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Quest Chains Boost
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Quest Chains Boost

**This service requires sharing your account with our trusted professionals**

A lot of the Shadowlands Systems came with their own quest chains attached, some of these quest chains can take hours, and not everyone has that kind of time. We will log into your account and complete these quest chains for you, and leave all quest rewards in your bags for you to do as you wish with.

With this boosting service we offer you completion of the various campaign questlines within the WoW shadowlands such as the Shadowlands Campaign, Covenant Campaign, the Chains of Domination Campaign and the Secrets of the First Ones campaign. These campaigns are essential to fully optimizing your character and having access to all Legendary Items as well as Conduit upgrades and also unlock Flying within the Shadowland zones and the ability to mount in The Maw.

Below we have several options available to you so that you can get assistance from our professional boosters no matter where you currently are progressed along the various campaign questlines.