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Rent A Pro
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Rent A Pro

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of some of the best players in the game? Are you curious how they would rotate in this situation, or if they think that a fight is worth taking? Why not just ask them?

Professional players spend hundreds if not thousands of hours perfecting their game play, thinking about the best ways to stay safe throughout the game. Making sure they're covered from all directions, and making sure they're never put in a sticky situation between multiple teams. They've worked tirelessly to master the craft, and they can show you some of what they've learned along the way. Learn the best ways to play, from the best that do it.

With our Rent a Pro service you can play games with a professional. They will add your Discord account and start a Voice call with you, allowing you unique insight into how they play the game. You can ask any questions, such as what weapons should you use in a certain situation, or which attachments to use. You'll have the option to play with them and follow their every move, or play solo matches while sharing your screen, while they tell you what they think you can do to improve your gameplay.

IMPORTANT: Any session that is over 3 hours may be separated into multiple sessions. Our pros often have prior commitments, and in order for them to be able to provide their full attention and best effort, sessions over 3 hours will be separated into multiple sessions.