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Don't wait weeks to get carries from other services. Get your carry TODAY with Simple Carry! The fastest, safest and most efficient PvE/PvP carry service on the market.

Power Leveling
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Power Leveling

For our WoW BFA powerleveling carry service we will log into your account and boost your character to the desired level. We use VPN technology to ensure that your account is safe. All items/gold received along the way will be left in your bags.

  • Freehold Leveling (110-120) - We will run you through freehold until you reach level 120. You play your own character for this service and it takes anywhere from 3-5 hours depending if you have heirlooms or not.
  • Piloted Leveling Package (110-120) - We will log into your character and level it from 110 to 120. This takes about 12 hours from start to finish and we will get you Azerite Power and most of the zone storylines done along the way. This service takes about 12 hours to complete from start to finish.
  • Heritage Armor Package (20-110) - We will log into your allied race character and level it from 20 to 110 earning you the heritage armor transmog for your character. This service takes 5-7 days to complete from start to finish.


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