note: The Pantheon system allows you to upgrade each god by collecting divine vessels and capturing the souls of powerful bosses. This improves the bonuses they provide, so make sure to upgrade your chosen gods when possible.

Bandit Rewards for a Cyclone Slayer Build:

During the Act 2 quest "Deal with the Bandits," you have the option to side with one of three bandit leaders or kill them all for an additional passive skill point. Here are the recommended choices for a Cyclone Slayer build:

  • Kill All: Killing all the bandits grants an additional passive skill point. This is generally the recommended choice as it provides flexibility in allocating passive skill points based on your specific build needs.

Leveling Tips for a Cyclone Slayer Build:

Leveling a Cyclone Slayer build efficiently requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some tips to help you progress smoothly:

  1. Focus on Damage and Life:

    • Prioritize passive skill tree nodes that provide damage, life, and weapon-specific bonuses.
    • Aim to achieve a balance between offense and defense, investing in both life and damage nodes as you progress.
  2. Use Appropriate Weapons:

    • As you level up, upgrade your weapons regularly to maintain solid damage output. Look for weapons with high physical damage and attack speed to enhance your Cyclone's effectiveness.
  3. Utilize Support Gems:

    • Socket support gems that enhance your Cyclone skill, such as Melee Physical Damage Support or Added Fire Damage Support, to increase your damage output.
    • As you acquire more gem slots, experiment with different support gem combinations to find the setup that suits your playstyle.
  4. Maintain Resistances:

    • Keep your elemental resistances at acceptable levels to minimize incoming elemental damage and avoid being overwhelmed by elemental damage spikes.
    • Upgrade your gear regularly to ensure you have sufficient resistance values.
  5. Complete Skill Point Quests:

    • Make sure to complete quests that grant passive skill points as you progress through the game. These additional skill points are crucial for optimizing your Cyclone Slayer build.
  6. Use Movement Skills:

    • Incorporate movement skills like Leap Slam or Whirling Blades into your skill setup to enhance your mobility and traverse the game world more efficiently.
  7. Upgrade Flasks:

    • Regularly upgrade your flasks as you progress, prioritizing those that restore life, provide resistances, or offer utility effects that can aid in combat.

Remember, leveling in Path of Exile is an iterative process. Continuously evaluate and adapt your build as you acquire new gear, skill points, and support gems. Stay open to adjustments based on your playstyle preferences and the challenges you encounter. With careful planning and perseverance, your Cyclone Slayer build will evolve into a formidable force throughout your Path of Exile journey.

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