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Quests and Reputations
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Quests and Reputations

We will log into your account and complete any of the provided quest chains. Some quest chains may take longer than other due to time gates such as reputation grinds.

  • War Campaign Questline - We will complete the War Campaign questline which is required to unlock the Siege of Boralus and King's Rest dungeons. This also will get your 7th Legion or Honorbound reputation up to revered standing and will get you ready for the next part of the war campaign in the future patch.
  • World Quests - We will complete world quests for you prioritizing the rewards of your choice (Gear/AP/Reputation/etc). This service is piloted and takes 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Zone Storyline Quests - We will complete the main storyline quests for desired zones. This is required for the pathfinder achievement as well as attunement for the King's Rest dungeon on Horde and Siege of Boralus dungeon on Alliance. This service is piloted.
  • Champions of Azeroth Reputation - We will reach revered on your character with Champions of Azeroth for the +45 ilvl upgrade to your Heart of Azerite necklace. (takes 3-4 weeks)
  • Honorbound/7th Legion Reputation - We will reach revered or exalted on your character with either the Honorbound or 7th Legion reputation depending on your faction. This unlocks later chapters of the war campaign allowing you to access Siege of Boralus or King's Rest at revered and unlocks the Mag'Har Orc / Dark Iron Dwarf allied races at exalted.
  • Zandalari Empire/Proudmoore Admiralty Reputation - We will reach exalted on your character with the Zandalari Empire or Proudmoore Admiralty reputation depending on your faction. The Zandalari Empire reputation will be required to unlock the Zandalari Troll allied race whereas the Proudmoore Admiralty reputation will be required to unlock the Kul'tiras Human allied race.
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