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Greetings, Call of Duty gamers! We are thrilled to present our all-inclusive guide to Ranked Play in CoD: Modern Warfare 2, courtesy of the devoted crew at Simple Carry. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of Ranked Play.

So, get ready to jump into the realm of competitive gaming as we guide you through the latest Season 3 rewards, optimal loadouts, and an insightful analysis of the current meta. It's time to gear up and get started!

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What Is Ranked Play In COD: MW2?

Ranked Play is a new 4v4 game mode that was introduced in the Season 2 update on February 15. This mode uses all the restrictions, maps and rules of CDL (Call of Duty League).


To begin with, if you haven't already, you'll need to purchase Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. Once you have the game, you'll need to level up your in-game account to at least level 16. If you're wondering how to level up quickly, here's a brief guide:

All you have to do is play the Kill Confirmed or Shipment game mode with the following loadout and collect heaps of XP while having fun playing!

  • As a primary slot, pick a good AR or SMG. You can check them in the list below;
  • Secondary, take a Riot shield, so no one could shot you in the back;
  • Our choice in tactical and lethal slots are decoy grenade and drill charge as they are the most XP-rewarding among other equipment of the same classes;
  • Base perks are Extra Tactical and Overkill, so we could get more decoys and carry a shield as a secondary weapon;
  • Bonus perk is Resupply because we want more drill charges if we stay alive for a long time;
  • Overclock as an ultimate perk is our choice because it helps us to get a Field Upgrade much faster;
  • Field upgrades should be the Trophy System and DDOS because they are the most XP-rewarding;
  • As killstreaks, pick the UAV, Counter UAV and Advanced UAV as they give us more XP than the others.

Congratulations, you are now capable of participating in the most challenging mode that the game has to offer!

MW2 Ranked Play & Tips

Deaths are benefits! Use your mistakes to learn dangerous corners and other places of the map, so next time you use them as your advantage.
Callouts can wait Analyze the situation fully, and only after that you can tell your teammates information where the enemy is. Suppression of emotions is your best friend!
Take a good position setup Well, in case you don’t know the map well, check where your teammates are located and use the position to cover their backs while watching a potential enemy ways of coming.
Do not be static! Imagine how hard it is to shoot at the person while you can’t normally take aim at him! Move while capturing the objective, move while shooting, move while receiving damage, it will save your life more than once!
Improve your loadout! Check out our best meta loadouts to dominate your opponents easily!


How Does Ranked Play Work In MW2?

CoD: MW2 Ranked Play offers only three game modes, but they are thoughtfully balanced and designed for team play rather than solo players. This provides an excellent opportunity to improve your communication skills with your teammates. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

  • Hardpoint – Two teams must capture and secure the ‘hardpoint’ from each other;
  • Search & Destroy – One of the teams acquires the bomb and rushes to plant it on one of the sites: A or B, while other team must secure the objectives;
  • Control – While both teams can simply win by eliminating the other team, the two capture zones are the main objective for both of them. Defenders must hold on to both zones until the timer runs out

All of the matches will take place on the following maps:

Hardpoint mode Search & Destroy mode Control mode
Al Bagra Fortress;
Breenbergh Hotel;
Mercado Las Almas;
Zarqwa Hydroelectric. 
Al Bagra Fortress;
Breenbergh Hotel;
El Asilo;
Mercado Las Almas.
Al Bagra Fortress;
Breenbergh Hotel;
El Asilo.


Restricted Items In Ranked Play

Primary Weapons

Primary Weapons
Battle Rifles LACHMANN-762
Assault Rifles M4
STB 556
ISO Hemlock
Kastov 762
SMGs Fennec 45
Shotguns LOCKWOOD 300
Light Machine Guns SAKIN MG38
HCR 56
Marksman Rifles EBR-14
SP-R 208
SA-B 50
Melee Riot Shield


Secondary Weapons

Secondary Weapons
Launchers PILA
Handguns P890
.50 GS
X13 Auto



Silencers  All
Lasers  All
Optic Thermal
Night Vision
Ammunition Armor Piercing
Underbarrels SPW 40MM
Corvus Masterkey
Weapon Tuning  All


MW 2 Ranked Progression

Playing matches will give you some amount of SR (Skill Rating), which will assign you to one of the Skill Divisions

Division Skill Rating
Bronze 0-899
Silver 900-2099
Gold 2100-3599
Platinum 3600-5399
Diamond 5400-7499
Crimson 7500-9999
Iridescent 10000+
Top 250 Only the best 250 players with a Skill Rating more than 10,000

Skill Divisions reset every new season. For example, if you had a Platinum rank, in the new season you will be Gold rank. Also, for winning in Ranked Play, you will boost your Rank. It starts from 1 and goes towards the 50. Unlike Skill Divisions, Ranks don’t reset every season!

MW2 Season 3 Rewards

All of the rewards can be used in the whole Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, including the Warzone 2.0!

Ranked Play Rewards

Rank Rewards
5 Two Ranked Competitor Operator Skin Pack
Rank 5 Calling Card
10 Rank 10 Calling Card
Press F Emblem
15 Pro Issue X12 Blueprint
Rank 15 Calling Card
20 Rank 20 Calling Card
Ace Weapon Charm
25 Rank 25 Calling Card
Turn It Up Emblem
30 Ranked Win Tracker Gun Screen
Rank 30 Calling Card
35 Rank 35 Calling Card
I’m Cracked Weapon Decal
40 Pro Issue Combat Knife Blueprint
Rank 40 Calling Card
45 Rank 45 Calling Card
Sweep Weapon Charm
50 Two “Ranked Veteran” Operator Skins
Ranked Veteran Calling Card
Ranked Veteran Emblem

Skill Divisions Rewards

Division Reward
Bronze Bronze Emblem
Silver Silver Emblem
Gold Four Operator Skins, a Gold Animated Emblem, and a Gold Weapon Charm
Platinum Four Operator Skins, a Platinum Animated Emblem, and a Platinum Weapon Charm
Diamond Four Operator Skins, a Diamond Animated Emblem, and a Diamond Weapon Charm
Crimson Four Operator Skins, a Crimson Animated Emblem, and a Crimson Weapon Charm
Iridescent Four Operator Skins, an Iridescent Animated Emblem, an Iridescent Weapon Charm, and an Iridescent Calling Card
Top 250 Four Operator Skins, and one-of-a-kind exclusive Animated Calling Card and Emblem


Seasonal Rewards

Wins Reward
5 Season 03 Competitor Sticker
10 Pro Issue TAQ-56 Weapon Blueprint
25 “Top Dog” Weapon Charm
50 “Tippable” Weapon Vinyl
75 Ranked Play Season 03 Loading Screen
100 Season 03 Ranked Play Veteran Camo


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MW2 Current Meta



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That concludes everything a player needs to know to succeed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Ranked Play. We trust that this guide has been helpful for you, and if so, we would appreciate it if you could rate our guide! We also offering CoD MW2 Ranked Boost !!!

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